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Chapter 938: Let’s Be

Who else understood Xi Yue’s medical skills better than them? Let alone Lu Zhixi, even if Lu Zhixi’s father, the president, came, he might not be able to win against Xi Yue in the technique of healing and poisoning.

Bai Hu couldn’t help but lower his face and whisper, “Then how can we bet? I also want to bet on the princess!

Gu Liufeng’s peach blossom eyes gleamed. Suddenly, a very gentle smile appeared on his mouth, “Since we can’t bet, it’s better to find someone else.”

Bai Hu was taken aback, “You mean…”

Bai Hu’s eyes lit up looking at Shanggu Liufeng’s meaningful eyes. He excitedly patted his shoulder, “This is a good idea. You really deserve to be the one who manages Shengde Hall! Hehe, let’s discuss how to spread the news and how to start the bet in such a short time…”

The 2 hit it off, and they immediately went to the side and whispered.

On the opposite side, Lu Zhixi slightly bowed toward Hexi and Nangong Yu, then she turned and walked toward her room.

This Lanxiang Courtyard was very large; the distance between the east and west wing rooms was at least 10 minutes, so they wouldn’t disturb each other.

Ren Xueling and Li Zhenyu saw that Lu Zhixi had gone, they both gave Hexi a cold stare and left as well.

On the way back, Ren Xueling was still angry and unwilling. She grasped her fist and said hatefully, “These d.a.m.n people are really too much. Senior Sister is just too kind that she is being bullied like this.”

Li Zhenyu’s eyes flickered with a cold light. He sneered, “You wait, as long as Xi Yue loses the day after tomorrow, I will let them know what it means to be ruined and fall into the abyss. They actually dare to humiliate Zhixi, I will make them pay a painful price!”

“Cousin, you have a way?” Ren Xueling’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She jumped up excitedly, “Tell me! Tell me!”

Li Zhenyu hurriedly made a silent gesture and lowered his voice, “Zhixi is kind-hearted. If she knows what we are doing, she will definitely stop us, but I can see that she can’t get over the humiliation, so you should keep your voice down. We will do it by ourselves. Even if Zhixi wants to blame later, I will shoulder the responsibility!”

Ren Xueling nodded repeatedly, “Cousin, don’t worry, I will never let senior sister know!”

The 2 who were just talking in low voices did not notice that Lu Zhixi who was walking in front was suddenly moved slightly, then she continued to walk forward casually.


In the early morning of the next day, a hot news began to spread in Yongan City.

“Have you heard of it? Someone dared to provoke Fairy Zhixi’s authority, saying that she definitely can’t cure the young city lord’s illness; they even humiliated Fairy Zhixi.”

“What!? Someone dared to humiliate Fairy Zhixi? Who on earth is so bold?”

“I heard that it was a kid from the Jin Ling Kingdom. Relying on his little knowledge of some medical skills, he didn’t put Fairy Zhixi in his eyes. I heard that in the city lord’s mansion, he still wanted to kill Fairy Zhixi’s junior sister apprentice. Fairy Zhixi has a temperament, but she was also annoyed by this kid. That’s why she proposed to have a medical skills compet.i.tion with this kid in the Lanxiang Courtyard to treat the young city lord’s disease tomorrow?”

“Jin Ling Kingdom? Isn’t it just a small country that doesn’t even have a big sect? They actually dare to be arrogant in our Tian Gang Kingdom? Is this kid tired of living?”

Lu Zhixi must have heard their conversation, but she didn’t stop them… Hmmm, very sus?


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