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Chapter 891: Experience it for Yourself

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the central region of the Liu Clan, there was a castle that stood tall.Crossing the flight of steps in front of the castle revealed a wide area. This was where the Liu Clan would invite people for discussions.

At the moment, many people were arriving in the area. As the Cliff State City’s number one clan, the Liu Clan had many cultivators. As it flourished, even those from the main branch could not know all the people from the side branches. As such, the various branches’ positions were all determined by their strength.

Ye Futian and the others had also arrived. He stood together with Liu Yuan’s family.

“I have already reported the main branch about you wanting to join us. However, as you are not from the family, I will introduce you to an elder later. He will test you to qualify you,” Liu Yu said softly beside Ye Futian,

“Okay, thank you.” Ye Futian nodded in acknowledgment.

“No need. I also want to have a look this time, so we can head there together,” Liu Yu said.

“Liu Yu, you didn’t tell me about that,” a glint flashed across Liu Yuan’s eyes as he said, staring at his daughter.

“Father, my cultivation level is not lower than yours now. I should go out and wander the world. Usually, you worry when I travel alone, but now I have the people from the holy lands leading the way, why can’t I go out and explore? Moreover, Big Brother Ye can also take care of me,” Liu Yu looked at her father and said. It seemed that she had made the decision by herself.

Ye Futian knew about the situation in the Endless Ocean. Due to the overwhelming amount of sea-dwelling demonic beasts, cultivators below the Sage Plane did not dare to traverse the ocean individually, as it was too dangerous. Ye Futian himself had encountered numerous attacks from demonic beasts on the Endless Ocean.

Liu Yu’s potential was outstanding. Although she was already an upper-grade n.o.ble, she had probably never stepped out of the Cliff State City, and her experience was limited to merely hunting in the nearby regions. It was understandable that she would want to explore the outside world.

“But this is a relic exploration,” Liu Yuan stared at her and said. n.o.body knew what they would encounter there.

“I’m not alone. The family will have many experts going as well,” Liu Yu replied obstinately.

“No,” Liu Yuan rejected her firmly.

“I’ve already submitted my request and it’s been approved,” Liu Yu replied. Liu Yuan’s expression instantly turned grim.

“We’ll go walk around.” Liu Qing and Liu Yan saw their father and sister arguing and immediately slipped away. They did not want to be caught up in the crossfire.

Ye Futian had a bitter smile and shook his head at Liu Yuan and Liu Yu’s argument. However, he could understand both of their feelings. There was n.o.body in the wrong and he naturally would not interfere with their personal decisions. He would not say anything like he would protect Liu Yu. After all, the relic was unknown to him. If Liu Yu really went, he would do his best, but he would not promise anything about matters unknown to him. Moreover, his plan was to hide within the crowd in the relic and not attract attention. Otherwise, if others knew about his ident.i.ty, they would keep a close eye on him.

At that moment, a commotion started and countless gazes looked towards it. A group of figures had appeared above the stairs outside the castle. Ye Futian also looked in that direction and saw a majestic elder standing in the middle. He had a superior aura around him. He was likely the Liu Clan Leader.

More people were looking at the two people beside him. On his left was a handsome teenage man with an elegant aura. He was one of the two most outstanding people in the Liu Clan’s younger generation, Liu s.h.i.+. However, it was the woman on the right that attracted the most attention. The first impression that she gave others was one of extreme pride. She looked to be in her twenties and her looks were flawless. Just by standing there casually, she gave people a holy feel. She was the Liu Clan’s most outstanding young generation member in 100 years, Liu Zixuan.

Be it her cultivation potential or her looks, she was the epitome of the Liu Clan. Before her, everyone in the Liu Clan paled in comparison. Even Liu Yu, beside Ye Futian, was dwarfed by her looks.

Liu Yu looked at her and thought to herself, A person like Liu Zixuan would probably feel right at home in the Ocean State’s holy land.

