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Chapter 114 – Undead Catastrophe

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

These eastern talismans were quite rare. In actuality, the Heaven Awaken World was filled with things from civilizations all over the world, so it wasn’t very strange; rather, Zhao Fu just hadn’t seen this sort of thing many times.

The Allmonster Warding Talisman didn’t seem very useful, and it was to the point that it didn’t seem as valuable as the C- grade skill. However, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu realized that it could be incredibly powerful in certain scenarios.

For example, when there were Undead Catastrophes, this Talisman would be very useful against them. A single Talisman would be able to clear out 1,000 kilometers, which would be incredibly effective.

Zhao Fu put all of these things and the withered bear corpse into the King’s Ring. Currently, Rhode was able to forge Gold grade equipment, though he wasn’t very proficient. It took him a long time, roughly half a month, to forge a piece of Gold grade equipment.

Zhao Fu couldn’t help but think about Gongsun Lin. She had exceptional talent at forging, and even Rhode, who was S grade and had a profession bonus, could not compare to her.

Back then, it took her a week to forge a piece of Gold grade equipment, and it seemed like it had been her first time. And yet, she was twice as fast as Rhode, making Zhao Fu astounded at her talent.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his party rested for a while so that Bai Qi and the others could recover from their injuries. They only received some light injuries, so they were fine after resting for a bit.

Two hours later, they continued onwards. They encountered a few more ferocious beasts, but none of them were able to threaten Zhao Fu’s party.

Three days later, the party was resting in an empty area. Zhao Fu took out his map and looked at where they were. They were near the center of the Void Zone, and now, their task was not to continue onwards but to capture a Void Beast.

However, Void Beasts were quite rare, and he didn’t know if they could catch one. As such, Zhao Fu decided to use a method that he had heard from Qin Nan to lure Void Beasts. The method was to use a Stage 1 spirit fruit called the Rainbow Demon Fruit. It was about as big as a fist and was red and white. It was said that Void Beasts liked to especially eat this fruit, so it was likely that Void Beasts would be lured by the fruit.

This was something that Qin Nan had heard from someone else, so he could not guarantee if it would work. Zhao Fu had no other ideas, so he spent a lot of money and bought 12 Rainbow Demon Fruits to try it out.

Because he didn’t know if this method would succeed, he looked for Void Beasts while setting traps.

Of course, the traps could not be ordinary traps, or they would not be able to catch the Void Beasts. Zhao Fu had his people forge 12 cages from bronze concentrate. The cages were about 2 meters wide, and each bar was as thick as a person’s middle finger and could withstand a large force.

“Bai Qi, where do you think we should put the 12 traps?”

Zhao Fu did not know much about Void Beasts, and Qin Nan wasn’t able to tell him much about the Void Beasts. As such, he discussed with Bai Qi where they should place the traps.

Moreover, they needed to find places by themselves because even though the map drew the large regions of the Heaven Awaken World, it did not have each region in detail.

Moreover, Rainbow Demon Fruits were Stage 1 spirit fruits, so they would attract other beasts as well. As such, they also had to take this into consideration when deciding where to place the traps.

Bai Qi did not have much of an idea either. In the end, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi decided that splitting up would increase their chances of catching a Void Beast, and each of them took six Rainbow Demon Fruits each. They decided to regroup here in three days.

Zhao Fu only took with him six ordinary soldiers, and everyone else went with Bai Qi. Zhao Fu took so little people because of his confidence in his strength, and he was more worried about Bai Qi and the others.

Following this, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi walked in opposite directions with their groups.

After splitting up, Zhao Fu found a region covered with thorns and thistles. There were very few creatures around here, so Zhao Fu decided that this would be a good place to set up a trap.

An hour later, Zhao Fu and his soldiers finished setting up the first trap, and they used some to cover it up.

After setting up the first trap, Zhao Fu found a large tree and set up the second trap at the top of the tree, and he set the third trap on a rocky hill. He then found a variety of other places to set up the fourth, fifth, and sixth traps. Now, he had to rely on his luck.

Now that the traps were all set up, Zhao Fu took his six soldiers to look for Void Beasts. However, it was much more dangerous within the Void Zone than outside, and soon, Zhao Fu and his party ran into a few relatively powerful magic beasts. Luckily, these magic beasts weren’t very strong compared to Zhao Fu.


Suddenly, a monkey’s laughter started to sound out in the trees above their heads. Zhao Fu seemed to have entered the territory of a tribe of monkeys – the monkeys were twice as big as normal monkeys and had black fur. However, there was a patch of white fur on their chests, so Zhao Fu decided to call them Whitefur Monkeys.

The Whitefur Monkeys’ strength was comparable to a human at Stage 0-4 or 0-5, and the 10 or so Whitefur Monkeys that discovered Zhao Fu’s party loudly shouted. Following this, the entire mountain ridge erupted with monkeys’ voices, and it seemed like there were at least thousands of them. Upon realizing this, Zhao Fu decided to retreat for now.

However, even though Zhao Fu wanted to retreat, the monkeys didn’t want to let him go. Sixty or so Whitefur Monkeys jumped down from the trees, picked up rocks, and threw them at Zhao Fu’s party.

With their strength, the rocks that they threw contained a lot of force, and anyone hit by them would be knocked unconscious.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and a 3-meter wide black screen covered with dragon inscriptions expanded out, blocking the rocks. Following this, Zhao Fu casually threw a few h.e.l.l Fireb.a.l.l.s, scaring the group of monkeys into retreating.

However, Zhao Fu didn’t dare to remain there for long because there were more and more Whitefur Monkeys heading his way. Following this, Zhao Fu took his people and somewhat wretchedly ran away from there.

It was now in the afternoon, and as the sun descended, the sky gradually darkened. Seeing this, Zhao Fu had an idea. He told his soldiers to remain where they were and rest, while he went to scout out the Whitefur Monkeys’ territory.

Because there were so many Whitefur Monkeys, there was definitely a Den there. Perhaps there would be some sort of treasure – for example, monkeys liked to brew Monkey Wine, and the Whitefur Monkeys might know how to brew it. This piqued Zhao Fu’s curiosity, and he decided to take a look at night. Even though there were thousands of Whitefur Monkeys, this was not a problem to Zhao Fu, as he was an


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