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Chapter 2320: Shenyi Continent

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ziwei Segmentum was a world long sealed by Ziwei the Great. So, what kind of world would it be with human cultivators?

“At present, most of the cultivators and top princ.i.p.alities from various worlds are attracted by this continental relic that has just appeared. Not to mention, a world with human cultivators resembles a complete world, which entices a stronger desire to explore it. And, according to the news, the cultivators in this world are most extraordinary,” Emperor Nan continued.

Next to him, Renhuang Chen asked Ye Futian, “Shall we go check it out?”

Ye Futian pondered for a moment, then agreed, “We might as well.”

Previously there were many relics in the Original Realm, and he had never had the desire to go, wanting to give other people their opportunities. However, he was curious to see this other continent that had appeared in the Original Realm,

“Then let’s go straight away,” said Renhuang Chen.

“Please lead the way, elder.” Ye Futian nodded, and the group immediately set off on their journey. They leaped into the sky and left the Heavenly Mandate Academy, heading towards the boundless void.

The land of the Original Realm was the void world that was formed after the collapse of the heavenly path. The 3,000 Realms of the Great Path was the area of human cultivation. This area was not considered large, but beyond the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there was nothing but an endless void, full of unknowns.

For example, Ziwei Segmentum was now visible in the boundless void, and so were all those major relics that had made their appearances one after the other.

Ye Futian didn’t know the actual size of the Original Realm, and no one else really knew anything about the Original Realm either. Perhaps only Donghuang the Great and other Great Emperors knew some of its history.

At this time, a new continent was floating in the endless void of the Original Realm.

This continent was lying in the void, a faint brilliance emanating from within. It was as if it had existed here since the beginning of time and that it was a part of this vast s.p.a.ce.

Ye Futian and the others pa.s.sed through the edges of the continent and continued moving upward. They saw that there were cultivators on the edge of the continent at this time, but they seemed to be quite accustomed to everything that was happening in front of them, as they did not act surprised.

“How did this continent come about?” Ye Futian asked when he beheld the sight in front of him.

“The news we heard was that this continent has been traveling through the endless void, having been exiled for a countless number of years, and has not made its appearance until now,” Emperor Nan responded. Ye Futian looked lost in thoughts. If this were the case, then that would explain the reactions of those cultivators on the continent.

A world that had been exiled in the endless emptiness would obviously get used to all of this and may even felt what they saw now was pretty mundane.

But, who had the terrible ability to exile an entire continent?

Ye Futian and the others continued forward towards the continent. The cultivators on the continent looked up at Ye Futian and the others as they pa.s.sed but then bowed their heads and went back to their own businesses. Similar occurrences had been happening recently, as cultivators from the outside came to their continent, so they had grown accustomed to it.

“The cultivation of these people is awesome,” Ye Futian whispered as he walked forward. The cultivators on this continent felt extraordinary to him. Even those on the fringe of the continent were not at a low level; the lowest cultivation turned out to be the Saint Plane.

“If it’s a continent that has gone through tribulations, then it must be an extraordinary continent,” Renhuang Chen whispered. Everyone nodded in agreement.

If this continent had really been exiled in the endless void, and if it was able to survive until this day, then neither the continent itself nor the cultivators on it would be ordinary. Otherwise, it would have already been annihilated in its long history.

The group meandered forward aimlessly. Although this continent was newly discovered with cultivators, it was different from Ziwei Segmentum, which was a field of stars. Here, it was merely a continent. Looking from another angle, the continent might have just been a place for the most powerful figures in ancient times.

Of course, even for top Renhuang, this continent was still ma.s.sive, at least for someone in Ye Futian’s realm. They continued to travel through the continent but still didn’t seem to have reached the central area.

Ye Futian and the others looked at everything on the continent below. It didn’t seem too different from Divine Prefecture and the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, as far as cities, mountains, jungles, and cultivators were concerned, except that the aura of these cultivators on this continent was somewhat different. Generally speaking, their realm seemed to be a little higher.

“Shall we go down and make some inquiries?” Renhuang Chen asked Ye Futian.

“Very well.” Ye Futian understood his meaning and agreed. Instantly, Renhuang Chen moved, and in a flash was aiming towards the sky below. Not long after, Renhuang Chen returned and said, “Same as the rumors. This continent is known as Shenyi Continent by the cultivators who resided upon it. According to them, it is a continent abandoned by the G.o.ds in ancient times. It has been floating in the void world for many years, constantly moving, and now appears in the Original Realm. As to the reason, they are as clueless as anyone. If we want the truth, we could go to Shenyi City, which is the center of this continent and also where the strongest cultivators are.”

Ye Futian nodded. So this was Shenyi Continent?

Even the cultivators on the continent knew that they were being abandoned by the G.o.ds once upon a time. But judging from their present situation, could the abandonment have been, in fact, a form of protection? Because of the abandonment, the continent did not perish and was able to see the light of day.

“Let’s go,” said Ye Futian. “Do these cultivators on the continent, like the ones in Ziwei Segmentum, know the origins of their own continent?”

“I was also curious about that, so I did some research. According to them, generations upon generations of ancestors have been exploring the continent for many years, wanting to see other worlds of cultivation and cultivators. After reaching the peak level, they discovered that this continent has great limitations, and the world seemed far too small. However, for years immemorial, they have not discovered anything until now. They have ascertained that all the legends were true: they were abandoned and exiled by the G.o.ds, and now they have truly come into contact with the outside world,” Renhuang Chen explained.

Ye Futian appeared thoughtful. They were not the only ones who were curious about this continent. The cultivators on the continent, too, had never stopped their search for the outside world until they had come to the Original Realm and discovered the truth. Perhaps, they were just as curious about the Original Realm as anyone else.

“So, the top forces from Original Realm should have already gone to Shenyi City already,” Ye Futian commented.

Renhuang Chen nodded. Then the group continued on its way in their mighty formation!


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