Sometimes, Liu Yu was jealous of Liu Zixuan. She was born with a halo, born into the main family, and had exceptional potential. When she was young, the Clan’s elders had brought her to see the outside world and adventure far beyond, traveling to many of the island cities within the Endless Ocean, while Liu Yu had been born to a branch family and her father was only an elite n.o.ble. Therefore, she had not been to any island cities outside of Cliff State City.

“Isn’t someone who was born with a halo dazzling?” Liu Yu asked softly, looking at Ye Futian. She saw Ye Futian also looking in that direction, as though he was attracted to Liu Zixuan.

“She’s fine.” Ye Futian felt Liu Yu looking at him and nodded lightly as he replied.

Liu Zixuan was indeed exceptional. Liu Yu smiled. Previously, when Ye Futian had seen her, he had been very calm. However, it seemed that he was now being fascinated by Liu Zixuan.

“Although she is exceptional, don’t have any wishful thoughts about her. A genius like her has been blessed by G.o.d since birth. The only people who could be a match for her are probably prodigies from holy lands,” Liu Yu said in a soft voice. She was not belittling Ye Futian, as she said so in a playful tone.

“I don’t have any thought about her,” Ye Futian smiled and replied.

“Really?” Liu Yu replied with a knowing smile, looking at Ye Futian. Evidently, she did not believe him. Any man would have fantasies when seeing a woman like Liu Zixuan, it was only natural.

“I have come from very far away to Cliff State City to have an adventure. I have met more outstanding women than her in the outside world,” Ye Futian smiled and replied. He did not tell Liu Yu that he had not only met them but had also been in a relations.h.i.+p with them.

Ye Futian naturally understood that a person’s thoughts were limited by their environment. To Liu Yu, Liu Zixuan was the most perfect woman that she had ever seen. She had a brilliant halo around her that n.o.body could compete with.

Liu Zixuan was the same as well. She had been the most brilliant existence in Cliff State City since she was born. As such, just by standing there, others could feel her extreme pride, as though commoners were unfit to be near her. Naturally, Ye Futian would not think about going near her. He had no lack of outstanding women around him.

“Is that so?” Liu Yu smiled and replied. Evidently, she did not believe Ye Futian’s words. She felt that he was probably speaking against his will. Even if Ye Futian had really met more perfect women, it would not stop him from being attracted to a woman like Liu Zixuan.

“I have also heard stories about the outside world. It is rumored that the Nine States all have their holy lands with Summer State being the strongest. Every holy land is supposed to have its own geniuses that can hold their own against the prodigies in the Ocean Palace. Is the outside world really that fascinating?” Liu Yu seemed to be muttering to herself as she asked Ye Futian.

“It should be,” Ye Futian nodded and replied.

“I even heard from the people within the clan that the Nine States’ most outstanding person in the younger generation is named Ye Futian. He ascended to the position of a holy land’s Palace Lord in the n.o.ble Plane and led the Barren State towards glory. He initiated a Sacred War and is unparalleled in his generation. I would really like to see what he looks like and what demeanor he has as to be unparalleled,” Liu Yu said pa.s.sionately. It was exactly because she had never stepped out into the outside world that she was curious. She loved to ask elders from the clan about happenings in the Nine States.

Ye Futian had a weird expression as he heard Liu Yu’s words. He replied, “Perhaps he looks like me?”

Liu Yu looked at Ye Futian and did a double-take. She then burst into charming laughter.

“Although Big Brother Ye also has the surname Ye and is very handsome, you’re still a distance away from my imagination of unparalleled,” Liu Yu laughed as she said. Evidently, she had treated his words like a joke.

“Perhaps it’s the lack of a halo around me,” Ye Futian shrugged and replied, smiling.

While the two of them were chatting, an argument had broken out in the distance.

“It sounds like Liu Qing,” Liu Yu said. She turned around and looked into the distance, only to see Liu Qing and Liu Yan arguing with someone. There was a group of teens around their age standing opposite them. The person at the forefront was Liu Yun, who often clashed with Liu Qing.

