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Chapter 395 – Four Great Dynasties

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Zhao Fu called Ba Qing over because she was in charge of the business side of things, and he asked her how much this chinaware would be worth. Of course, Zhao Fu wanted to manufacture this chinaware to sell it; otherwise, he wouldn’t bother expending so much effort creating it.

After looking at it carefully, Ba Qing smiled as she said, “Your Majesty, the Yin Bone China is quite good, and each piece can be easily sold for five gold coins.”

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. For each to be worth five gold coins, the china was quite expensive and high quality – after all, five gold coins was equivalent to 50,000 copper coins.

Now, Great Qin relied on the Merchant Alliance to continuously provide it with money. Right now, the Merchant Alliance made incredible profits because the regions hadn’t been opened yet, but after the regions were opened up, the Merchant Alliance’s profits would fall.

As such, they had to start preparing for this now so that they wouldn’t be caught off-guard when the regions opened. The Yin Bone China was a good subst.i.tute, and Great Qin could manufacture it on a large scale. There were countless bones of high quality in the underground region, and Great Qin was continuously adding to that.

Afterward, Zhao Fu put together a team of chinaware experts and created a large workshop to ma.s.s-produce Yin Bone China.


Suddenly, a vigorous dragon’s roar caused Zhao Fu to pause, and everyone else also stopped and looked into the distance.

Above Great Zhou, a 1,000-meter long dragon with nine heads circled around in the air, giving off an incredibly powerful aura.

A rainbow light filled the sky, creating a beautiful scene, and the light gave off an ancient and n.o.ble aura, making one feel respect within one’s heart.

Traces of aura with different colors rose up within Great Zhou’s territory, and all of Great Zhou’s residents knelt down.

A rainbow-colored mote of light appeared above the center of Great Zhou, and its City Heart continuously trembled and gave off a formless energy that entered the rainbow mote of light, causing it to become brighter and brighter.


The nine-headed dragon rushed downwards with great force, entering that rainbow mote of light and causing a piercing explosion of light. A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as a square, jade-like seal with a nine-headed dragon on it appeared in the air.

Ji Shenming stretched out his hand, and the jade seal flew over to him. He looked at it carefully with a smile on his face – after cautiously developing for such a long time, he had finally caught up to Great Qin and become the second person to raise his Town into a Basic City.

His various subordinates also congratulated him – now that they had a City Lord seal, Great Zhou’s battle power had become much more powerful.

After the Great Zhou City was established, all of Great Zhou sank into celebrations, but at that moment, another dragon’s roar shook all of China.

Above Great Xia, a 1,000-meter long golden dragon roared and gave off a ma.s.sive aura. The entire sky above Great Xia was dyed gold, filling the sky with a holy and majestic aura.

As the first Dynasty of China, this golden dragon’s roar was not only heard by the various Legatees but also all of the normal people as well, making them look towards Great Xia.

Traces of a golden aura rose up from Great Xia’s territory, and all its residents knelt down. Great Xia’s City Heart shot out a golden pillar of light, which then scattered into countless golden motes of light.

Only a resplendent golden mote of light was left hanging at the center of the Great Xia City, and the City Heart continuously trembled and sent power into the golden mote of light, causing it to become stronger and stronger.


The golden dragon rushed downwards and entered the golden mote of light, following which a piercing golden light exploded out, causing the sky to seem to twist and turn. A square golden seal with a dragon carved on it appeared in the sky.

No one could have thought that two Dynasties would simultaneously upgrade to Cities, and as everyone marveled in shock, yet another ma.s.sive dragon’s cry rang out.

Above Great Shang, a 1,000-meter long bronze dragon cried out, and that cry seemed to tear the air apart, filling the air with a domineering aura.

The sky above Great Shang was dyed bronze, and there seemed to be runes flashing in the sky, giving off a powerful air of suppression that felt mysterious and mighty.

Traces of a bronze aura rose up from Great Shang’s territory, and all of Great Shang’s residents knelt down as a pillar of bronze light shot out from the City Heart and exploded.

A mote of bronze light hung at the center of the Great Shang City, and the City Heart trembled as it sent energy into that mote of light, causing it to shine with an intense bronze light that seemed to be able to tear apart the sky.

The bronze dragon shot downwards and entered that mote of bronze light, causing an intense bronze light to ripple out before a square bronze seal with a dragon carved on it appeared in the air.

Before everyone could react, yet another ma.s.sive dragon’s cry sounded out.

Above Great Han, a 1,000-meter long yellow dragon circled around in the air, giving off a gentle and magnanimous aura.

Traces of a yellow aura rose up from Great Han’s territory, and all of Great Han’s residents knelt down.

The same process happened, and soon, a yellow jade seal appeared in the air.

Now that four Dynasties had suddenly finished upgrading to Cities and had condensed City Lord Seals, all of the other Legatees felt immense pressure, and the situation became quite tense. It wasn’t just in China but also factions all over the world. They also started to feel that time was running out.

Now that China’s five Great Dynasties had all established Cities, even though they hadn’t established nations yet, they had pushed everyone into the Age of City Lords and made preparations for future battles.

As such, all of the other factions felt the need to quickly raise their Towns into Cities, or the gap between them would grow bigger and bigger, with the result being death.

Zhao Fu looked away and felt quite surprised – the other four factions were quite fast as well. Zhao Fu also felt a trace of pressure, and he knew that he couldn’t afford to relax.


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