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Volume 1: Chapter 25: The Scroll

After a moment of silence in the room, Qin Lin said suddenly.

“According to my observation today, the man named Uchiha Madara seems to have enmity with the crowd that led by Has.h.i.+rama Senju.”

“When they look at Uchiha Madara, their eyes are full of coldness and disgust.”

Qin Yi nodded.

“You are right, but this contradiction between great powers is not one we can intervene in at this moment.”

“Don’t think about it. just develop yourself.”

Qin Yi said but, in his heart, he knows that the fight between the two is not far off.

and the first war will begin not long after the fight.

“This time that we are allied with Konoha is a win-win situation for us. With the seeds, food, supplies, and the peacetime, our opportunities for training will increase in the future.”

“For Konoha, it’s a free fighter.”

“Actually, we won’t lose anything either.”

Looking silently outside the door, Qin Yi’s eyes became deeper.

“Has.h.i.+rama Senju is a generous and good man he had captured several of the tailed beasts with his Wood Release, distributed the beasts among the villages in order to stabilize the balance of power between them.”

Qin Yi thought.

It’s hard to imagine the pressure on 6.000-ordinary people to make a difference in this strange world.

Many things, Qin Yi must spend too much time to think about it only when he can decide.

At this moment, he also understood why the leaders of the previous world spoke very slowly and their voices were very steady when they talked to each other. That is because they have been thinking for a long time before saying every word.

For the country, a word is more important than a ton of gold.

At night, Tobirama Senju and Sarutobi came to visit.

Qin Yi and Tobirama were sitting in front of each other across a small table and Sarutobi sat between the two people as they all were drinking tea.

“I’m surprised that Tobirama Senju had come to visit at this time.”

Qin Yi looked at them and said with a smile.

He did not expect that in his life he will see the three generations of Hokage and he’s going to discuss with them about something as important as this.

“HaHa, I’m here this time to apologize to you.”

Tobirama said politely.

When he said this sentence, he looked at Gandalf behind Qin Yi. According to his brother, the old man with a strange face has terrible power.

“We are really sorry for Madara rudeness today.”

Tobirama said.

Qin Yi stopped him: “You don’t have to apologize, I can understand.”

“After all, it is the resolution between the villages. It cannot be decided by Hokage Has.h.i.+rama alone.”

Qin Yi said

“Thank you.”

Tobirama said

After this, the atmosphere on both sides is more harmonious.

After chatting for about an hour, he got up and walked away.

In this one hour, Tobirama is inquiring about the place and purpose of Qin Yi and his men and about the office talk between him and Has.h.i.+rama, and the purpose of the alliance.

Of course, Qin Yi’s answer is still airtight with no flaws and leaks.

The two generals and Gandalf, who looked at all of this in silence, were surprised by the young king’s experience, who was a seventeen-year-old boy.

When he going to leave, he took a scroll from his arms and put it gently in front of Qin Yi.

“This is the sincerity of Konoha. I think you will need it.”

“However, we also hope that you do not arbitrarily disclose it.”

Tobirama said and he has been looking at Qin Yi and when he finished, turned to leave.

Sarutobi smiled and followed behind Tobirama.

Qin Yi looked at the scroll on the table while waiting for the two to leave.

“this is?!”

“Ninjutsu scroll!”

The two generals looked at each other and they said in surprise.

“It is worthy of Konoha. Indeed, they really try to balance between the villages.”

Gandalf exclaimed.

“This is a gift for us, to apologize for what happened today, and it is also a support to our village.”

Qin Yi said.

Sometimes giving is also a deterrent! The ancient Chinese Empire, when it was strong, had gifted foreign treasures. This is not to say that a big country is afraid that it’s all for a good diplomacy.

In fact, after coming to this different world, Qin Yi will have more contact with countries. This kind of interest exchange strategy and the collision will always be there.

Qin Yi picked up the scroll

The two generals, Qin Lin and Yang Yi came together to see it

In the king’s world, he is the greatest, whether he is right or wrong, can be said to be related to the rise and fall of the whole country.

If he dies, the kingdom will collapse in the universe. And if he is strong enough, the wealth and civilization of the country will advance quickly

Therefore, from his soldiers and civilians, Qin Yi did not have to worry that someone would him or have bad intentions for him.

If the people of this country want to get better lives, they can only help their king to do better. And this is the rule of the king’s world!

“Fire, earth, thunder, water, wind, all five elements!”

After Qin Yi take a glance, he was shocked.

He didn’t expect the wood leaf Has.h.i.+rama to be so generous, but at the same time he thought a little and came to a conclusion.

“These scrolls, I am afraid it is a private decision made by Has.h.i.+rama and Tobirama. The other clans will not allow Ninjutsu leak, even if it is only a C level Ninjutsu at the basic level.”

“And this is also intentional, intending to cultivate the army to a.s.sist Konoha.”

Gradually, Qin Yi was smiling.

“Give us a scroll of ninjutsu. On one hand, it shows the power of Konoha. On the other hand, it also aims to cultivate us to grow up faster. But it is only C-grade ninjutsu which is like controlling our progress.”

“you can be powerful, but not beyond control?”

the smile on Qin Yi’s face is bigger and bigger.

“But they seem to forget it.”

“Ninjutsu is not limited. After it has been developed, it will be developed into more and more techniques.”

“As long as you have this basic scroll, with my king power, isn’t it enough to develop new ninjutsu?”


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