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Chapter 1182: Father and Daughter

“We are very honored today to have Mr. w.a.n.g on our program and on our stage. We are even more honored to be able to listen to Mr. w.a.n.g’s performance live,” Fan Yue said excitedly. “That’s right, all of you weren’t mistaken! The entire performance’s background music was all performed by Mr. w.a.n.g himself!”

“Oh my gosh, exactly how impressive is Lu Man for her to be able to invite w.a.n.g Juhuai to be her accompanist and help her stand out?!”

“Everyone knows that Mr. w.a.n.g had never partic.i.p.ated in any interviews or any shows. This is the very first time he has appeared on any variety show across the entire world!”

Everyone in the audience was moved by this enthusiasm and excitement. All of them stood up and applauded loudly.

Every single one of them was so emotional that their faces were all flushed red to the tips of their ears.

w.a.n.g Juhuai opened his mouth and said, “h.e.l.lo, everyone, I am w.a.n.g Juhuai.”

Just a few words excited the audience once again.

“I’m so thankful that I came here today! Even if I lose my phone, it would still be worth it. The price of my phone is not even enough to buy a ticket to watch w.a.n.g Juhuai’s performance. This time, I had spent only 200 yuan on a flash-sale ticket, and that was enough to watch w.a.n.g Juhuai’s performance—oh my goodness!”

“I realized only today that there are so many people in the country who want to attend my performance, yet they can’t even manage to buy a ticket,” w.a.n.g Juhuai said. “This is due to my negligence. Now that I’ve moved back to the country and decided to stay here permanently, I will definitely organize a concert in the country in the future.”

Everyone burst into a smile and the applause became even louder.

Fan Yue still remembered Lu Dongliu’s orders and asked, “I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s surprised that Mr. w.a.n.g came as Lu Man’s mystery guest to appear on our show. Everyone else here right now must not have expected this either.”

Thunderous applause sounded across the set.

“I’m exceptionally curious: what exactly did Lu Man say to you such that she could invite you to partic.i.p.ate in our show?” Fan Yue asked with a smile. “Managing to invite you aside, it’s already pretty shocking that she was able to contact you.”

“She didn’t say anything much to me. All she told me was that she was going to appear on the recording of the finale and she was wondering who she should invite to be her mystery guest. I told her, I’m right here, available and ready for her to use, yet she is still thinking of finding someone else. That’s just silly.” w.a.n.g Juhuai said as he smiled. “Lu Man is my daughter. As her father, I definitely have to support her. She was looking for a mystery guest, and I’m just someone ready right here for her.”

w.a.n.g Juhuai smoothly and steadily threw a bomb at everyone.

Everyone in the audience exploded instantly.

“What did w.a.n.g Juhuai say? I didn’t hear him wrongly, right?”

“w.a.n.g Juhuai said that Lu Man is his daughter!”

“Gosh, how did Lu Man become w.a.n.g Juhuai’s daughter!”

“Oh d.a.m.n, Lu Man’s background is way too strong!”

“No wonder she is able to invite w.a.n.g Juhuai!”

“No wonder Lu Man is not afraid of flaming or fighting anyone! She has w.a.n.g Juhuai as her father!”

“That’s not right, back when Lu Man was harshly flaming all sorts of people, w.a.n.g Juhuai still hadn’t returned to the country. w.a.n.g Juhuai got remarried only after coming back to China. Lu Man is the daughter of Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan, this is old news. Therefore, w.a.n.g Juhuai is only Lu Man’s stepfather. Lu Man got w.a.n.g Juhuai as a backing only recently,” a netizen a.n.a.lyzed thoroughly and logically.

“No matter what it is, from today onwards, Lu Man does have a backing. n.o.body will dare to offend her anymore, right?!”

“Right now, Mrs. w.a.n.g is seated here with us on set,” Fan Yue said as he smiled.

The camera immediately gave a close-up on Xia Qingwei.

Everyone in the audience also turned over and looked.

This was the first time that Xia Qingwei had appeared on camera. On the big screen, Xia Qingwei’s face was displayed too.

So as to not embarra.s.s Lu Man and w.a.n.g Juhuai, Xia Qingwei kept her smile on, appearing gracious and calm.

“May I know if Mrs. w.a.n.g is willing to come up on stage?” Fan Yue asked.


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