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If Zhao Fu went to Emperor Path College, he might be in great danger. Moreover, facing so many higher-beings and factions, it would be very difficult for Emperor Path College to protect him.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and had thought that Emperor Path College would be his place of refuge, but it seemed that he could not rely on it as it could not guarantee his safety. Zhao Fu’s heart sank, and his expression became quite grim.

He had never thought that the Human Domain’s people would hear about what had happened in the Demon Domain, and his ident.i.ty had also been leaked. It was evident that the Human Domain’s various factions knew who he was.

They definitely knew that the person who had unleashed the Evil Flower Bewitching World in the Demon Domain was Zhao Fu. If Zhao Fu headed to Emperor Path College, countless factions and higher-beings would definitely come, and no matter how powerful Emperor Path College was, it would not be able to stop so many people.

“Ai!” Zhao Fu could not help but sigh. He had prepared for the Emperor Path College’s examination for three years, yet he was now unable to partic.i.p.ate.

Zhao Fu was very grateful to his higher-being friend; ordinary people would not be so considerate. After chatting with the higher-being for a bit longer, they concluded their talk.

The higher-being advised Zhao Fu to keep his ident.i.ty a secret no matter what. If it was leaked, no one would be able to protect him, and he would definitely die.

However, Zhao Fu did not have to worry about any curses or divinations. Now that he had five Emperor Stars, including the dark and evil Demon Lord Star, no higher-being wanted to risk their life.

Zhao Fu took the higher-being’s warning seriously. He did not have anyone to rely on, so he could only rely on himself. Only by being strong himself would he have peace of mind.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu put his focus on attacking other worlds. Great Qin had been developing to the left, taking down the Dark Demon World, Spirit Light World, and Corpse Pall World.

The world next to the Corpse Pall World seemed to be another human world. Zhao Fu found that that world’s World Protector was someone who he had some grievances with.

That world’s World Protector was a young man with white pupils who had also gone to the Spirit Light World to fight for the Primogenitor Statue. After fighting with Zhao Fu, they had left with resentment.

Zhao Fu had people spy on that world first and make preparations before they attacked.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of the Void Mirror, which could break open spatial energy. It was what he had used to open the historical remnant from before.

Zhao Fu was wondering if he could break open the barrier to the Wind Spirit World to the right. Great Qin could not just keep continuing to expand to the left. They would have to open up the right side sooner or later and not have it block them forever.

Zhao Fu also sent over people to the Wind Spirit World to investigate. The Wind G.o.d’s Son there was developing quite quickly, so it was better to attack as soon as possible. The more powerful he became, the more difficult attacking would be.

Zhao Fu brought the Void Mirror, Yu Ling, Mosax, and Molaf to the area near the barrier of the Wind Spirit World.

During the time Zhao Fu had been gone, Yu Ling, Mosax, and Molaf had become much stronger, and they should be able to break through the barrier.

Mosax first leashed his powerful Nothingness Domain, which now covered 10,000 meters. As it covered the barrier, it greatly reduced the barrier’s power.

Molaf stretched out a hand and exploded out with a powerful Nothingness energy that blasted against the barrier. Zhao Fu held the Void Mirror and sent large amounts of power into it, causing it to shoot out a powerful ray of light.


The two types of energy blasted against the barrier, causing the incredibly tough barrier to tremble.

Yu Ling went up and placed his small hand against the trembling barrier. A silver energy silently spread out and covered the trembling barrier.


A large explosion sounded out as cracks appeared on the barrier before falling down, forming a 1,000 meter wide hole, from which green-colored wind flowed out.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face; they had finally breached the wind Spirit World. Even though it was only a 1,000 meter wide hole, Great Qin could enter as they pleased and could transport a large number of people within.

It was likely that the Wind Spirit World had sensed the ripples here and would respond. Zhao Fu decided to immediately attack the Wind Spirit World and not give it any time to prepare.

Now that the Wind Spirit World’s barrier was still up, it was quite favorable for Great Qin. After all, if the Wind Spirit World’s barrier was gone, the billions of soldiers from the Wind G.o.d Empire would be able to help, making it impossible for Zhao Fu to conquer the Wind Spirit World.

If that happened, Zhao Fu’s path to the right would be blocked and he would have another powerful opponent. The Wind G.o.d’s Son there definitely was not simple


A shocking explosion sounded out, causing Zhao Fu’s expression to fall. Clouds swirled as thunder boomed, and the entire world trembled.

It was not just Zhao Fu’s expression that became grim, but many people’s expressions all over the Heaven Awaken World were the same. These ripples were much more ferocious than before and lasted for longer, and they gave off an even more terrifying aura.

Everyone felt as if they had been tossed into icy-cold water and their bodies instinctively trembled as they felt terror in their hearts.

Only after a few hours did the ripples stop.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Shocking explosions once again sounded out throughout many worlds, and countless people felt as if they were going to go deaf.

Zhao Fu looked quite confused as he saw the Wind Spirit World’s barrier shatter and fall, smashing out large craters. Sand billowed into the sky, making it difficult to see.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” He had taken great pains to break open the Wind Spirit World’s barrier, but the rest of it had now shattered. All of what he had done had been wasted, and Zhao Fu could not help but curse.

However, this was not just the case for the Wind Spirit World but also for the Fish Scale World as well. The barriers of the new worlds all shattered without exception.

The ma.s.sive sounds had come from countless Heaven Domain Boundaries shattering, and two of them had been the Fish Scale World and Wind Spirit World.

This meant that all of the new worlds’ protection was over, and they were about to face the true trials of the Heaven Awaken World.

At the same time, countless system announcements sounded out within Zhao Fu’s mind.


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