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Chapter 2537: What a F*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.d

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

With such licentious behavior, she did not look like the glamorous female celebrity that people admired at all.

She was utterly s.l.u.tty.

No matter how elegant she was in front of others, when she had to plead with them, wouldn’t she still need to be played around with wantonly by them?

“As long as we say a few words to Edwood and the others, you can become the brand’s spokesperson. Conversely, we can also say a few words and you won’t get a chance at all.”

He gave such a long-winded talk, but he was just saying that Edwood and the others would not always be in the country and did not understand the situation here.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

It would be very easy for CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang to muddle over things.

But even if it was not easy to muddle them over, seeing how Edwood behaved right now, it was not possible to get this brand endors.e.m.e.nt in a proper manner.

“Miss Yan, you saw Miss Lu’s sincerity already. Where’s yours?” CEO Luo gave a perverted smile as his hand was about to move up.

Yan Zhiqing’s face was cold and stiff. She scoffed and said, “What a f*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

“Eh?” CEO Luo’s expression soured. No matter how drunk he was, he could still understand that Yan Zhiqing was cursing him.

CEO Luo’s face fell.

Beside him, Deputy CEO Zhang, who was also drunk, had been watching CEO Luo chat with Yan Zhiqing.

When he heard that Yan Zhiqing actually just cursed them outright, Deputy CEO Zhang’s expression immediately soured and he said, “Miss Yan, watch your words! CEO Luo is talking to you nicely, so why did you curse him? Do you still want the brand endors.e.m.e.nt?”

Yan Zhiqing stood up at once and said, “I don’t give a d.a.m.n about your d.a.m.ned endors.e.m.e.nt! Every single one of you is a f*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.d who does disgusting things. Simply because you’ve met a few shameless women who’d do all they can to throw themselves at you, you forget who you actually are. You can’t even keep it in your pants when you see a woman, as if you’ve never seen a woman before in your life!”

Yan Zhiqing raised her leg and kicked hard at the back of CEO Luo’s chair.

She really had to thank herself for especially going to train and insist on going to the gym regularly because of her acting career.

The girls from the eight great families did not need to go to Mount Lan Compound to undergo the harsh and strict training.

But their families would still especially hire professionals to teach them self-defense.

Girls, especially when they were still children, did not have much strength to begin with, so it was not feasible to expect them to rely on strength and martial arts skills to protect themselves. They could only teach them how to use the things around them to protect themselves.

But after she grew up, Yan Zhiqing went to pursue acting as her career.

She had filmed for an action film before, and the main leads were action stars who came from martial arts backgrounds.

Yan Zhiqing was worried that her actions would look weak and ugly because she never trained before, thus affecting the scenes she filmed.

The production crew and the director did not put out any requests. It was Yan Zhiqing who went to find a professional to learn from.

Afterward, she persisted with the training.

Right now, the muscles on her body were still proportionate. Her figure was smooth and slender and had a nice firmness to it.

But as she persisted with her training, she naturally also managed to build up her strength over time.

CEO Luo was fat and looked like he was quite heavy.

But he still got kicked to the floor along with the chair by Yan Zhiqing.

“Bang!” A loud thudding sound was heard, which made even Edwood and Lu Xiuse on the opposite end stop what they were doing.

Lu Xiuse covered her mouth in shock as she stared at Yan Zhiqing.

Her eyes, however, were filled with intense jealousy.

If not because Yan Zhiqing had the Yan Family backing her up, how would she dare to be so brazen!

It was precisely because she had no backer, no background, that she had no choice but to rely on selling her body in exchange for resources.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhiqing could be so reckless.

If she had Yan Zhiqing’s background, would she need to aggrieve herself to serve these people!

Thinking of what CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang had done together to her body, Lu Xiuse felt so disgusted that she wanted to puke.


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