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Chapter 2604: Don’t You Care About Our Past Relations.h.i.+p?

Han Zhuoling did not even give her any respect. “I’m not free. I have to eat with my fiancee.”

“Fiancee?” Lian Qingyin was stunned.

She looked at s.h.i.+ Xiaoya.

What fiancee?

Wasn’t she Han Zhuoling’s girlfriend?

Since when did she become his fiancee?

Lian Qingyin’s unconsciously looked at Han Zhuoling’s and s.h.i.+ Xiaoya’s clasped hands.

She finally saw the ring on s.h.i.+ Xiaoya’s middle finger.

“You guys… you guys are engaged?” asked Lian Qingyin.

At first, Han Zhuoling did not feel the need to answer her, but since there were people who knew her thoughts, Han Zhuoling felt that he needed to make it clear so that she could understand.

“Yes. I have been engaged with Xiaoya for quite a while,” said Han Zhuoling.

Who would have known Lian Qingyin would recover so quickly from the shock?

She smiled. “But it wouldn’t stop us from having a meal together, right?”

s.h.i.+ Xiaoya was not angry anymore.

Because she thought that Lian Qingyin was ill.

Han Zhuoling forced a smile out of anger.

He ignored Lian Qingyin, turned his head, and asked Manager Zheng, “You told me she came to our company to talk. What did she want to talk about?”

Manager Zheng saw that Han Zhuoling was boiling with rage.

When he saw this, his calves started to give way.

But he still built up his courage to answer Han Zhuoling, “CEO Lian is the representative of Men Xue Film Industry. She came today to discuss matters regarding cooperative investment with us.”

Han Zhuoling nodded, then he said to Manager Zheng in front of Lian Qingyin, “Contact the headquarters of Men Xue Film Industry and tell them that if they want to collaborate with the Han Corporation, ask someone else to come. If Lian Qingyin is the one in charge, then the Han Corporation will not collaborate with them. Let them know this is from me.”

He was worried that Manager Zheng would be too courteous when pa.s.sing the message, so he said, “Tell them in those words.”

“Yes,” replied Manager Zheng immediately.

Lian Qingyin’s expression changed. If Han Zhuoling asked someone to pa.s.s this message to her headquarters, who would not know that she did something wrong to Han Zhuoling?

But did she do anything wrong?


However, others would not think so; they would only think that Han Zhuoling would not partner up with Men Xue because of her.

Men Xue asked her to be the person in charge in the country because they valued her connections here.

But if she could not complete her first task, not only would it be apparent that she was not able to use her connections, but Men Xue’s collaboration would also fail because of her. She might even lose her position.

One job was not important to her.

However, she chose this job to work in the same circle as Han Zhuoling.

If not, she would have gone to handle her family business; why would she work under someone and endure others’ judgemental faces?

What made Lian Qingyin saddest was Han Zhuoling’s thoughts, which he had revealed.

He did not care about their relations.h.i.+p in the past and wanted to shame her by destroying her path.

She thought about him wholeheartedly. Why would he do this?

She had many compet.i.tors at the headquarters.

It was not an easy path.

She had finally beat the others to become the person in charge in the country. She did all of that just to have more chances to interact with Han Zhuoling.

She even hoped to give more benefits to the Han Corporation.

If not, why would she seek out the Han Corporation first when there were so many film companies in the country?

It was all because of Han Zhuoling!

She did this for Han Zhuoling, but this was how Han Zhuoling treated her.

“Zhuoling, what are you doing?” Lian Qingyin’s face was filled with sadness.. “Why do you… not care about our relations.h.i.+p in the past?”


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