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Chapter 2440: Disaster

In front of the Great hall at Six Desires Heavenly Palace, the divine body roared. Just as Lord Six Desires directed his attention at the divine body, he saw the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor Jia suddenly flew straight towards him.

“Humph.” The other three Lords opened their eyes and looked at Lord Six Desires. They didn’t expect Lord Six Desires would comprehend the body first.

The Sound of the Buddha reverberated, resounding through the void between heaven and earth. It shook those who heard it to their core. An enormous golden Buddhist handprint appeared in the void, which then buckled down over the s.p.a.ce occupied by the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, preventing the divine body from moving towards Lord Six Desires.

Previously, all four of them had been comprehending the divine body here, but since none of them received any enlightenment, a certain delicate balance had been maintained among them.

However, now it appeared that Lord Six Desires might be on the verge of comprehending the divine body, thus resonating with it. He might even take control of it. At a time like this, they couldn’t remain as tranquil as they had been. They must take action immediately.

Lord Six Desires was no longer holding back either. His palms trembled in the air, and suddenly, the s.p.a.ce seemed to be filled with crazy explosions. Some fist aurora burst through the air and blasted on that golden Buddhist handprint, splitting it open.

At the same time, Lord Ye and Lord Liberty both made their moves as well.

Suddenly, a terrifying dark s.p.a.ce appeared in front of Lord Six Desires, filled with petrifying black vortices. A black divine halberd descended above his head, trailed by a wave of horrific destruction from above the firmament.

Behind Lord Liberty, a gigantic divine shadow appeared, and a large palm slammed down. It covered the sky and the sun, overwhelming that corner of the world.

The three great cultivators attacked at the same time.

Lord Six Desires was surrounded by divine light, which had turned into a terrifying golden halo, forming a pa.s.sive defense. Everything around him was in a state of topsy turvy, as the ground below was quacking and crumbling.

Above the sky, the dark halberd of destruction appeared inside the storming vortices descended with pitch-black lightning. A terrifying phantom, like a deity in the night, appeared as a G.o.d of ultimate destruction in the void.

The divine halberd slammed down in a second and blasted on the golden light screen, cracking the defense put up by Lord Six Desires. The terrible lightning wandered on the light screen as the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed on the brink of total destruction. However, the s.p.a.ce of the Western World was far more stable than the one in the Original Realm and the Divine Prefecture, so the fissures didn’t extend far.

But the Six Desires Heavenly Palace was in bad shape. When the storm was sweeping through the surroundings, chasms opened up in the ground, many of the buildings collapsed. The cultivators of the Six Desires Heavenly Palace had already retreated frantically at the beginning of the battle. They knew that partic.i.p.ation in a clash at this level would spell certain death; they had absolutely no way to intervene.

“The three of you are overstepping,” Lord Six Desires said as he slowly stood up. The golden storm that surrounded him became more frightening as he stood there like a heavenly deity.

But the three of them didn’t bother to listen to what Lord Six Desires had to say. They rolled towards the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor with the power of the Great Path, forcing the divine body to float in their direction. They would not allow Lord Six Desires to comprehend and control the divine body.

Boom! But at this moment, an awesome golden divine light bloomed from the divine body, like thousands of runes as they launched an attack on the three cultivators. The three of them looked quite solemn as they surrounded their bodies with the divine light of the Great Path, protecting their bodies and spiritual souls from this invasion.

They let out a cold snort, and their eyes refocused on Lord Six Desires. It seemed that Lord Six Desires, who had been tied up by the attacks, was not giving up just yet. He was still attempting to control the divine body to fight them.

“What should we do?” Lord Ye asked the other two via voice transmission, clearly seeking to discuss a solution regarding Lord Six Desires. Now that they were in an all-out confrontation, they had created a shared enemy. More importantly, Lord Six Desires seemed to be able to communicate and control the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, and that was a big concern for them.

If they stopped here today, Lord Six Desires would surely retaliate later.

“Kill.” A chilling word entered the ears of the other two, and the one who spoke was Lord Initial Zen. When he uttered the word, his voice was calm, his face peaceful and benevolent. The Buddha’s light lingered around him, but he was the most decisive.

“That’s right. Make sure there will be no future trouble.” Lord Liberty agreed when he heard the word. All three of them were peak figures who had survived the second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, and it was their nature to be so determined. Since they had already decided to do this, they would not hesitate or leave him a way out.

In a short period of time, they had decided on killing a peer, the most powerful cultivator of Six Desires Heaven.

“Very well,” Lord Ye replied, and the three of them immediately reached an agreement. In an instant, a horrific murderous intent swept through the entire Six Desires Heavenly Palace, and even the entire divine mountain was shrouded within. Meanwhile, that strong murderous intent was still diffusing from it.

The expressions on the cultivators’ faces in Six Desire Heavenly Palace revealed sudden panic as they all detected the murderous intent from the three cultivators.

If the altercation before was only a tentative probing, now, it was more than obvious that they were joining forces to annihilate Lord Six Desires.

For the sake of the divine body, these top figures would do anything to take out a heavenly lord.

Of course, there was another advantage if Lord Six Desires was dead—the possibility of keeping Ye Futian under their control.

Lord Six Desires naturally noticed the murderous intent coming from the three cultivators; his face suddenly changed. When he raised his head to look into the void, he saw that the sky above the Six Desires Heavenly Palace was no longer the Holy Land that used to be surrounded by celestial mist. It was now covered with dark clouds of catastrophe, where black lightning of destruction flashed as they blast down on the divine mountain, creating cracks on the divine mountain. In that dark light of catastrophe, an elusive face appeared. It looked like the G.o.d of destruction. It was Yemo Heaven’s Lord Ye.

This corner of heaven and earth had turned into an absolute realm, ruled by Lord Ye’s Destructive Way.

At the same time, in the other direction, a G.o.d-like figure appeared; it was none other than Lord Liberty.

The Buddha’s light lingered on the body of Lord Initial Zen as an ancient Buddha phantom appeared behind him. It was so boundlessly ma.s.sive that it s.h.i.+elded the sky and obscured the sun. A glow began blooming in the darkness. The auras of each of the three great cultivators were breathtaking.

Under this terrifying storm, all the cultivators on the mountain were appalled. This place, which was once the most powerful Holy Land of Six Desires Heaven, seemed to have turned into h.e.l.l in but a moment’s time. Even the Six Desires Heavenly Palace was in the process of crumbling and disintegrating.

These three great cultivators had steeled themselves in their resolve and no longer held back.

“You three are so heartless. What are you going to do with me today?” The matter had gotten out of hand, and Lord Six Desires had no more fear as an overwhelming momentum swept at his three opponents. He regarded them with an extremely frosty look in his eyes.

He didn’t expect that just when he had comprehended a trace of this divine body, he would be met with such overwhelming backlash. Vaguely, he felt that there was something very wrong with the turn of events. How could such little comprehension cause the divine body to have such a disproportionate reaction?

But, there was no time for him to think things through.

Yangxin Mountain, where Ye Futian was located, was also in the midst of disintegration and destruction. Above the ancient peak, Ye Futian got up and watched everything decay beneath his feet. He suspended his body in the air and looked into the far distance. There was an unmistakable chill in those eyes.

Lord Six Desires had detained him here, wanting to control his life and the divine body, so now, let him have it!


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