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A ball of fire condensed in his hands and he threw it towards the monster without limbs.

All that was heard was “chi la” before that wiggling monster turned into ashes, disappearing without a trace.

The white clothed male brushed the dust off his clothes and pondered for a moment before a bag appeared in his hands and the shouting piece of mincemeat was wrapped inside.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

In Jin Ling kingdom, the four largest clans, Murong, Nalan, Ouyang and Huangfu, were all on par with each other. In Cang Ming kingdom, Feng family was unrivaled, they were an outstanding and large family.

In the entire Cang Ming kingdom, from the royal family to the sects, n.o.body dared to bother them. Even in Miluo continent, one of the four biggest sects, Liu Li sect, was apart of their property.

Feng family’s official residence was located on Cang Ming kingdom’s Wu Liang Mountain. Or, it would be better to say that Wu Liang Mountain was entirely considered Feng family’s property.

The ancestors of Feng family built their paradise in the area with the most dense spiritual qi. They used the blackened phoenix soul as the family’s defense and attacker. It could be said that living on the mountain was both dangerous and favorable. It was easily able to be guarded and difficult to attack, making it a beneficial place to cultivate.

And this paradise was comparable to the magnificence of Immortal Palace’s pavilions and kiosks with it’s engraved corridors and painted halls. But what was most rare was that one didn’t even need to meditate cross-legged, by just breathing in, rich spiritual power would circulate inside the body.

Being inside was like being inside the ninth level of heaven, outside the world of immortals, letting people wish to linger and forget about going home.

So it’s surprise that the entire cultivation world scrambled for the chance to be able to enter Feng family. So much so that, even if they became a manservant in Feng family, they would be bringing honor to one’s ancestors and become admired by everyone.

At this moment, instead the study of the main building of Feng family, a black clothed male with grave facial expressions was just saying something to a middle-aged male.

Naturally, that black clothed and grave faced youth was Feng family’s young master– – Feng Yunjing.

Although nowadays, Feng Yunjing was in power (in the Feng family), regarding major events, he still needed the clan elders and his father, Feng Tianba’s, decision.

Regarding this time’s loss at Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, he needed to have an explanation for Feng family’s elders.

Hearing Feng Tianba’s words, the image of Hexi’s elegant and delicate expression flashed through his mind before he quickly denied it.

It couldn’t be him, that person was difficult to deal with, but was only a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. Even if they received Zijin Palace Hall’s inheritance, what did he count as?

He couldn’t have obtained Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.

Feng Tianba also quickly turned his thoughts back to Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, his voice was deep as he said, “Seeing as Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory can exchange owners, an expert must have been the one who took control. Our, Feng family, doesn’t need to compete against them in the future.”

“As for that Spring Tree, honored sir Mu Hua already said he thought of an alternative method. Our Feng family’s secret ministry is planning to plunder… You don’t have to worry anymore.”

When he heard what he said, Feng Yunjing nodded his head. Immediately after, he knitted his eyebrows, “But this time, Lian Ying was unable to obtain Zijin Palace Hall’s inheritance…”

“Heng, useless person!” Feng Tianba coldly snorted, then calmly said, “How many years have we been planning, how much resources have been spent on her, how many preparations had been made for her for this trip to the Sealed Dragon Domain.”


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