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Chapter 1144: What an Actor

“And you’re still letting your dad go to the dinner tonight?” Xia Qingwei’s light tone showed that she was able to crack a joke now.

Lu Man smiled. “Both of you know I have a plan, so are you still uneasy?”

Both of them were stunned.

They never felt that way at all.

“Dad, bring that divorce cert with you tonight. Since Lin Jinshu wants you to go, she means to introduce you to everyone and let them think you’re her husband. Tonight’s dinner is a rather important affair and many of B City’s important persons will turn up. Lin Jinshu will seize the chance, or rather, she was waiting for this chance.”

“How do you know?” Xia Qingwei asked.

Lu Man explained patiently, “When I asked Xiao Guo to check her schedule for these next few days, I learned that the dinner tonight is important to her. In order to expand her business in B City, she has to have good connections with the upper echelons. But she doesn’t have that many personal connections to date.”

“By right, she shouldn’t be in such a hurry since she just came to B City. Not to mention, there were those underhanded tactics she used when she was far younger to bluff and gain her marriage. This means that she’s no fool, and smart people are always cautious. But she immediately dealt with my mom just after landing in B City, meaning she had to quicken her pace for something else important. Coupled with tonight’s dinner, I could guess that she’s striking out tonight—to force Dad to contact before tonight and agree to her terms.”

“Her speaking of Mom’s resignation today over the phone says that she’s been keeping tabs. Even if I wasn’t sure at first, I’m completely convinced now. Since she sees tonight as important, she’d have her concerns about it. That’s a good thing.”

Lu Man smiled. “She’s depending on Dad’s love for Mom, so she’s using Mom to threaten you. You both are involved parties, unable to see as clearly as I do. You guys have reservations, as does she.”

Lu Man sneered, “Doesn’t she want to use Dad to climb the social ladder in B City? Then we’ll just peel off her facade tonight and prevent her from climbing it ever!”

“Dad, when Lin Jinshu tells everyone that you’re a couple at the dinner, don’t be shy. Just throw those divorce certs in her face in front of everyone!” Lu Man said coldly.

“What if she makes trouble for Qingwei?” w.a.n.g Juhuai asked.

“Is it possible for you to give me your Weibo account?” Lu Man inquired.

“Nothing wrong with it.” w.a.n.g Juhuai took a pen and paper straight away and wrote down his account particulars and pa.s.sword.

“Before this, it was really not appropriate for you to declare your relations.h.i.+p with Mom because Lin Jinshu had yet to lie outright to the public. It would seem out of the blue and ridiculous if you suddenly say on the Net that you’ve divorced Lin Jinshu and married my mom, and people would think that you…” Lu Man smiled, slightly embarra.s.sed while saying, “Have a screw loose or something. What an actor.”

w.a.n.g Juhuai choked. Xia Qingwei stopped him previously because of this as well.

“But there won’t be a problem tonight when things are stirred up and you make a statement on Weibo publicly.” Lu Man looked at the time and said, “After showing the divorce certs, text me immediately. I’ll use your account to clarify matters and let Lin Jinshu have no time to react.”

If they waited for w.a.n.g Juhuai to find time to post on Weibo himself, Lin Jinshu would also might have thought of a counter-solution already.


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