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Volume 2: Chapter 125: Died?

The dark clouds wheeled in the sky, and everything was bright by the lightning and thunder. The sky was like broken gla.s.s, was divided into many pieces. The sea fluctuated and roared.

Marco and others at the moment looked at the falling figure, crying and shaking.

The strongest man in the world, at this moment, closed his eyes, fell from the air, he will be buried in the sea.

His whole life was inspiring and glorious. The man silenced the sea and protected the weak; He is the strongest man in the world and the most admirable hero.

Marco and other members of the whitebeard Pirates cried out.

For them, this man, like a father, brought them too many things and had too many things to remember. How sad it is to lose him at this moment!

They reached out and wanted to catch the man, but they couldn’t.

“Time has already changed!” In the crowd, Teach sighed.

Yes, as he said, the fall of Whitebeard meant the end of an era and the opening of another. The age of the Yonko ultimately ended from this moment.

“He’s not dead, what are you crying for?”

At this time, a thunder-like voice suddenly sounded, made Marco and others looking upward.

They looked down at the place where Whitebeard fell, and saw the young king, holding the Whitebeard in one hand, he did not fall into the sea!

“Oyaji, does he still alive?”

They were stunned at first, and then they were pleased. They looked at the young man who was flying to the sky excitedly.

At this time, Teach was also stunned. He accidentally looked at Qin Yi with puzzled eyes.

“He didn’t kill the white beard!”


He can’t understand. He really can’t understand. At this moment, as the winner of the war, they thought that Qin Yi could gain more benefits by killing Whitebeard than saving him.

The end of the Whitebeard is enough to the ultimate purpose of the era of Pirates led by the four emperors and push the world to a new stage.

This sea will ultimately enter into chaos. The emerging and powerful state of Qin will definitely have greater advantages and interests.

If it was him, he would kill the Whitebeard just for an excellent reputation; it would be enough for him to do it.

he was thinking, Marco and others in front of him have begun to cry out pleasantly.

When the young king arrived, he grabbed the Whitebeard with one hand and threw it on the deck, which was very rude.

But at this moment, the crew of the Moby d.i.c.k didn’t react.

“Your father doesn’t need you to mourn for him.”

“He just suffered a huge shock; his physical strength and vitality were exhausted; he is in a coma.”

Qin Yi said.

Marco immediately stepped forward and scanned their father. Soon, when the doctor looked and find out that the Whitebeard is ok, everyone relieved.

“Thank you!”

Even at this moment, Marco bowed deeply.

Everyone can see the doomsday scene caused by this war very clearly. They genuinely know how difficult and risky it is to stop and leave such an opponent’s life in such a fight.

But the young man did it. With such majesty and generous spirit, they were feeling sincere admiration and grat.i.tude.

“You don’t have to be polite; it’s something between us.”

“When he wakes up, let him come to me.”

Qin Yi waved his hand, and his body was floating.


Members of the white beard Pirates shouted.

Qin Yi liked the idea and the way of Whitebeard in his previous life.

He nodded; Qin Yi was about to leave. Suddenly, he saw a figure.

“Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach!”

Suddenly, Qin Yi stopped.

“King Qin?”

all the Whitebeard pirates crew were all stunned.

In the next second, they saw the young king step out, his body flickering with lightning, light blue thunder under a flash, he came to one of their crew.

“Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach!”

Qin Yi faintly called.

The Blackbeard was shocked. He just thought about the t.i.tle of Blackbeard. How does this guy know about it?

“I’m Marshall D. Teach! your Majesty King Qin.”

Before he had finished speaking, his expression had changed dramatically.

flickering thunder and lightning completely covered his sight; at the same time, Qin Yi said with a cold voice.

“200 Million Volt Bari!”

The sparkling blue light was released from Qin Yi’s right hand. Almost for a moment, he had devoured Teach in the shocked eyes of other members of the whitebeard Pirates.

This one-meter thick high concentration lightning attack stunned them.

“This, this is?”

Everyone can’t understand why Qin Yi, who has conquered Whitebeard and saved him, suddenly attacked an unknown crew member.

“Qin, his majesty, what’s the matter?”

Teach was gasping, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth and enduring the pain of being burned all over his body, he said difficultly.

Under the high voltage of 200 million volts, Qin Yi was surprised that he was still alive.


Qin Yi said, and he remembered the long plot and huge tragedies made by this man.

Immediately after, he clenched his right fist and stepped forward.

“you Majesty!”

Seeing this, Marco cried out in a great hurry and rushed to stop it.

However, it is still late. Qin Yi already punched Teach’s face.

Then, in front of everyone’s eyes, Qin Yi crushed Teach’s head.

the Blackbeard’s head, just like that, crushed in the eyes of all the Whitebeard’s pirates.

“This person will be a disaster in the future. If you know one of his futural horrible deeds, you will do the same… anyway, My Pleasure.”

After all this, Qin Yi took back his fist and said.

Marco and others opened their mouths, but they could not say anything.

Because, Qin Yi has stepped out, turned into lightning, quickly disappeared in front of them.



all the members were speechless.

It’s obviously the first battle between the Whitebeard and King Qin, why the king dragged this innocent man, Teach? Anyway, he died!

Too bad!

“Just because he saw that young fat man in the crowd!”

“Teach’s death is wrong! why!”


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