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Chapter 427 – Green Dragon

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Now that Zhao Fu had a plan for what he wanted, he started to move again. With the Sin Dragon Sword’s stats, he would have an advantage in places where there were floods or droughts.

When he thought of floods, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but think of Seeping River. It was easy for large lakes or rivers to have floods, and with Seeping River’s size, it was likely that it would have a ma.s.sive flood. It was a pity that Zhao Fu had angered Seeping River’s super-monster last time. It was possible that he would be discovered if he went, making things difficult, so he didn’t plan on going to Seeping River for now.

Zhao Fu asked w.a.n.g Ergou to bring an updated list of the disasters in each region, and he scanned through the information to see what would be suitable.

By now, Great Qin had opened up paths to 61 other regions, so they had many choices. There were all sorts of disasters in the different regions, and Zhao Fu soon chose one.

It was a large lake, and even though it wasn’t as big as the Seeping River, the flood here was still quite severe.

Zhao Fu quickly arrived here using teleportation channels. The water levels continuously rose and covered a lot of the land, and large waves rolled about, giving off a mighty aura as if it was an uncontrollable beast.

“Owner, if it’s a flood, I can help you quickly kill Disaster Beasts,” the woman in green said.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and asked, “What can you do?”

The woman in green laughed as she replied, “Owner, have you forgotten my true form and my attribute?”

Zhao Fu suddenly remembered that the woman in green was actually a Sin Dragon, and they were called this because they were often the cause of disasters – their attribute was a Disaster attribute.

Sin Dragons were powerful creatures of disaster, so it would be easy for them to take down Disaster Beasts, especially ones that caused floods.

Zhao Fu drew the Sin Dragon Sword and pointed it at the turbid lake. The Sin Dragon Sword shined with a brilliant green light as an aura of disaster rippled out.


A ma.s.sive dragon’s roar sounded out as a 500 meter long, green-scaled dragon with a pair of jade-like horns and glinting claws appeared, giving off a majestic and domineering aura.

“Owner! You can ride on me and treat me however you want…” the green dragon said in a flirtatious voice.

“Can you not be more serious?” Zhao Fu said, cutting off the green dragon’s words and feeling quite annoyed.

“Alright, please get on, owner,” the green dragon said.

Zhao Fu had thought that she had decided to become serious and got on, but as soon as he did, she started to moan lewdly, making Zhao Fu feel quite frustrated.

Luckily, she didn’t forget her task and dove into the lake with Zhao Fu on her back. A green barrier came from her body, separating herself and Zhao Fu from the lake water.

The green dragon swam incredibly quickly through the water, and everything they went past was just a blur.


A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as the green dragon suddenly bit ahead of it, biting onto a 20 meter long Water Disaster Beast. The Water Disaster Beast struggled and looked quite terrified while trying to break free. It had never thought that a creature with such a powerful aura of disaster would attack it.

The green dragon disregarded the Water Disaster Beast’s struggling and bit down, and its ma.s.sive strength caused the Water Disaster Beast’s body to explode, leaving behind a blue crystal.

“System announcement! You have killed a Level 2 Water Disaster Beast and obtained 4,000 Virtue Points.” After the green dragon destroyed the Water Disaster Beast, Zhao Fu immediately received a system announcement.

After receiving this system announcement, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked – he could obtain Virtue Points even if the Disaster Beast wasn’t killed by him? However, when he thought of the fact that the green dragon was his sword spirit, it was only natural that the Virtue Points would be awarded to him.

With the green dragon, they would kill a Level 2 Disaster Beast every five minutes. This was of great help to him, and he didn’t even have to do anything himself; all he had to do was sit on its back.

“Owner, what do you think? I’m quite fast, right? Do I deserve a reward?” the green dragon asked in an excited and expectant tone.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu immediately replied, “No!”

The green dragon seemed to expect this, and she didn’t seem to mind. She said, “Owner, you’d best hold on because I’m going to go faster.”

Zhao Fu thought that the green dragon had found another Disaster Beast, so he tightened his grip on the green dragon, causing it to moan, “Owner, your touch feels so good!”

Zhao Fu felt a headache coming on, and he said seriously, “If you continue this, I will really seal you again.”

“Please don’t! Owner, I was wrong.” The green dragon didn’t want to be sealed again, so she immediately apologized and behaved better.


Suddenly, the green dragon charged towards another place, causing ma.s.sive waves as it bit onto a Level 3 Water Disaster Beast. The Level 3 Water Disaster Beast was 30 meters long, but in front of the 500-meter long green dragon, it seemed incredibly small. The green dragon bit down, causing the Water Disaster Beast to explode.

“System announcement! You have killed a Level 3 Water Disaster Beast and obtained 6,000 Virtue Points.”

Just like that, the green dragon continuously killed Water Disaster Beasts easily, and Zhao Fu didn’t even have to do anything, nor did they speak much.

Seeing that Zhao Fu wasn’t initiating any conversation, the green dragon felt a bit unsettled and said, “Owner, you don’t know my name, right?”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu realized that out of his four sword spirits, he only knew Celia’s name. If it wasn’t because the ring’s name had Celia’s name in it, he most likely wouldn’t have asked. The Sky Demon and Slaughtering Ghost most likely had their own names, but he had never asked them before.

Zhao Fu felt slightly guilty and asked, “What is your name?”

The green dragon happily replied, “Owner, I’m called Long Xiaoxiao. You can call me Xiaoxiao and can also ask me to suc-”

Zhao Fu ignored the rest of Long Xiaoxiao’s words and asked the Sky Demon and Slaughtering Ghost, “I’m sorry. I’ve never asked for your names before. Can you tell me your names?”

The Sky Demon, who felt neglected, felt much better upon hearing this, but it still felt quite wronged, “Owner, it’s been a long time since you obtained me, but you only just asked about my name. If it wasn’t for the perverted dragon, you probably would have never asked. I’m called Ilya.”

Zhao Fu looked quite awkward – names were important, but he had completely forgotten about asking them for their names.

“Owner, I’m called Liu Ningbing,” Slaughtering Ghost said, sounding a bit happy.

After hearing their words, Zhao Fu committed their names to memory.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had ignored her, Long Xiaoxiao didn’t seem to mind and continued to say all sorts of lewd and embarra.s.sing things. However, because she was doing so much work by killing the Water Disaster Beasts, Zhao Fu didn’t say much and let her say whatever she wanted.


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