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Chapter 1810 Emperor“s Attendan

Cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation and the Shen clan were also confused. Ye Futian could have stepped up and risen to eminence if he seized the opportunity earlier, just like how the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy hoped Jian Qingzhu could impress Princess Donghuang and follow her to cultivate in the Divine Prefecture.

As long as Ye Futian displayed his ability, he could make Princess Donghuang think highly of him even if he didn’t defeat the Proud Son of the Underworld.

But he didn’t do that. On the contrary, he deliberately held back and lost the fight. Wouldn’t it seem impudent and perfunctory in Princess Donghuang’s eyes?

Gai Qiong narrowed his eyes and stared at Ye Futian. Did Ye Futian not understand who Princess Donghuang was?

Ye Futian would never rise to the high society in the Divine Prefecture if the Great Emperor learned about how he gave Princess Donghuang the runaround.

How rude and disrespectful! Gai Qiong said, “Ye Futian, you obtained G.o.d’s inheritance and used to show off your impressive Divine Wheels in the past. Why did you lose this fight?”

Instead of bluntly accusing Ye Futian of not making an effort, Gai Qiong only insinuated that Ye Futian didn’t do his best. But other people certainly understood that Gai Qiong was trying to ruin Ye Futian’s future by pointing it out.

Princess Donghuang was generous enough not to make a big thing out of Ye Futian’s connection with the Devil World. Yet he was still behaving in such a brazen and irreverent manner. Gai Qiong couldn’t figure out what Ye Futian was thinking.

Princess Donghuang obviously heard Gai Qiong’s question as well, but she didn’t pay him any attention. Standing on top of the stairs, she kept gazing at Ye Futian with her calm and captivating eyes.

“Your Highness, Qi Ye is a very powerful cultivator. He subdued me after a moment of carelessness. Although I was still capable of fighting back, I saw that Your Highness spread the amazing divine wings. I didn’t dare to make a fumbling attempt in front of your magnificent presence. Please forgive me,” Ye Futian admitted with ease. He couldn’t deny what everyone witnessed with their own eyes.

The battle was over now. Princess Donghuang couldn’t ask him to perform in front of the crowd again.

Princess Donghuang still stared at him distantly. She said, “You follow me.”

Then, she turned around and walked toward the palace.

“The rest of you, please do as you wish.” The divine general next to Princess Donghuang took a good look at Ye Futian, then spoke to the others.

A strange look flashed across Gai Qiong’s face. Princess Donghuang asked Ye Futian to follow her?

What did she mean?

Princess Donghuang summoned Ye Futian alone.

Was she displeased with what happened just now or was she impressed by Ye Futian for real?

With a puzzled look, Ye Futian didn’t understand Princess Donghuang’s intention either. Her eyes were too inscrutable to reveal her emotions. If only Ye Futian brought Feixue with him, then she might be able to tell him if Princess Donghuang’s intention was good or bad.

“I will be right back,” Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu. Hua Jieyu nodded slightly. Following a guide, Ye Futian climbed the stairs under everyone’s watch.

The crowd made a racket after Princess Donghuang and Ye Futian left. Cultivators from different forces couldn’t stop talking and speculating.

People from the Heavenly Mandate Academy were a little worried. No one could put their finger on Princess Donghuang’s personality. They didn’t know if she would be offended by what Ye Futian did before.

The College Chief of the Tianshen Academy stood in place and stared at Princess Donghuang’s receding figure. He sighed to himself. Princess Donghuang didn’t mention his request, which meant that she didn’t grant it either.

“Don’t be downhearted. Jian Qingzhu is an excellent cultivator and only lost the fight by accident. As the Proud Son of the Underworld, Qi Ye is a formidable opponent. Jian Qingzhu already proved himself to be one of the bests. He will certainly a.s.sume your mantle and make a name for himself in the Divine Prefecture in the future no matter where he cultivates,” Shen Gao of the Shen clan said to the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy.

“I hope so,” the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy nodded and said, “Jian Qingzhu does have great talents. But he still needs to work harder. He can only be in awe at Princess Donghuang’s unparalleled ability.”

Shen Gao almost rolled his eyes at the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy. This old man laid his reputation on the line to beg for a brighter future for Jian Qingzhu, and he was still praising Princess Donghuang after she was gone.

Besides, Princess Donghuang summoned Ye Futian rather than Jian Qingzhu. Did the College Chief really have no resentment?

“Princess Donghuang is going to take over from the Great Emperor. Of course, she is incomparable,” Shen Gao echoed.

Cultivators chatted with each other casually. Some left, but the majority of the crowd stayed to see what would happen to Ye Futian. They wanted to know if Princess Donghuang had a positive or negative impression of him. Her att.i.tude was crucial to many forces.

At this point, Ye Futian followed Princess Donghuang into the great hall of the Empty Imperial Palace. Princess Donghuang looked at Ye Futian and waved her hands to order the servants to clear out. Some guards stood outside of the hall.

Only one attendant remained by the side of Princess Donghuang.

Ye Futian stood quietly in the great hall. He was still perplexed when he saw that Princess Donghuang turned around and stared at him.

However, Ye Futian maintained an upright posture in front of her elegant figure as if he didn’t want to bend his head to her.

