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Chapter 292 Dream (2)

The three of them came to an agreement, and decided to choose Chen Qiang as the lobby manager, they’ll first slowly train him, with a probation period of three months. If he pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment criteria in that three months, then they’ll officially promote him and also increase his salary.

If he did a good job, they’ll adjust his salary according to the situation then.

Then the three of them started to discuss other matters and had arranged everything in order. In two days, Su Yaya would return to the capital with Shen Xiuqi.

The day when Su Yaya and Shen Xiuqi headed back to the capital, Father Su and Mother Su were very reluctant to send off Su Yaya, they sent Shen Xiuqi and Su Yaya all the way to the airport. On the way there, Mother Su kept reminding Su Yaya to take good care of herself.

Mother Su said: “You’re pregnant. You can’t just think about yourself anymore before you do something, you also have to think for your baby. Take good care of yourself, take good care of your baby, and get along well with Shen Xiuqi. If anything happens, just call us, and if you want to eat any dishes from home, we’ll send them over to you.”

Su Yaya hugged her mother’s arm, leaned her head on her shoulder, and said softly: “Mom, I know, don’t worry, I’ll do as you say, once you’ve settled everything here, then you can come to the capital to live with us.”

Mother Su caressed her face and said, “I’ll arrange to head to the capital as soon as possible.”

When they arrived at the airport, Mother Su and Father Su watched them go through the security check and head in, they left only after they could no longer see their figures.

When they got on the plane, Su Yaya and Shen Xiuqi were in first cla.s.s, after they found their seats and settled down, the stewardess came over and asked if they wanted a drink.

Shen Xiuqi directly said to the flight attendant: “Bring her a cup of hot milk.”

Su Yaya hurriedly said, “Can you change that to a cup of juice? I’ve been having milk every day, I feel like I’m going to turn into milk anytime soon.”

Shen Xiuqi thought for a while, nodded in agreement, and said to the stewardess: “Then get her a gla.s.s of juice.”

So the flight attendant brought Su Yaya a gla.s.s of juice. Su Yaya drank the juice slowly, and Shen Xiuqi started to look at his files. His company was handling quite a few major projects during this period, there was a big project, which needed him to meet with the other party in person to discuss the details, he also needed to approve some of the more trivial matters, so he was quickly immersed in the doc.u.ment.

After the plane took off, Su Yaya finished her juice and was feeling quite bored. Shen Xiuqi let her watch a movie, but she felt that the movie wasn’t nice, so she asked the stewardess for a blanket to sleep with.

Su Ya reclined her seat and laid down to sleep. Shen Xiuqi was still very focused on his file. After a long time, he suddenly looked towards Su Yaya next to him, the blanket slightly slipped down and it didn’t cover the whole of Su Yaya’s body. Shen Xiuqi got up, gently pulled the blanket up to cover her before he stretched out his hand and caressed her face. He then lowered himself and kissed her on the forehead.

The flight attendant, who happened to be pa.s.sing by, thought to herself, the two of them are so sweet, just like what the internet had described, they’re both handsome and pretty, a match made in heaven.

Su Yaya had a good sleep on the plane. When she woke up and saw that Shen Xiuqi was still reading those doc.u.ments, Su Yaya leaned in and asked concerningly: “You’re still reading the doc.u.ments, take a break, don’t overwork.”

Shen Xiu smiled and said, “I just need to finish this part, two more pages left.”

Su Yaya nodded and went to the side, she didn’t disturb him anymore.

When Shen Xiuqi was done with the doc.u.ments, Su Yaya felt hungry, so she asked the stewardess to bring them their meals, and the two ate together. Su Yaya felt that the food was still okay, but with Shen Xiuqi being a picky eater, it was just food to quench his hunger.


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