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Chapter 836: Infinite Palace III

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Holy Zhi Palace entered a period of cultivation and rectification under some of the top forces of the Barren State.

The Sovereing Family, the Ice Temple, the Alchemy City and many other martial arts cultivators officially moved into the palace to cultivate themselves, and thus they became a part of it. Because of the Sacred War all the power of the Barren State had gathered together.

There were also many cultivators of the Barren Sky Ranking. They responded to the call and descended upon the palace. The last sacred war had let them see the hope of the rise of the Barren State’s holy land. Ye Futian would likely lead the Holy Zhi Palace into a new era.

Therefore, they were making this gamble.

The Barren State was heavily impacted. Those top forces that did not enter the palace, like the Ximen clan, and the forces of the Mortal World appeared quite isolated.

Now the Barren State seemed to have entered an era of great unity.

No one would have thought that this era of unification would have happened due to the sacred war.

Although the Holy Zhi Palace had experienced catastrophe, it seemed to have opened up a new epoch.

The palace disciples were all cultivating diligently. They entered the palace to study, to become enlightened, and to practice their battle matrices. Yang Xiao, the master of the Matrix Palace, was also bustling about busily. Those who he led were even arranging matrices within the palace.

In the past the Holy Zhi Palace had lacked top-level matrix masters. In the holy land forces of the Eastern State, all of them had Mountain Guarding Matrices. It was extremely frightening. That holy land even had Sacred Matrices. Even if a saint invaded he would have a hard time shaking them off.

The palace now had the Matrix Palace, so naturally they would keep up with them.

Countless people were now talking about the changes within the Barren State. At this time, many people at open-air restaurants in Zhongzhou City were drinking and chatting.

“I heard that after the sacred war six renegade cultivators of above the Barren Sky Ranking entered the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate. I never would have thought that after the war the palace’s power would not have declined, but would in fact increase.”

“Mhm, the wills of the Barren State are now united. This war brought out the righteous ardor of the Barren State. I hope that one day Ye Futian will be able to lead them all to the Great Sacred Zhou Dynasty’s capital.

Many people were speaking pa.s.sionately.

At one of the restaurants, three figures were sitting quietly. Someone frowned, “How can the Great Sacred Zhou Dynasty be so tyrannical? Although they repelled that attack, the Barren State can protect itself. But if they want to attack the Zhou Dynasty’s Barren City, there will inevitably be fools who will say they are dreaming.”

Someone swept over to the person who was speaking and said coldly, “Is His Excellency raising his ambitions here?”

“Don’t say so much,” the person next to him reminded him, and glanced at the person who spoke. The man just snorted and didn’t say anything.


A gust of wind blew through, and everyone in the restaurant looked up at the void and saw a giant roc spreading its wings. It cast its sharp eyes over the restaurant.

The three people at the table where the person had just spoken frowned. One of them asked, “Another roc?”

They had seen rocs many times, but they didn’t know if they were all the same one. But they had never been so close to one.

Just as they were frowning, the roc swept its eyes over them. One of them suddenly felt all the hair on their body stand up on end. “Not good,” he said in a stern voice.

He stood up after saying this, and he felt his whole body go cold. “Withdraw.”

The other two also seemed to realize what was happening. Their figures flashed as they tried to find a way to escape.

But at this moment a ma.s.sive breath descended and a figure came from afar and appeared before them, blocking their way.

“Do you seniors have any wise advice?” asked the figure that appeared.

The one who had come was Qin Zhuang, the first swordsman of Tombkeeper village.

“Die,” Qin Zhuang spat, and his body turned into afterimages.

Three lines of Sword Qi burst forth, and the afterimages gathered together and formed into Qin Zhuang’s figure which appeared behind the three people.

Lines of blood appeared on those three cultivators’ throats and their bodies fell.

A sword sealed their lips.

At the same time, a similar scene was staged in many places in Zhongzhou. Many people were killed by those who had come out of Holy Zhi Palace. Before they died they realized that after the day the army had retreated they had been watched by pa.s.sing demonic beasts.

However, they remembered that many of the demonic beasts had just flashed by them as they flew far away. How did they do it?

Could it be that those demonic beasts that had inadvertently pa.s.sed by were all part of a whole?

These murdered cultivators were informers that the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had left behind in the Barren State who could check up on the movements of the Barren State at any time.


In the skies above the capital city of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty one or two demons would whisk by from time to time, and one of them was a sage level demon.

The Infinite Palace was built in the Infinite Mountains far away from the Holy Capital.

There were even towns around the mountains, and with the Infinite Palace as their center they were quite prosperous.

The Infinite Palace was like a reclining dragon in the mountains. It was spectacular and had a great atmosphere.

As clansmen of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty the people here held great status within the Zhou lands, even when the Sovereign family came to visit.

