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Chapter 2289: Thoughts

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The Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan was no weakling. On the contrary, he was one of the strongest figures in the Shangqing Domain. He dominated his generation.

But at that moment, Blind Tie no longer seemed like a Renhuang who was close to breaking through to the ninth tier. In fact, he seemed like he had already done so many years ago and had developed his profound powers for a long time.

What kind of power had the inheritance of the Imperial Star given him?

Boom! Beams of burning divine radiance spread out from the figures of the G.o.ds of war up in the air, sweeping out through the heavens and the earth and covering a vast area. Many arms appeared up in the air. They were the arms of G.o.ds.

The Divine Hammer of the Protector appeared, and images of divine hammers appeared in all those arms right afterward. It seemed as if each hammer contained unimaginable power. They fell accompanied by divine light. The Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan, the top cultivator of the Demon Cloud Clan, could sense a deadly threat.

He had a strange feeling; it was like he was not facing Blind Tie but an actual G.o.d.

The Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan had swept away all before him and had never been in such desperate circ.u.mstances before. Someone younger than him had reached his level. Although he had just broken through to this level, he was still able to crush him. He had beaten him from head to toe and had made it so that he had not even been able to unleash his own power. What kind of humiliation was this?

But the current humiliation was nothing. As of right now, his very life was in danger. The area was sealed off, and so he could not escape. He would truly be smashed to death by Blind Tie’s hammers here.

Boom! The hammers crashed down, and the heavens and the earth shook. It seemed as if everything would be destroyed. There came a great roaring sound from the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan’s body as the image of a demon G.o.d appeared behind him. Its many demonic arms reached up into the sky. The Demonic Hand Prints were incomparably powerful by themselves, and many of the arms held great black divine hammers. They moved away from him, smas.h.i.+ng into the air and causing beams of black light to appear.

The golden hammers fell, and the two forces collided together. Infinite divine light exploded outward when they clashed. It seemed as if the earth and the sky would split open. The demonic arms were all shattered wildly as the giant hammer went among them and destroyed everything.

Bang! As this attack fell, it seemed as if everything was flattened. The Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan was sent flying once again. His aura wavered, and his face had grown pale. His aura of the Great Path was no longer as st.u.r.dy as it had been.

But the images of even more divine hammers appeared in the air, covering the sky in all directions.

Blind Tie, who had transformed into a form like that of a G.o.d, was filled with limitless power. It was like the will of a Great Emperor had infused his strength. He had transformed into the master of this land.

He waved his arms, and the hammers danced once again. His movements were still simple and graceful, but the divine power that burst forth in the air was still enough to shock even the greatest of figures.

Countless beams of light all fell towards the same place. The figure of the demonic G.o.d tried to block them, but as the light fell, the hammers smashed down as well. Suddenly, the demonic figure split open and shattered. The hammers continued downward and smashed into the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan’s body.

He was an incredibly powerful figure, and his Flesh had already become the Way. So even suffering a direct hit from these hammers was not enough to instantly kill him. But his body shook violently, and the hammers kept on coming, slamming into him over and over again.

His expression kept changing. It was as if he was full of regret.

Then, divine light pierced his body. As the countless beams of light shot through him, the Great Elder’s body started to disintegrate until he was destroyed. He had been killed on the spot.

After the Great Elder had been slain, everything seemed to become calm. The violent atmosphere dissipated, and everything was like it had been before.

Blind Tie stood calmly up in the sky. He still felt none of the pleasure of his great vengeance. On the outside, he looked extremely calm.

After a period of silence, he turned and walked calmly over to Ye Futian’s side as if none of what had just transpired had happened.

“Congratulations, Uncle Tie,” said Ye Futian with a slight smile. Now, Blind Tie would be able to let go of his heart’s obsession.

He, the people of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and the people of Four Corner Village had all watched this battle but had not interfered. They had let Blind Tie achieve his own vengeance. And he had succeeded. He had used his overwhelming strength to slaughter the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan, Mo Ke, and more, resolving his grudge from many years ago.

Old Ma and the others came over, patting Blind Tie on the shoulder. They had been greatly shocked by this battle as well. Even Old Ma had not been able to deal with the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan, but Blind Tie had crushed him all by himself. Moreover, the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan had had no power to resist him. He had been overpowered and destroyed.

From this, it could be seen that Blind Tie had now become much more powerful than Old Ma. It looked like the inheritance of the Imperial Star was far from ordinary. It had given Blind Tie combat abilities beyond those of people on his level. He had been able to slay the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan, who had been at the peak of the Renhuang plane for many years.

At that moment, the curtain of starlight dissipated. Many cultivators appeared in different places up in the air. They had come from different camps. All of them were top figures from the Divine Prefecture. After sensing the battle that was taking place here, the top figures from the Central Imperial Realm had come to observe the battle. All of them had been shocked by what happened.

Blind Tie of Four Corner Village had broken through to the next level. Not only had he done that, but he had killed the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan right out. It seemed like the inheritance of the Imperial Star had given him much.

Unfortunately, the Cultivation Court of Great Emperor Ziwei was already under Ye Futian’s control. They could not go there to cultivate.

Ye Futian and the others transformed into beams of light and soon disappeared. But the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture did not leave. Instead, they watched down below. One of the top powers of the Shangqing Domain had been destroyed like this and would never return.

A group of people was gathering together up in the sky. These were cultivators from the Shangqing Domain, including Emperor Zhou Mu, the Vice Chief. In addition, cultivators from the Nanhai Family were there too.

The Demon Cloud Clan had been a top force of the Shangqing Domain, and yet it had been destroyed like this. The shock that this gave them was very fierce indeed. Moreover, the one who had destroyed them was Blind Tie of Four Corner Village, and many of the forces of the Shangqing Domain had conflicts with Four Corner Village. They had once gone and laid siege to it until they were forced to flee by the Master.

The cultivators of the Nanhai Family were even more conflicted. Now, Ye Futian had led Blind Tie and the others to destroy the Demon Cloud Clan. Afterward, would he want to destroy them as well?

A group of people from the Muyun family was there as well. They had seen Blind Tie become an even more powerful figure and slay the Great Elder of the Demon Cloud Clan. It was obvious how they felt about this. Muyun Lan had once fought Blind Tie in the Shangqing Domain, and their powers had been evenly matched. But now, if Muyun Lan stood before Blind Tie, he would not even be able to withstand a single hammer blow!


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