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The Dragon Princess gave a trace of a self-mocking smile and said, “We both always thought that we could defeat the other person, but how many times have we tried now? Looks like it’ll be difficult to ever settle victory or defeat. Yin Yue, how about you let me win once?”

The Elf Princess said coldly, “What’s the point in a victory like that? It’s better to greatly raise your strength; perhaps then you’ll have a trace of hope.”

“Hahaha, how about we have another match then?” the Dragon Princess valiantly laughed as she got up.

The Elf Princess replied coldly, “I was thinking the same thing. However, we should delay this; someone has been hiding nearby for a while.”

The Dragon Princess was somewhat surprised and smiled as she said, “I want to see what kind of lowlife it is, to spy on us.”


Right after the Dragon Princess stopped speaking, she exploded out with a powerful dragon’s might, and she held her spear as she rushed towards where Zhao Fu was hiding.

Zhao Fu revealed himself; there was no need to continue hiding. Because the shockwave from just then was too powerful and Zhao Fu had used his power to block it, he had been discovered.

If he did not block, he would be injured and would be discovered regardless, so he might as well defend himself.

Seeing the Dragon Princess rushing at him, Zhao Fu did not mind too much. Because of the two Princesses’ battle, they had used up nearly 80% of their strength, and there was nothing to worry about.

By now, the Dragon Princess was within ten meters of Zhao Fu and her dragon spear gave off cold light as she domineeringly smiled and prepared to attack Zhao Fu.

Facing the Dragon Princess, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a cold smile and large amounts of power flowed into his left eye. The violet dragon pupil suddenly dilated, causing a beam of violet light to shoot out.

The Dragon Princess’ body stiffened and her expression fell as she felt an immense might suppressing her bloodline. This caused her to feel shocked – after all, even though it was not a peak level Imperial Bloodline, it was very close to that.

Even peak level Imperial Bloodlines could not suppress her bloodline like that, but facing that violet dragon pupil, her searing blood seemed to instantly cool, and she felt a trace of fear in her heart.

It was possible that this person had the highest level of the Dragon Race’s bloodline, or else she would not feel such fear.

Was this an Emperor from the Dragon Race in human form? Perhaps even ordinary Dragon Emperors would not have such great power.

The Dragon Princess still did not understand what was going on when the golden pupil in Zhao Fu’s right eye started to quickly spin, and she immediately felt a wave of danger.

Clang, clang, clang…

Chains containing ferocious power shot out from the sides, and the Dragon Princess struggled for a bit before being bound up.

The Dragon Princess was shocked, immediately thought of the Elf Princess, and turned as she shouted, “Yin Yue, hurry up and leave this place!”

Seeing the Dragon Princess being bound, the Elf Princess felt quite shocked and thought about immediately leaving. However, she hesitated, as she was worried about the Dragon Princess’ safety.

Clang, clang, clang…

As she hesitated, more chains shot through the air and quickly bound her up.

“Let her go, take it all out on me,” the Dragon Princess said as she angrily glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, “If you have any powerful Dragon person treasures and satisfy me, I can consider sparing you two.”

The Dragon Princess felt quite surprised and had thought that Zhao Fu would want points. She thought about it before saying, “Let me go, so I can take out a Dragon Person Crystal.”

Zhao Fu shook his head and smiled as he said, “I’ll do it myself. What if you run off?”

The Dragon Princess dissatisfiedly harrumphed, “Do you think I’m a lowlife like you? That’s an insult.”

Zhao Fu did not reply, and took her spatial ring. Within it, he found a fist-sized violet crystal that had a Dragon person image within it and gave off a powerful dragon’s might.

Sensing that Dragon Person Crystal’s power, which was extremely powerful and pure, it would definitely help him awaken a Dragon person totem.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and accepted the Dragon Person Crystal.

“Can you release us now? Also, give me back my spatial ring,” the Dragon Princess said dissatisfiedly.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, “Let you go? Did I say I would do that?”

The Dragon Princess angrily shouted, “You clearly promised that you’d spare us after I gave you a Dragon person treasure.”

Zhao Fu shamelessly laughed as he said, “I said I’d consider it, but I never said I’d definitely do it.”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to kill you!” the Dragon Princess felt that she had been tricked and furiously yelled.

The Elf Princess quickly spoke, “Long Yue, hurry and leave the secret realm; don’t worry about those points. This person is not a good person, so we should leave first.”

Hearing this, the Dragon Princess savagely glared at Zhao Fu. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had used up so much strength already, she would not have been caught by him so easily. Moreover, she had been careless and had thought that Zhao Fu was a mere Harmony Realm Cultivator she could deal with easily.

Now, she could only choose to leave the secret realm, making her heart ache. She had killed countless creatures to obtain these points, and now she was going to lose one-third of them.

However, only then would she be able to escape; she would deal with Zhao Fu after coming back to the secret realm and take out her anger on him.

After making this decision, the Dragon Princess immediately chose to leave the secret realm.


A ma.s.sive power flowed into the women’s bodies through the chains, restricting their bodies and making it so that they could not leave the secret realm.

The two women’s expressions became unsightly, while Zhao Fu laughed and waved his hand, causing a black energy barrier to spread out.

“You perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to kill you!” thinking about how these two Princesses were going to be defiled right in front of them too, the men felt as if their hearts were being cut apart and they furiously yelled out.

The spectating women also felt incredibly angry. These two Princesses were people who they admired and adored, and they could not accept them being ravaged by this perverted bandit. They felt so bad that they wanted to die, and they were filled with hatred towards Zhao Fu.

Everyone could only helplessly stare at the black barrier. They were not within the secret realm so they could not do anything about it, and they could not enter either.

The people from the two Empires fell into fury. How could anyone accept the humiliation of their Princesses being defiled in front of everyone?

The higher-beings from the Empires came out and wanted to enter the secret realm to prevent this, but they were unable to force their way in.


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