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Chapter 322: All of You, Apologize to Mr. w.a.n.g!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At that moment, w.a.n.g Lu surprisingly walked in again. Already having disliked Yu Xingzhou’s behavior, Chen s.h.i.+mian said solemnly, “Did you leave something behind?”

“I’m here to wait for you all to change your mind.” w.a.n.g Lu’s face looked like that of a villain who had achieved what he wanted.

“We will not change our mind,” Brother Zhang replied coldly. He just couldn’t stand how w.a.n.g Lu was acting all haughty and smug, looking down on others.

“Won’t change your mind?” w.a.n.g Lu scoffed sarcastically. “I’ve already said so earlier, don’t be too sure of yourself so soon. In a while, you can tell me again whether or not you changed your mind!”

At that moment, Wu Lize walked out and saw w.a.n.g Lu. “Since we aren’t taking your case, please do not disturb us at work. This isn’t a reception area.”

“Chasing me away? I just won’t leave. I’ll be waiting here. After a while, I want to see if your answer is still the same.” w.a.n.g Lu was acting unreasonably, refusing to budge.

Finally, annoyed and extremely frustrated, Wu Lize said coldly, “Even if you insist on staying here, we won’t change our mind.”

If he even felt that it was quite a loss in the past, after seeing w.a.n.g Lu’s behavior right now, he was thankful that they didn’t accept Yu Xingzhou’s case.

If not, with someone like w.a.n.g Lu acting so obnoxiously and unreasonably, they sure would have trouble in the future.

“Hehe!” w.a.n.g Lu laughed sarcastically, completely fearless.

All this while, Lu Man stood silently at the side and observing him act so haught. She really wanted to see on whom this w.a.n.g Lu was dependent.

“Brother w.a.n.g!” Just then, Vice President Yu finally rushed over. When he entered, he didn’t spare a glance at others and directly rushed forward to shake hands with w.a.n.g Lu. “Brother w.a.n.g, why didn’t you let me know beforehand that you are coming here? I would have personally come to greet you.”

At that moment, w.a.n.g Lu smugly side-eyed Brother Zhang and everyone else. He then finally replied to Vice President Yu, “It was originally a small matter. I thought that it would be fine if I just came to the Public Relations Department directly. But who knew that they would actually refuse to take my case, and even their att.i.tude was extremely terrible.”

w.a.n.g Lu pointed first at Brother Zhang then Sister Li, then Chen s.h.i.+mian before finally pointing at Lu Man, “Him, her, him her! Haha! They were all pretty unreasonable! Especially this woman—”

Pointing at Lu Man, w.a.n.g Lu grumbled. “She said that she wouldn’t take on any case of Yu Xingzhou. Her att.i.tude was extremely horrible.”

Vice President Yu’s face instantly turned cold. “All of you sure are impressive and so bold! Mr. w.a.n.g himself came to request you all, yet you dared to chase this guest away! Lu Man, don’t think that just because you won an award that you’re so impressive and that the company can’t do without you! All of you, apologize to Mr. w.a.n.g immediately!”

“President Yu,” Wu Lize spoke up for them. “There was nothing wrong with their att.i.tude. The Public Relations Department already has a lot of cases right now, we really can’t find the manpower. It’s Mr. w.a.n.g who was being difficult and forcing us. We can’t treat our employees as robots either, right?”

“Stop finding excuses! You honestly don’t know how to reflect on your mistakes and repent!” Vice President Yu reprimanded. “Lu Man isn’t free?”

“After Lu Man won the Best Newcomer Award, she’s already booked up with appointments until next month. Last month, she wasn’t in the office, so we already had to reject so many clients. Now that she’s back, she already has to start handling those appointed cases right from this morning,” Wu Lize explained.

“Yu Xingzhou is our company’s artiste, your Public Relations Department’s priority should be to help him deal with his crisis. I’ll ask you one more time, will you take this case or not!”

Only then did w.a.n.g Lu point at Lu Man, grinning from ear-to-ear. “Her colleague said that she has won some Gold Finger Best Newcomer Award so she’s pretty impressive. Besides, she was the one who was in charge of Du Lin’s case. Right now, Du Lin’s career is developing pretty well. Let her submit a couple of proposals.”

Of course, after Lu Man would submit her proposals, he will find all sorts of reasons just to refute them.

Wasn’t this stupid brat trying to be unreasonable with him?


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