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Chapter 157: President Chen’s sapphire (2)

Of course, Chen Xiuqi didn’t know what she was thinking. Smiling, he asked her, “Then, should I buy it?”

“Of course!” She nodded and said in a sweet voice.

You have to buy it, it’s an important prop for your proposal! You can’t let anyone else take it!

“Okay.” Chen Xiuqi looked at her longing expression. His smile deepened as he promised, “I’ll take it down.”

How confident of him!

Su Yaya was very happy. She fisted one hand and encouraged him. “Yeah! Good luck!”

Chen Xiuqi laughed, thinking she was worried he wouldn’t be able to win the sapphire. He took her hand and said calmly, “Don’t worry, that sapphire will be mine.”

She looked at him. She felt more excited than worried. This was the sapphire he bought in the original story. Hurry, hurry! Once he obtained the sapphire, the storyline would be halfway complete.

On the stage, the host announced that the minimum bidding price was 1.6 million, and each bid must be an increase of at least 100,000.

“1.6 million, going once!”

Then someone bid, “1.7 million.”

Someone else immediately shouted, “1.8 million.”

“1.9 million.”

“2 million.”


The price rose higher and higher until only two bidders remained.

Chen Xiuqi had been sitting in his seat like an old G.o.d. He didn’t even blink, let alone bid.

One bidder shouted, “4.2 million.”

Su Yaya hurriedly pulled on Chen Xiuqi’s sleeve. “Why aren’t you bidding?”

He looked at her calmly. “Wait. There’s no need to rush.”

His words had just fallen when the other bidder shouted another price.

“4.4 million!”

The previous bidder paused. After his female companion said something to him, he gritted his teeth and added another 200,000.

“4.6 million!”

The host called out, “4.6 million, going once!”

The opposing bidder begrudgingly added another 100,000.

“4.7 million!”

The price was already very high. The host took in the situation and began to call.

“4.7 million, going once!”

“4.7 million, twice!”

“Four hundred…”

“4.8 million!” Finally, another 100,000 was added. His opponent decided to give up.

At this point, the audience was sure that the sapphire would be sold for 4.8 million.

However, right when the host was about to start calling…

Chen Xiuqi, who was sitting in the middle of the front row, raised his card. The number was too small to see, but everyone heard him say, “5.2 million!”

5.2 million!

His words stunned the whole audience into silence.

4.8 million was already much higher than what the sapphire was worth, yet Chen Xiuqi raised the bid by a whole 400,000!

The other bidder looked at the domineering Chen Xiuqi and simply gave up.

Chen Xiuqi was the one person n.o.body could afford to offend. It would be foolish to continue bidding against him.

Seeing that no one else was bidding again, the host smiled and announced, “5.2 million, going once!”

“5.2 million, twice!”

“5.2 million, three times!”

“Sold! This Kashmir sapphire has been won by Mr Chen Xiuqi for 5.2 million! Congratulations!”

The audience began to whisper as soon as the announcement was made. Some people congratulated Chen Xiuqi while others whispered about his generosity. Of all the people present today, he possessed the most wealth and he spent 5.2 million on a mere sapphire. Some speculated that he was planning to cut a ring out of it and propose to Su Yaya.

Su Yaya heard some of their whispers and laughed on the inside. She wanted to tell them they were wrong. He wasn’t going to propose to her. He was going to propose to An Yutong!

The author has something to say…

Su Yaya: He’s not going to propose to me. He’s going to propose to An Yutong!

Chen Xiuqi: *coughs up blood*


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