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Chapter 48: I Won’t Leave Because I Need to Find My Girlfriend

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Tang Wan looked at Ye Futian with curiosity. Why would he pick a fight even before being admitted to the academy?

However, Mu Yunni was very rude. If it had been her own master who was insulted, she wouldn’t have taken it either.

“Students are not allowed to bully each other at Donghai Academy, but friendly compet.i.tion is encouraged. Therefore, any fight voluntarily initiated by both parties of students will not be interfered with by the academy administrators. However, the parties in compet.i.tion must make sure they have full control of their violence, which means no casualties allowed,” Tang Wan mumbled to Ye Futian. “Since you’re not a student of this academy, if you insult the students here you will probably get your *ss kicked.”

Ye Futian felt awkward. Why didn’t Tang Wan believe in him?

The group of people around Mu Yunni stopped walking when they overheard Ye Futian and Tang Wan’s conversation. Mu Yunni gave Ye Futian a glance in confusion. Someone started telling her, “Mu Yunni, this guy wants to kick your *ss.”

Mu Yunni mocked Ye Futian. “Why are you agitated? Am I wrong? Who was there at my house, begging my dad to accept him? Why don’t you just beg me, and maybe I’ll be nice and persuade my dad to give you a place.”

Ye Futian looked at Mu Yunni and said, “I’m mad now.”

“So what?” Mu Yunni was still smiling at him. People around her were also laughing. Mad? Did it mean anything?

“So…” Ye Futian yelled, “Yu Sheng!”

“I’m ready.” Yu Sheng clenched his fists and stepped forward. At that moment, Tang Wan felt that this big guy had become a beast. His body exuded a sense of danger.

“You are a Three-star Glory Plane warrior. Don’t tell me you’re afraid to fight,” Ye Futian said to Mu Yunni.

“Yunni, I’ll take him,” a guy next to her said.

“I will challenge you all,” Yu Sheng announced. Tang Wan was shocked. Even she knew that Yu Sheng was definitely stronger, but he was still a bit overconfident. He was challenging six Donghai Academy students who were elite amongst their peers. Some of them might even be Mandate Sorcerers.

Ye Futian wasn’t worried at all. Yu Sheng had been practicing techniques inherited from his father since he reached the seventh plane of awakening. Additionally, he had exceptional talent. Therefore, his power could not be measured merely by plane.

He knew what Yu Sheng was trying to do. If he challenged only one student and other people got involved, then it was no longer a friendly compet.i.tion. They were new to this place, so they still had to comply with the rules. Yu Sheng was very smart by challenging all those students.

Mu Yunni and her brother looked embarra.s.sed. The people who came to their house begging their father to accept them were now challenging all of them?

“How can I reject you, since you’re asking for it?” Mu Yunqing didn’t take Yu Sheng seriously. However, he still had absolute confidence. He was only seventeen years old but already a Four-star Glory Plane Mandate Sorcerer. He was indeed one of the top students at Donghai Academy.

The moment he agreed to fight, Yu Sheng stomped on the ground, and his body shot toward Mu Yunqing. He had endured this family long enough, since Hua Fengliu was rejected and humiliated yesterday. He believed it was now time to teach them a lesson.

The ground fissured and Yu Sheng’s body was covered with a dark golden glow, as if he was wearing solid armor. He was much taller than the average person, and with the armor, he almost looked like a knight sent by G.o.d.

“This boy is so…” Tang Wan was shocked. Yu Sheng had not even reached Mu Yunqing yet, and Tang Wan had already perceived the real power in his body.

Not only Tang Wan, but other people being challenged obviously sensed Yu Sheng’s power. Two people stepped forward, and both of them started to condense elemental power into spells. One of them created a chain that appeared from the ground to shackle Yu Sheng’s body, and another one shot a sharp golden arrow in his eyes.

Yu Sheng blocked the attacks by merely putting his arms in front of his body. The golden arrow broke into pieces the moment it reached his arms, and the chain was easily torn apart.

Yu Sheng had almost reached their bodies when they started to flee from Yu Sheng’s range of melee attack. Their speed was breakneck, because both of them were powerful mages who also cultivated martial arts techniques.

Unfortunately for them, Yu Sheng was faster. They saw a golden giant blocking their way. They were frightened because they had never seen anyone who could corner them in a fight like Yu Sheng did. He was so fast that they were defeated before they had fully employed the power of their attacks.

Bang. Yu Sheng’s arms swept onto them. They were knocked back to the ground, and their bodies were smashed.

Yu Sheng kept charging forward towards Mu Yunni. The ground was shaking with his steps. At that moment, Mu Yunni’s face turned deadly pale. She apparently had just realized this strong guy was way more powerful than she was.

“Just go, I’ll take him,” Mu Yunqing told his sister. Mu Yunni had to obey. She ran as Mu Yunqing started to attack Yu Sheng. She made sure she was in a safe place and started watching them fight. She believed her brother could take care of that crazy big guy, and then they could beat up Ye Futian together.

