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Chapter 339

Ch.339 Birthday Surprise (1)

It was Su Yaya’s birthday, and Shen Xiuqi had promised her early that morning that he would take her out on a dinner date later that day.

Su Yaya asked Shen Xiuqi what he had prepared for her birthday, but he replied saying that it was a secret. Even if Su Yaya could somehow guess what he had in store, she was still very much looking forward to it. She didn’t know the exact details and the very thought of it left her in much excitement.

Late in the afternoon, Shen Xiuqi finished up his work in the office and called Su Yaya through the phone, he told her that Uncle Zhong would soon come pick her up, and then send her to the venue that he had arranged.

Su Yaya got the memo, and within two minutes of ending the call, Uncle Zhong arrived at her doorstep. Su Yaya had already gotten ready beforehand. Once she knew that Uncle Zhong was here, she was ready to head out.

Mother Su walked her to the door and smiled as she said, “Have a good evening.”

Su Yaya blushed embarra.s.sedly, “I’ll talk to you later, goodbye.” Then quickly got into the car with her bag, and Uncle Zhong brought her to the place where Shen Xiuqi had requested.

Shen Xiuqi booked the most luxurious hotel in the capital, and on the highest level of that hotel was a dome-shaped restaurant, which overlooked the brightly lit city. The glittering neon lights were as bright as stars.

Shen Xiuqi specially invited the best chefs from a Michelin Starred restaurant to prepare their meal. Red wine was of course placed on the long table, and the whole restaurant was filled with gorgeous red roses, the air was filled with a floral scent, and elegant music played from the violin, as the melody slowly flowed in tune.

Su Yaya was led into the dining hall by the hotel staff, and she was stunned by the sight before her. It was absolutely gorgeous, she felt as if she was living in a dream.

Shen Xiuqi walked forward with a large bouquet of red roses, he got down on one knee, held the roses in both hands and gave them to Su Yaya. With a loving gaze, he said softly, “Yaya, happy birthday.”

Everything in front of her was so beautiful and gorgeous, which greatly satisfied the girlish side of her. Her beautiful face glistened with a blush, and she was smiling ear to ear.

“Thank you.” She stretched out her hands and hugged the bouquet in her arms, then gave the roses a sniff, before exclaiming: “They smell so good!”

Immediately afterwards, she saw Shen Xiuqi take out a huge diamond ring. He held it in front of her with both hands earnestly, and with a deep gaze, he said with much emotion: “Yaya, marry me!”

Su Yaya was still holding the bouquet of roses in her hands, with a smile on her face, she glanced at the ring that Shen Xiuqi had in front of him, tilted her head slightly, and pursed her lips: “Are you sure that you want to propose here?”

Why did her words come out so wrong?

When Shen Xiuqi heard her question, he didn’t understand what she meant, and replied in surprise, “Do you think that it’s a bad idea to propose here? I poured my heart and soul into preparing all this.”

Su Yaya pouted and said, “Isn’t this way too convenient for you. You told me that today is my birthday. Everything that you prepared today should be for my birthday, but you’re now taking this opportunity to propose to me, how insincere is that?”

Shen Xiuqi was stunned. He secretly prepared for this evening for such a long time, hoping that his marriage proposal would succeed on Su Yaya’s birthday, but he never thought that Su Yaya would feel unhappy about the fact that he proposed to her on her birthday, and accused him for being lazy. He felt wronged and was on the verge of tearing up!

Shen Xiuqi looked at Su Yaya as if begging her, and said with a smile: “My wife, I wanted to give you double the surprise, that’s why I decided to propose to you here today. My intentions are pure and sincere and I definitely did not plan this just to be lazy and hasty about it, nor is it for the sake of making full use of such a bargain, you have to believe me!”

“I got the most expensive wedding planner in the capital to plan this proposal. The roses were also picked fresh from abroad and flown right over. Even the food for tonight was specially prepared by Michelin Starred chefs. I did all this, in hopes to achieve perfection and make you feel happy and loved. Can you understand where I’m coming from?”

Su Yaya bit her lips lightly and looked at the poor Shen Xiuqi, but she was still slightly unhappy. The corners of her lips curled upwards, bending in a beautiful arc, and said charmingly: “But if you do this, we’ll have one less day to celebrate in the future, don’t you understand?”

As soon as her voice fell, Shen Xiuqi froze, and finally understood what Su Yaya meant. She was blaming him for combining the anniversary of their wedding proposal with her birthday. In the future, her birthday would be on the anniversary of their wedding proposal, which would make the occasion meaningless, that’s why Su Yaya was unhappy.

Shen Xiuqi panicked when he finally got a hold of what she was trying to say. He looked at Su Yaya and said, “My wife, what should we do?”


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