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Chapter 269 – Risking One’s Life For Adventure

Huh? Hexi was stunned. “What does it have to do with me?”

Nangong Yu pulled her closer and laughed, “It’s exactly like how I help you to get rid of the flies around you; you’re also responsible for driving away the women around me.”

Hexi’s expression blanked out for a while as she watched Nangong Yu’s handsome face slowly edging closer to her. Such a world toppling face was now enlarged before her eyes with a tender and loving smile gracing his lips; it was just like a scorching sun dazzling people’s eyes.

“Xi’er, you should know that all the women throughout the Jin Ling Kingdom want to marry this King and are lined up from Yan Jing City, all the way to Yu Yang City. This King won’t disturb them, but since you’re my Princess, it’s naturally your duty to drive those women away. Don’t you agree?”

Hexi felt his hot breath fanning her neck, while his bright eyes burned as they stared at her; seeming to swallow her whole.

Her mind was in chaos as she abruptly struggled to get away from Nangong Yu, and with a taut expression, she said, “You…stop imagining that your love is reciprocated with an uninterested person! Who would want to help you drive away those women! As long as you don’t provoke me, it wouldn’t be any of my business even if you were flooded by flies!”

Nangong Yu still wanted to say something, but he was fiercely pushed to the ground by Hexi’s palms filled with spiritual power.

Picking up the bowl of medicine on the ground, she fiercely said, “So, do you want to drink this medicine or not? If not, then should I throw this medicine away?”

Nangong Yu noticed that although her expression was fierce, the depressed emotion filling her eyes had started to decrease. Unable to help it he heaved a sigh of relief, then quickly took the medicine from Hexi’s hand and obediently drank it.

After drinking the medicine, Nangong Yu inspected their surroundings and saw that there was no longer a visible crack in the s.p.a.ce they were currently in. Unfortunately, a trace of concern still remained within his heart.

“Xi’er, this place must be a rift in the secret territory. Because its existed for many years and gone through multiple spiritual energy surges, its connected itself to a separate section of the secret territory.”

Nangong Yu easily used the black sword in his hand to draw a line, tracing out a s.p.a.ce of around a hundred square metres. “That Roc was a sixth rank spiritual beast, and a sixth rank spiritual beast is already considered to be amongst one of the more powerful spiritual beasts. If the Roc left its smell in an area, even if other spiritual beasts were to enter, they wouldn’t easily dare approach. Xi’er, during the time I move my spiritual energy in meditation, you can’t leave this area.”

Although there were still a lot of things Nangong Yu wanted to say, he held them in.

In the Sealed Dragon Domain there were countless hidden sections full of unknown dangers, all similar to high-level spiritual beasts like the Roc.

For a martial artist, entering one of the Sealed Dragon Domain’s hidden sections was really like risking one’s life for adventure.

Even though Nangong Yu was arrogant, he wasn’t conceited. While he had the ability to defend himself, he didn’t dare promise that he would be able to enter and escape with Hexi in one piece.

This was the reason why he hadn’t let Hexi know about the Sealed Dragon Domain.

At this very moment, in Nangong Yu’s storage ring, countless treasures and medicinal pills were stored. All of them were capable of causing fights between Foundation Establishment stage, Meridians stage, and even Gold Core stage martial artists.

These were things that he had specially scoured every corner of the secret territory for, in order to give them to Hexi after he had left.

His, Nangong Yu’s woman, was someone he wanted to protect properly, but he also wanted to give her the best presents to make her happy.

If Hexi was willing, he would gladly accompany her to other secret territories suitable for Foundation Establishment stage and Meridians stage martial artists to help her advance in the future. However, it was currently suicidal for her enter such a dangerous place as the Sealed Dragon Domain.

But it was now too late for those words, so Nangong Yu kept his mouth shut.

Since Hexi was already here, no matter what, he would thoroughly protect her at all costs.


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