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Chapter 975: Ten Years

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He was also angry at himself, for not knowing anything at all.

If he’d known earlier, Xia Qingwei would not have needed to go through so much at all!

“Do you know her present home address?” w.a.n.g Juhuai remembered that Shen Nuo had said just now that Lu Man helped Xia Qingwei move into a big house.

“I’ll write it down for you,” Shen Nuo said.


Xia Qingwei returned to the house, but she did not feel very energetic. Her whole body was tired, and she was a bit listless.

Lu Man also could not tell if she should spend time with her or if she should give Xia Qingwei some s.p.a.ce and let her be alone for a while.

Xia Qingwei smiled at Lu Man and Han Zhuoli. “You two can go back first. You’ve been running around for half a day now, go back to take a rest. I’m already old, and now I’m also very tired.”

Lu Man did not feel at ease leaving her alone. “Mom, you rest. I can take the chance to sleep at home for a while.”

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “You can just hurry home. Let me sleep for a while alone.”

Lu Man opened her mouth, but seeing that Xia Qingwei wanted to stay alone, she could only nod. “Alright, then. I’ll go first. If you have something you need, you need to tell me.”

She did not know how she could convince Xia Qingwei to do so.

It was obvious that Xia Qingwei and w.a.n.g Juhuai had some problems.

But it would not be good for her to meddle in the relations.h.i.+p of elders, and she did not even know how to talk about it.

If she talked about it, she was scared that Xia Qingwei would feel awkward.

Lu Man felt very anxious in her heart, and in the end, she could only listen to Xia Qingwei and leave with Han Zhuoli first.

On the way back, Lu Man asked Han Zhuoli, “That Mr. w.a.n.g, what is his situation? Is he married?”

If he was, then his att.i.tude towards Xia Qingwei, which was as if he was unwilling to let go, was not very appropriate.

Han Zhuoli shook his head. “He was married before, and after that, he got divorced. He has no children. w.a.n.g Qianyun is his niece. You know about that, right? I’m not very clear about his private life, and I only know that his ex-wife is not very good. It seems like they did not marry because of feelings, and later on, I don’t know what Uncle w.a.n.g found out, but it was quite serious, and the two of them divorced.”

“How long have they been divorced?” Lu Man asked.

“Around ten years,” Han Zhuoli said. “Ever since I took over the Han Corporation, my dad rarely went to America. It’s always me who went alone. At that time, he was already divorced.”

Lu Man nodded and did not continue to ask questions.

The two of them were clean. If there was such a thing as fate and w.a.n.g Juhuai could still be with Xia Qingwei, that was a good thing.

If, in the end, they were not meant to be together, there was no way to force it either.


Xia Qingwei removed the clothes she wore outside and changed into comfortable home clothes, cleaned up a bit, then went to the bed to lie down.

This was her habit. When she met with something that made her troubled, she would go and take a nap.

1It was just that this time, she could not fall asleep no matter what.

When she closed her eyes, she just remembered the images of when she was young and was with w.a.n.g Juhuai.

At the start, w.a.n.g Juhuai was her dad’s student.

Later on, w.a.n.g Juhuai followed his family to go to America. He was young, and they had no time to talk about romance when they separated.

She thought that she would not see him again in this life.

It was not until she was in university that he returned again.

He said he wanted to advance in the country. He wanted to stay in the country and not leave, and he asked her if that was fine.

She said it was fine, but to follow his own wishes, how could she make the decisions for him?

At that time, he had said that he wanted to get the agreement of his girlfriend.

At that time, she was dumbfounded.

She was shy, excited, yet could not comprehend his meaning, scared that she was overhtinking things.

Xia Qingwei was lying on the bed at that moment, and it felt like she could still see the young man under the sun at that time, smiling so handsomely, and she could see herself from his dark eyes.


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