The Lord of the Infinite Palace also appeared on the Sage and Saint ranking.

But now there were a group of people marching straight into the palace.

“Who goes there?” The guard outside the palace intercepted the people. The head guards were all at the sage level. He let out a difficult to detect gasp as he stared at the line of people before him.

None of the dozens of people in this lime seemed to have an ordinary temperament. He didn’t know if they were cultivators from some place.

“Sages,” a lazy voice sounded. It was a middle-aged man in gray. His eyes were as sharp as a sword, and although they were full of laughter they were still cold.

“Kill him,” came another voice, and suddenly a terrible sword will burst forth. The sage’s expression changed as he stepped back.

However, he only saw an incomparably destructive golden blade of light that seemed to be faster than light. His eyes widened crazily as it chopped into the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows, but there was no pain.

Puff! A sound rang out as a line of blood appeared between his eyebrows, and his body fell. Next to him, a prince’s expression changed greatly and he jumped back as he arrogantly said, “Enemy attack.”

This sounds pierced through s.p.a.ce and went up the stairs towards the palace. In an instant a line of figures rose into the air. Many of them were people at the sage level. The inside information of the First Clan of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were all revealed.

Was someone invading the Infinite Palace?

Everyone in the line of people who had risen into the sky outside the palace let out a strong gasp as they glanced up.

“Qin Zhuang, how about you kill someone just as quickly?” said the man in gray from before.

“Okay.” Qing Zhuang nodded, and the next two people’s bodies disappeared, turning into two afterimages.

“They’re from the Holy Zhi Palace.” In the air was a cultivator who had gone to the Barren State to partic.i.p.ate in the war. He recognized these people, and his expression suddenly changed.

“People from the Barren State have invaded.” His voice rang through the void. Just as it did, a golden radiance pierced through the void and pa.s.sed through him. There was still fear in his eyes as his head flew through the air.

Qin Zhuang’s speciality was spatial swordsmans.h.i.+p. He had to power to control the movement of s.p.a.ce, and thus his speed was frightening. He was the first person under the Village Chief in Tombkeeper village.

A golden light sword shot up into the sky. Next to it was a terrible killing sword will.

“Impudent!” came a roaring voice. At the peak of the mountain, a mighty body stood high above the palace. It was full of endless majesty. It was the Master of the Infinite Palace, Sage Wuliang.

The Infinite Body broke out directly. His imposing manner was without equal. He lifted his hand and an Infinite Sword appeared, and thousands more giant swords appeared in front of him. When he pointed forward the Infinite Sword suddenly pierced through the void and raced towards Qin Zhuang and Xu Shang.

Sage Wuliang’s expression was magnificent and cold. The people from the Barren State dared attack his Infinite Palace. Truly impudent.

Several top figures appeared beside him, all of whom were at the sage level and at the pinnacle of human achievement.

The Infinite Palace, the first clan of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

When Qin Zhuang saw the Infinite Sword that covered the sky coming, he pointed forward and an incomparably destructive huge golden sword appeared. It exploded against the Infinite Sword, sending forth a blazing light that tore through the void and crushed the Infinite Sword.

“Spatial swordsmans.h.i.+p.” Everyone in the Infinite Palace felt Qin Zhuang’s strength. In the battle outside the Holy Zhi Palace there hadn’t been a chance to carefully feel out everyone’s power. But now the power that burst forth from Qin Zhuang when he was fighting alone shocked them all.

“Array,” said Sage Wuliang, and countless cultivators in the Infinite Palace flashed towards him. A similar burst of air erupted from him.

It was clear that even someone like Sage Wuliang who was on the Sage and Saint Ranking did not dare to be careless when facing the cultivators of the Barren State.

On that day of battle he had experienced the power and tenacity of the Barren State, and had even come back with a serious injury.

The swordsmen in front of him formed a strong sword matrix. He would not underestimate his enemy.

“Yuan Hong, I leave the battle matrix to you,” said the sword demon to Yuan Hong on the other side. They had dozens of cultivators to deal with the Infinite Palace this time.

Nine sword path cultivators, and thirty-six martial arts cultivators.

“Alright.” Yuan Hong nodded. He saw nine light swords rising into the sky. The beautiful picture of a sword suddenly appeared high above, and the nine cultivators stood upon it. At the same time countless sage ritual implement swords appeared and blended into it.

At that moment, a monstrous sword erupted out of the sky behind the nine of them and swallowed up the light swords.

Qin Zhuang was in the middle, holding the Divine Sword and wielding the sword matrix.

In front of the nine of them, a huge devastating s.p.a.ce sword appeared. An incomparably brilliant light burst forth, and a huge sword pierced through the void and descended. The people of the Infinite Palace trembled when they felt the majesty of that sword. They all faintly had a bad premonition about this.


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