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Chapter 2676: Integration and Obliteration

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The aura of the Great Path in Ye Futian crazily poured into the demonic blade while his will did the same as well.

Gradually, many demonic wills retreated. As his power continued to penetrate that forbidden elusive s.p.a.ce, he saw many demons pull back or be knocked away until a clear sinister phantom revealed itself there.

In another direction, another figure also appeared. The chaotic will seemed to have disappeared, replaced by two sober conscious wills. However, they were clearly weaker.

“This…” Ye Futian was shocked to his core. Were these the will of the Devil Emperor and the will of the Karura Demon Monarch?

Did their remaining traces of will vanish because of his intervention?

“Who are you?!” Two voices sounded in Ye Futian’s head at the same time.

“I am Ye Futian, a latecomer,” Ye Futian replied.

The phantom of the Devil Emperor stared at Ye Futian and asked, “What year is this?”

“More than 10,000 years according to the Divine Prefecture Calendar. Elder is a cultivator from the primordial Age of the G.o.ds.” Ye Futian responded, “However, we have no way to verify just how long it has been since your time.”

“The Age of the G.o.ds!” The other muttered to himself, “What happened to that era?”

“All the G.o.ds have fallen, and the Heavenly Path collapsed,” Ye Futian responded. They had already fallen at that time, so they might have had no idea what happened later.

“In today’s world, six Great Emperors ruled the six great realms,” Ye Futian continued.

The demon phantom was silent. So, there were only six Great Emperors in existence now.

The world they were in was known as the Age of the G.o.ds. However, the G.o.ds perished, and the Heavenly Path collapsed.

They seemed to have won, for the Heavenly Path did collapse. But what was the outcome?

“What is the world like after the collapse of the Heavenly Path? Is the Demon Clan still in existence?” the Devil Emperor asked.

“After the Heavenly Path collapsed, the Original Realm expanded. The world experienced an apocalyptic catastrophe which gave rise to a new world. However, these are just what we know from the ancient annals and legends. There is no way for us to verify their veracity today. All we know is that the world has changed, and the Heavenly Path was no more. The path of cultivation is no longer perfect, and great emperors are rare existences.” Ye Futian added, “As for the Demon Clan, the Devil World remains today, guarding the Devil Abyss.”

“The Heavenly Path collapsed, but the prison for the Demon Clan is still there.” He sighed and could find no words. Why did they do everything they did back then?

Who was right, and who was wrong?

The Heavenly Path collapsed, but the world was also destroyed. Were they the redeemers or the sinners?

The Devil Emperor looked at Ye Futian. He seemed to be somewhat curious about him. His regained consciousness seemed to be a little greater than the Demon Monarch’s.

“You have the aura of the Demon Clan upon you,” the other said to Ye Futian.

“I have been to the Devil World, and my body has experienced the tribulations of the Devil Abyss,” Ye Futian replied.

“So, you have a close relations.h.i.+p with the Devil World?” the Devil Emperor asked.

“The heir to the Devil World is my best friend, and we grew up together,” Ye Futian responded. Although he didn’t know what he did to sober up their wills, he did know that he should be in the good graces of someone like the Devil Emperor.

“Where is he now?” the other queried.

“He is in the outside world, probably looking for opportunities elsewhere. If you need me to, I can go and find him for you,” Ye Futian said.

“There is no time,” the other man responded. “Years ago, I fell, and the remaining will should have dissipated then. But, because of the existence of this blade, I was able to retain a trace of my will. After all these years, this trace of will had long been merged with the will of the demonic blade and became chaotic and confused. Now that you have awakened me, it should be the end of my time here.”

“My senior brother cultivates the Demonic Path,” Ye Futian said.

“Tell him to come,” the other said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded, then notified the Little Condor. The Little Condor didn’t take long to bring his senior brother, the Sword Saint, here.

The Little Condor and Ye Futian shared the same mind, so he was aware of the intention of this request. He and the Sword Saint walked in front of the demonic blade and then allowed their wills to pour into it.

“Revered elders.” After the Sword Saint arrived, he was immediately shocked as well. In here, besides Ye Futian, there were two other wills from the Demon Monarchs, and they had both woken up.

Boom! A horrific demonic will invaded the will of the Sword Saint, and his entire person was instantly under a frightful attack. His will was released to the extreme, but those demonic wills flooded in, wanting to consume him completely.

He had experienced this exact feeling once before. When the mysterious cultivator who guarded Ye Futian pa.s.sed the demonic blade to him, it was this same exact feeling.

“It’s a pity that it is a little too weak, but the will itself is strong enough,” a voice remarked. Then a terrifying demonic will merged into the will of the Sword Saint. At this moment, the Sword Saint was under terrible coercion, and his body trembled violently.

Above the demonic blade, wisps of demonic light poured into his body, so that an astonis.h.i.+ng demonic will flowed upon him.

“The will of the elder is quite compatible with my demonic beast; how about helping him as well?” Ye Futian looked at the Karura Demon Monarch’s will and proposed.

“Sure.” The other looked at Ye Futian and nodded readily. Then, his will proceeded to merge with the will of the Little Condor.

Ye Futian perceived all these quietly, feeling that everything was going a little too smoothly. He was surprised that this Demon Monarch was so cooperative.

But just as the thought flashed across his mind, a miserable cry came out. Ye Futian could clearly feel that the Little Condor’s will was being invaded and attacked. This was not to merge but to swallow and replace.

“Ungrateful beast!” Ye Futian cursed under his breath. This Demon Monarch’s will was clearly in awe of him just moments ago, but suddenly he attacked the Little Condor. Its temperament was dangerously unpredictable.

Ye Futian’s will instantly swooped out. He and the Little Condor were connected through their minds and shared one conjoined will. His will now seemed to have turned into the divine tree, covering the phantom of the opponent’s will. This force of will seemed capable of suppressing the other.

Boom! The Great Paths of Shadow and Solar erupted simultaneously. At the same time, the powerful demonic will in the demonic blade also surged forward to a.s.sist, as the Sword Saint had completed the integration of the wills and came to aid him. With three forces encircling and suppressing him, the phantom of the Demon Monarch appeared to be in extreme pain and became more and more elusive.

“You are nothing but a wisp of will that about to dissipate, but you did not appreciate the opportunity I gave you to remain in this world. You tried to betray us, you ungrateful animal.” Ye Futian’s voice was extremely cold as he continued to beat down the last remaining will of the other.

That remaining trace of will was fighting madly, but the Sword Saint had already controlled the will of the demonic blade. Their opponent was sealed in here, and it was difficult for him to fight back.

“I submit,” the other responded.

“Too late.” Ye Futian’s voice was ice-cold. “It is your honor to be able to integrate as one with my mount. Since you were deceitful first and eschewed this opportunity, then prepare to be destroyed forever.”

This will from the Demon Monarch was unpredictable. If he were really to be integrated with the will of the Little Condor, who knows what latent dangers might be lurking? It was better just to wipe him out now.

As soon as Ye Futian’s voice faded, several forces rushed fiercely at the same time and obliterated the opponent.. The phantom shattered and dissipated. They completely disappeared!


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