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Chapter 653: My Male G.o.d Is Personally Stepping in and Slas.h.i.+ng His SwordTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It could only progress to this stage because Lu Man could accurately grasp the understanding of a person’s psyche.

If it had been somebody else, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this feat.

Unknown to them, Lu Man had already became an idol in the public relations industry whose techniques had turned into chapters for media schools.

As long as it was a PR case that Lu Man handled, it would still be discussed and a.n.a.lyzed and be an example for others to learn from.

Yet, just when they finished a.n.a.lyzing one, Lu Man would completely change her strategy and produce another amazing case to be a.n.a.lyzed. It was yet another complete new move. She was just unpredictable!

This time, a sharp-witted PR Department head called his employees for a meeting to follow and a.n.a.lyze Lu Man’s situation at night.

When the meeting finally ended at 12 a.m, the manager announced, “Alright, go back home everyone, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

But the next moment, he sighed helplessly. “There are no boundaries to learning, my comrades.”

Everybody: “…”

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli had Lu Man in his embrace all along. Wanting to spend time with Lu Man, he chose to monitor the situation together with Lu Man on her phone.

Only after quite a while, he reached for his own cell phone. “Send me a screenshot of the box office ranking.”

“Hm? Why do you want it?” Lu Man asked as she sent a photo to Han Zhuoli.

Smiling, Han Zhuoli lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. “To stand up for you.”

After that, he cropped the photograph, leaving only the part of Fighting Hero’s box office collection of 3.56 million and posted it on Weibo. He even tagged Fighting Hero and the official Weibo accounts of the other three cinema operators who still had allotted few showtimes to Fighting Hero.

Han Zhuoli: “@Qi Cheng Cinemas, @Tai Yi Cinemas, @Happy Fortune Cinemas, @Jizhou Cinemas, when are you going to stop airing Fighting Hero? Anyway, Han Corporation has already completely stopped all its screenings.”

Usually, Han Zhuoli hardly posted anything on his Weibo.

Unlike other companies’ CEOs who would occasionally interact with the artistes in their company or at least repost promotion posts about new works from their company.

All except for Han Zhuoli. If he even posted once or twice a year on Weibo, it was already considered astounding.

This time, he had come online and involved himself in the war waged on the Internet. Thus, the surprised netizens broke into laughter.

“Hahahahahaha, my heart! My male G.o.d you are really stealing my heart!”

“You’re too naughty, but I like it!”

“I want to know how much emotional trauma Zhang Lun is going through right now.”

“Hubby, quick, come and look, my male G.o.d is personally stepping in and slas.h.i.+ng his sword!”

Tai Yi Cinemas: “…”

Qi Cheng Cinemas: “…”

Happy Fortune Cinemas: “…”

Ji Zhou Cinemas: “…”

Zhang Lun: “…”

Zhang Lun was so livid that he grabbed onto his chest in pain. How did he offend Han Zhuoli?

He didn’t, right!

Speaking about offending, Attack Force offended him even more, right!

After all, Red Tiger was produced by Han Corporation and Bourbotte kept tras.h.i.+ng Red Tiger.

Even if Han Zhuoli wanted to step in and stab someone, go and stab Bourbotte instead!

“Hahahaha, Director Zhang, if it were me, I would ask to stop screening Fighting Hero on my own accord, lest it becomes more embarra.s.sing the longer you drag it on.”

Being humiliated, Zhang Lun’s anger and fury was justified.

Meanwhile Bourbotte was going crazy too upon seeing Red Tiger flaunt 7 billion collection at the box office through posters and stickers.

As for Love Relations.h.i.+p, and the two animated films, Little Lamb Run Quickly and Little Lamb Run Quickly, they too had started showing off their box office.

Love Relations.h.i.+p’s official Weibo account: “Thank you everyone for your support. Love Relations.h.i.+p’s box office continues to increase and even surpa.s.sed the popular movie Attack Force. This is the pride of our locally-produced films! Our locally-produced movies are blooming!”

Little Lamb Run Quickly official Weibo account: “Congratulations to Love Relations.h.i.+p and Little G.o.d of Fortune for their amazing box office. Little Lamb Run Quickly’s box office has also bravely attacked and suppressed Attack Force. We joyfully celebrate this!”


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