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Only after three days, Great Qin sent out news and gave countless factions three choices: One was to continue to resist Great Qin and die. They had to all consider the consequences of making an enemy of Great Qin.

The second choice was to remain neutral. Right now, Great Qin’s goal was only to destroy all those who opposed Great Qin. If anyone remained neutral, Great Qin promised not to harm them even a bit, and this was promised by the Prime Minister, Li Si, personally.

Li Si reminded everyone of how long it had been since Great Qin had attacked any Chinese system factions and asked everyone to believe that Great Qin was a righteous and kind Kingdom, and he also said not to listen to slanderous lies.

The third option was to join Great Qin. Now that Great Qin was a Level 1 Marquisate Kingdom, its strength was quite shocking. It was not something that ordinary people could deal with, and if one wanted to live stably in the future, Great Qin was undeniably the best choice. Right now, Great Qin was in need of people, and anyone who was willing to submit would be treated favourably.

Right now, they had to divide the enemy’s factions. They were made up of countless factions, with both players and indigenous residents, and their main force was the indigenous residents.

It was very difficult for them to be united, and they could not all resist Great Qin with all they had. The Dynasty Legatees and Nation Legatees would definitely resist Zhao Fu, as they were also Emperors, but this was not the case for everyone else.

Now that Great Qin had made this announcement, many people started to secretly consider the options that it had given.

None of them were stupid and wanted to die, so many of them considered taking the second option and not partic.i.p.ating anymore; guaranteeing their safety was enough. Others considered joining Great Qin, as Great Qin was incredibly powerful.

The people from Qin Suppression immediately understood Great Qin’s aim and could not help but feel some admiration towards Zhao Fu – he had been able to suppress his anger and not rush over to attack, instead engaging in psychological warfare.

They immediately sent out information about how grave this matter was; it was evident that the various factions seemed less motivated, and if they did not deal with this, they would collapse sooner or later.

This made the factions that wanted to destroy Great Qin feel quite worried. They desperately tried to persuade everyone not to believe Great Qin’s lies and not to worry about Great Qin’s threats. Right now, Great Qin was just a paper tiger, and with their alliance, there was no need to be afraid.

Moreover, they reminded everyone of how cruel and cold-blooded Great Qin was; how could they trust such a faction? Anyone who trusted Great Qin would definitely have a pitiful ending. It was evident how ambitious Great Qin was, so everyone had to be wary of being tricked by it.

Those words, filled with justice and righteousness, caused the gradually falling morale to pick back up.

Great Qin and the various factions once again engaged in a war of words, and countless people swayed back and forth between them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu commenced his revenge operations. Even though their Void Zones spanned five regions, which made it difficult for an army to pa.s.s through, it was no problem for Zhao Fu by himself.

Using the Great Qin Seal’s power, Zhao Fu was able to fly through those five regions in just three days, and he arrived at where the various factions were gathered.

Because this was the enemy’s territory, Zhao Fu was quite careful. Apart from himself, he had also brought the eight Aquatic Beast Kings as backup plans. They were within Zhao Fu’s special Spirit Pet Rings, and he would use them in crucial moments.

However, to avoid them guessing that he had come to their territory and setting off a trap, Zhao Fu would not directly act, leaving this to others.

It was currently afternoon, and the orange glows from the setting sun dyed the entire sky a yellow-orange color, while the residents in the City below were preparing dinner for their families. A Ghost silently snuck into that City and threw out a rhombus-shaped crystal before disappearing.


A ma.s.sive explosion rang out as an extremely destructive shockwave blasted out. Everything was destroyed under this power and reduced to dust, and the ground continuously trembled as a berserk gale swept through the entire City.

After everything settled, it could be seen that there was a ma.s.sive crater near the middle of the City. Two-thirds of the City had been annihilated, and howls and crying sounded out, with blood and corpses everywhere. The City had been annihilated in just an instant.


Another shocking explosion sounded out as a similar explosion blasted out at another City. The ground trembled as a mushroom cloud rose up, creating a terrifying scene.

Zhao Fu used 120 Destruction Crystals to blow up 120 Cities, which were all Cities in the three directions around Great Qin. They were all stubborn resistors, so Zhao Fu did not hesitate to destroy them.

This matter caused a ma.s.sive amount of panic, as 120 Cities had been destroyed so quickly, and countless residents had been killed. Great Qin’s revenge had come.

The various factions’ leaders’ expressions were all quite grim. They had been waiting for Great Qin’s Legatee to come, but they had never expected him to be so cautious and simultaneously attack so many Cities without actually revealing himself. There was nothing they could do against this.

None of them could fight him one-on-one, so they had to rely on encircling him. However, since he did not reveal himself, all of their plans had gone to waste.

That was the advantage of having immense strength. The factions could only watch on and not do anything, as they were at a severe disadvantage, and they started to feel incredibly helpless.

After hearing about this, a trace of coldness flashed in Si Ji’s eyes as he said, “Are the people who went to the Fish Scale world still not back? And have we contacted the people from the Dark Demon world? Hurry and ask their World Protectors to come; we have a big advantage now, so this is a good opportunity to kill Great Qin’s Legatee. If both World Protectors come, Great Qin’s Legatee definitely won’t be able to escape!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A few people quickly left to check on the matters that Si Ji had just mentioned, and they understood how severe the situation was.

Following this, Great Qin’s army once again gathered and moved out towards the central area of China. They did not split into multiple groups and instead gathered together and marched on with unstoppable momentum. This caused the various factions to feel even more panicked.

Now, they had suddenly taken two heavy blows, and they still had not resolved the matter about Great Qin’s Legatee. The system City Lords’ morale plummeted, and some of them were already thinking of giving up, so how could they face a direct a.s.sault from Great Qin army?

The various factions quickly gathered together to think of a way to respond to this. They had to quickly deal with these problems as soon as possible.


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