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Chapter 904: Not Considering as Fighting

With that said, the man in blue waved his hand and said to the others, “Go! Teach this ignorant girl a good lesson!”

As soon as the command was made, the men in blue surrounding the girl all made a move.

Seeing that the gleaming swords, spears and halberds were about to turn the delicate girl into a meat paste, many people couldn’t bear to cover their eyes.

Only the faces of Hexi and others showed the expression of calmly watching the good show.

The next moment, the girl mumbled, “Why are you all attacking me? I did nothing wrong? Right, you all must be bad guys! Bad guys deserved to be beaten up!”

After speaking, her little chubby hand stretched out and grabbed one of the halberds stabbing at her.

The man in blue holding the halberd suddenly felt his weapon had pierced into a iron block. He couldn’t move it no matter how.

The girl sneered and exerted force at the halberd. The man in blue couldn’t help screaming, and he was lifted up forcibly.

“Haha, you all are not as strong as I’m; not my opponent!”

The girl giggled, then she spun around while grabbing the halberd.

After spinning around, the men in blue were being knocked down by a strong force, making bursts of painful screams.

The girl saw that they were all down, then she put her hands on her waist and said proudly, “Look, told you you are not my opponent. Now you all convinced now?”

But then she remembered something as she said with an anxious face, “Oh no, master said that I can’t fight casually here. Little Rabbit has just fought. I won’t be punished by master when I go back right?”

“No, no!” The girl immediately shook her head and denied herself. “Master said that I can’t fight, but I can’t be bullied by others. This group of bad guys attacked me first. I’m defending myself, not fighting! That’s right, not consider as fighting! Master will definitely not blame me!”

The men in blue on the ground were only knocked down by a huge force, but they were not injured.

At this time, they had recovered. They all looked angry. They were a group of martial artists of the Foundation Establishment stage, and they were actually played by a teenage girl!

Moreover, the girl didn’t seem to have cultivation at all. She was just born with a little stronger physical strength!

Thinking of this, the leader gritted his teeth and said sternly, “Okay! d.a.m.n girl, since you are so arrogant, don’t blame me for being rude!”

As he said, he suddenly took out a gourd-shaped weapon in his hand.

With the injection of his spiritual power, the weapon emitted a faint blue light at the girl instantly.

As soon as the blue light touched the girl, it turned into a net that tightly bound the girl.

“Wah, what’s going on? Why can’t I move anymore?” The girl was tied up, but she still couldn’t understand the situation, “What did you use to tie to me!”

The man in blue saw that she was restrained, and he sneered in relief. He waved his hand, “Why are you all just standing there? Go and get her!”

The guards in blue immediately rushed up when they heard the command.

The girl’s pet.i.te figure was soon overwhelmed by a group of fierce men in blue.

Everyone showed unbearable expressions on their faces. Especially the mother who was holding the child, before she went far, her eyes flushed anxiously when she saw this scene.

TL: Will the mother help Little Bunny even though the men in blue were someone she couldn’t afford to offend?


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