Other students of Donghai Academy were attracted to this place by the fight. The moment they saw Yu Sheng, they wondered why they had never met this guy before. They believed he was also a student of Donghai Academy, because he was mighty.

Mu Yunqing unleashed the natal spirit he had inherited from his father. The natal spirit was a Golden Eagle.

A Golden Eagle was a powerful monster that consisted of both gold and wind elements of power. It was similar to the Ye Futian’s Divine Bird. However, it was weaker.

After the natal spirit was unleashed, wings appeared behind his body. His whole body was now floating in the air, and the horrifying power of gold and wind elements were condensing around him. The power then formed into sharp lances that were pointed at Yu Sheng.

“Go!” Mu Yunqing’s wings shook, and the lances suddenly started rus.h.i.+ng at Yu Sheng, piercing the air. With enhancement from his wind element, the lances were much faster than expected.

Yu Sheng didn’t try to dodge the attacks at all. He directly swung his arms toward the lances. People were shocked at how it was possible for a warrior to destroy the spells with martial arts techniques.

The moment Yu Sheng’s arms made contact with the lances, a golden shadow enveloped his body. The golden shadow soon turned into whirlpools and began to engulf all the Spiritual Qi of the universe. The lances were quickly absorbed by the whirlpools, and after the lances were gone, barbs grew out of Yu Sheng’s arms.

Mu Yunqing didn’t give up on his attacks. He held the sharpest lance by himself and charged toward Yu Sheng. His body was as fast as thunder, and people started to worry about Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng swung his arms again. However, this times the barbs detached from his arms and shot toward Mu Yunqing. Mu Yunqing blocked the barbs by closing his wings to entirely cover his body. However, this movement also blocked his own sight. When he opened up the arms again, Yu Sheng was almost in melee range.

Mu Yunqing could do nothing but run away from the momentum of Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng definitely would not let him go that easily. He stomped hard on the ground, and it began to crack under him. His body suddenly rushed toward Mu Yunqing. People witnessed Mu Yunqing being approached by a golden light.

“Be careful!” Mu Yunni tried to alert her brother. It was too late. Mu Yunqing was shocked to find himself caught by Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng’s arms were clamping on his foot. He couldn’t fight against what happened next. With a sudden pull, he was smashed to the ground.

With a loud thump, Mu Yunqing’s body hit the ground. He laid there, entirely immobilized.

“What a beast.” The audience was shocked by this absolute power. Was he really a warrior? Yu Sheng’s power had transformed their att.i.tudes toward martial arts cultivators. They had never seen a warrior who could trounce a Mandate Sorcerer.

Yu Sheng kept stepping forward. People around Mu Yunni moved out of his way because they were too frightened to fight against this guy. Mu Yunqing had already shown them that Yu Sheng was overwhelming.

“What are you doing?” Mu Yunni was overcome with fear when she saw Yu Sheng walking toward her. She was trying to run away by unleas.h.i.+ng her natal spirit, which was also a Golden Eagle.

That little resistance did not cause any trouble for Yu Sheng. He easily grabbed Mu Yunni by the arm. She did not dare attack him since he was now as ferocious as a beast.

The next moment she was being pulled to her brother.

“Let me go!” She screamed.

Yu Sheng smashed her to the ground next to her brother. They were both now lying on the ground, severely injured.

“Now you know that your father does not deserve to be his professor.” Yu Sheng was humiliating them to return the humiliation they had suffered yesterday. Hua Fengliu had brought them to their house, and this family had rejected them. They had been destined to taste revenge because of Yu Sheng’s bad temper.

Yu Sheng’s fury was gone. He was no longer a beast, just a big boy. He quietly walked back to Ye Futian.

It took a long while for Mu Yunqing and his sister to stand up again. They were staring at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng with resentment.

“I’ll remember you.” Mu Yunni gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Go ahead, tell your father that you’ve been beaten by us,” Ye Futian kept humiliating them. Mu Yunni was so angry. However, there was nothing she could do. It would be a shame if they had to go back and tell their father about the fight.

Mu Yunqing and his sister were crestfallen. Tang Wan looked at Ye Futian and believed he was talking like that intentionally. There were a lot of people watching, so these guys would definitely not tell their father what had happened.

“Looks like you have to go.” Tang Wan forced out a smile. These guys had beat up students on the first day they came to the school. It was impossible for them to stay here any longer.

“You told me that professors at Donghai Academy don’t care whether we fight.” Ye Futian was confused.

“They won’t, but those you just beat have cla.s.smates, who do care,” Tang Wan said.

“It’s okay. I still need to find my girlfriend,” Ye Futian ignored her warning. Tang Wan followed him and asked in a lowered voice, “Who is your girlfriend? Don’t tell me it’s Hua Jieyu.”

“How did you know that?” Ye Futian responded. Tang Wan was surprised and stopped talking.


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