“Can I help Your Highness?” Ye Futian asked. His voice was calm, neither supercilious nor obsequious.

“Are you upset at me?” Princess Donghuang looked at him and asked. Her haughty bearing and her blunt question annoyed Ye Futian, yet he still kept a tight rein on his feelings and replied in a low voice, “Your Highness must be joking. I’m only a cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Academy in the Divine Prefecture. How can I be upset at Your Highness?”

“Because of your master,” Princess Donghuang continued.

Ye Futian was surprised. He raised his head and studied her face.

So Princess Donghuang knew that Ye Futian was among the disciples of the Cottage in the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian didn’t expect her to remember that incident.

He didn’t know if she had any recollection of their first meeting. They were much younger back then. He was only 16 years old. Princess Donghuang was around the same age, judging by her appearance.

“I didn’t realize you remembered,” Ye Futian admitted after a short moment of silence. There was no point for him to hide or deny since she already recognized him. He said, “How is my Master doing?”

“Not well, of course,” Princess Donghuang replied coldly. Ye Futian glared at her. His face stiffened.

“May I ask Your Highness what crimes my Master committed?” Ye Futian asked. He was still unaware of the ident.i.ty of his Master in the Cottage, nor did he know why Donghuang the Great Emperor sent people to capture him.

“Of course, he committed crimes. You don’t need to know the details,” Princess Donghuang said.

“So, Your Highness summoned me here only to tell me that you recognized me?” Ye Futian asked her.

Princess Donghuang still stared at him steadily. Their eyes met after minutes of silence. She still looked composed and arrogant. Unlike Ye Futian, Princess Donghuang was born with blue blood.

Ye Futian worked his way up from the bottom even though his G.o.dfather said he was destined to be an emperor. Princess Donghuang, on the other hand, was high above others from the beginning.

“You don’t need to be so suspicious. He was my father’s study attendant,” said Princess Donghuang. Ye Futian’s eyes narrowed.

Mr. Du from the Cottage used to follow Donghuang the Great Emperor.

On top of that, he probably served the Twin Great Emperors at that time.

Besides, he was the Great Emperor’s study attendant.

It seemed like he was familiar with the Twin Great Emperors and had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Great Emperor. If that was true, he must have first-hand knowledge of the situation on Sky Mountain back in the days.

Why did he stay in the Eastern Barren Territory and never display his ability?

He probably made some mistakes as the Great Emperor’s study attendant since Princess Donghuang said he was guilty of crimes.

“I’m meeting you because your Master pleaded with my father and wanted to know how you are doing. I got my answer now. You’d better reach Gai Qiong’s level first if you want to see your Master again. You’re not in a position to hold a bias against me yet,” Princess Donghuang looked at Ye Futian and said disdainfully.

Ye Futian looked back at her and smiled in silence.

He was not good enough, indeed. She was the daughter of the sovereign of the Divine Prefecture.

Who dared to hold a bias against her?

Even the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy begged her to let Jian Qingzhu follow her and cultivate in the Divine Prefecture.

Ye Futian didn’t expect that Mr. Du still kept his disciples in mind after being captured.

It sounded like that his Master was probably imprisoned by Donghuang the Great Emperor and still alive.

“You can go back now. I hope you can become stronger the next time I see you. You don’t have to hide your strength from me,” Princess Donghuang said in an arrogant tone.

Ye Futian looked at her and smiled, said, “I will do as Your Highness wish. Goodbye.”

Then, he turned around and left the great hall.

After Ye Futian was gone, the divine general next to Princess Donghuang asked, “It seems that Your Highness look on him with favor. I heard this man’s talent is unmatched in the Original Realm. Should we consider taking him back to the Divine Prefecture to cultivate?”

“The truly talented people can cultivate anywhere,” Princess Donghuang replied.

“You’re right,” the divine general nodded in agreement. Princess Donghuang gazed at Ye Futian’s retreating figure and cast her mind back to the first time she met him. She figured it was quite difficult for him to achieve his current position.

She was only 16 years old when she saw a distressed young man on Mount Tianyao.

The crowd stared at Ye Futian when he returned from the great hall. No one dared to sneak a peek at what happened inside, nor did they know what Princess Donghuang said to Ye Futian. Everyone was burning with curiosity.

Especially people from the Shen clan and the Golden Divine Nation. They had a crucial battle only days ago. Needless to say, they were eager to know Princess Donghuang’s att.i.tude toward Ye Futian.

However, it appeared that nothing big happened inside. Otherwise, Ye Futian wouldn’t come out in such a short time.

Ye Futian certainly knew what they were thinking about. He shot them a glance and had no intention of disclosing anything. They should play the guessing game with themselves.

To be honest, he and Princess Donghuang didn’t discuss much. She summoned him only because of his Master.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said to Lord Taixuan and the others. Lord Taixuan nodded and understood that there was no problem between Ye Futian and Princess Donghuang. He felt much relieved.

Soon, they left the Empty Imperial Palace and prepared to return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The cultivators from other forces dispersed after Ye Futian was gone. Princess Donghuang came to the Empty Imperial Palace and made some rules. But it didn’t mean the Nine Realms would remain peaceful in the future. The path ahead would still be b.l.o.o.d.y, albeit organized.


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