Liu Yun was slightly taller than Liu Qing and his eyes had a cold look in them. He said mockingly, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Weren’t you showing off a month ago, saying that you found yourself a strong master? He was riding a Flood Dragon and descending from the sky? Really strong people must be idiots to want to teach the two of you.”

Positions in the Liu Clan had always been determined by strength. Although he was from a branch family as well, he was much stronger than Liu Qing. The real strong figures would naturally choose higher-ranking members of the younger generation to teach. From a certain perspective, Liu Yun’s thinking was not wrong.

“Liu Yun, who are you calling an idiot?” Liu Yan’s face turned red in anger as she glared at Liu Yun.

“Whoever you’re thinking about, that’s the one.” Liu Yun looked at Liu Yan and said, “The one you call Big Brother Ye is probably unfit to even carry my master’s shoes.”

Many people around heard the few of them arguing, however, they all had no intention of interfering. The Liu Clan had many branches, and compet.i.tion was fierce, so arguments between the younger generation were commonplace. It was fine as long as nothing major happened.

“I won’t allow you to insult Big Brother Ye.” Liu Yan’s voice was cold. At the side, Liu Qing had already released his Life Spirit, and a silver spear appeared. There was a veil of water surrounding it, and he reached out to grab the spear.

“Again?” Liu Yun laughed mockingly and released his Life Spirit as well. His Life Spirit was a Flood Dragon and it looked terrifying. It was because of this that he had been displeased when Liu Qing said that his master had appeared riding a Flood Dragon.

Thump. Liu Qing stepped forward and upon seeing this, Liu Yun’s mouth turned into a cruel smile. Today, many people from the clan were watching and he did not mind showing off his strength using Liu Qing. However, when Liu Qing pierced forward with his spear, he suddenly felt a dangerous feeling. Why did his spear technique appear different? Before the spear had reached him, waves of force had already engulfed him, like raging waves slamming against the sh.o.r.e.

The Flood Dragon let out a furious roar as he pushed forward with his fist. In an instant, the Flood Dragon flew up but collided with the raging waves. The silver spear appeared at that moment, tearing through everything. It penetrated the Flood Dragon and flew towards Liu Yun.

A Flood Dragon armor appeared around Liu Yun’s body, and when the spear struck him, it knocked him back. Liu Qing’s spear continued forward, and many people were surprised to see his spear technique.

Just as Liu Qing’s silver spear was about to break through Liu Yun’s armor, an invisible force landed on him, causing him to be unable to move. Raising his head, Liu Qing saw a man with an elegant aura slowly walking towards him. Every step felt as though it was trampling on his heart.

“That’s enough,” the man said softly. As his voice landed, Liu Yun bellowed and the Flood Dragon pa.s.sed through the silver spear, rus.h.i.+ng towards Liu Qing and sending him flying, blood spurting from his mouth.

Liu Yun still wanted to continue attacking, but the man said, “That’s enough.”

He then stopped and bowed to the man, saying, “Master.”

The man looked coolly at him, then turned to Liu Qing and asked, “You’ve won this match, but your technique was far too cruel, so I had to stop you. However, your spear technique is quite good, did your master teach you that?”

Liu Qing raised his head and looked angrily at the man. However, he knew that the person before him was extremely strong and a Sage Plane cultivator that he could not afford to offend.

“Big Brother Ye taught me.” Even though the other party was very strong, he continued to look obstinately at him and said, “You also admit that Big Brother Ye’s spear technique is strong.”

“It’s quite good, but it’s not something that a cultivator of your level should pursue. It’s clever but has no actual skill. In the future, you will understand that techniques that rely on tricks have no actual use,” the man said calmly, as though he was teaching someone of a younger generation.

“Since that is so, do you wish to experience it for yourself?” At that moment, a cold voice sounded from behind Liu Qing!


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