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Ch.6 Platinum Card (3)

“I’m leaving.” Chen Xiuqi rubbed her head for one last time before he turned around and headed for the door.

He walked out of the room. The moment Chen Xiuqi turned around to close the door, he inadvertently glanced at Su Yaya and saw her sitting still on the bed while holding her quilt. Her big, watery eyes were staring at him without blinking.

Chen Xiuqi lowered his head and closed the door, his mouth curved up into a faint smile.

Su Yaya waited for Chen Xiuqi’s footsteps to gradually drift away. Now alone in this room, she held up the platinum card that Chen Xiuqi had just given her. She chuckled like a crazy little mouse and incessantly rolled around the bed.

Oh my G.o.d! She would’ve never imagined that she would become a rich person after transmigrating into a novel after falling asleep.

She felt extremely happy and refreshed.

Su Yaya couldn’t stop laughing as she rolled about on the mattress, and she had even kissed the platinum card multiple times. This woman appeared more enthusiastic than she did before when she was facing Chen Xiuqi. Su Yaya finally stopped laughing and rolling about when she heard the sound of the engine of the car starting from below.

According to the current plot, the novel had not yet entered the main storyline. Right now, the original owner of the body and Chen Xiuqi had only been married for five days, so they were still at the sweet and loving phase of their marriage.

Regardless of why Chen Xiuqi had pursued the original owner of the body, or the purpose he had in mind when he married the original host, Chen Xiuqi seemed to like her and was willing to coax and dote on her based on the current situation.

Therefore, Su Yaya, who was a counterfeit that had transmigrated here, planned to win Chen Xiuqi’s favor by fawning over him. She will serve Chen Xiuqi and do her best to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him in order to leave behind a good impression of herself. She won’t oppose the female lead, so when they divorce in the future, he will remember her goodness and give her more alimony.

Thinking about this, a scene from the novel suddenly flashed in Su Yaya’s mind. She quickly reached out and grabbed the robe that was at the corner of the bed. After putting on the robe, she quickly walked to the French window and pulled aside the sea blue curtains. Su Yaya looked down, just in time to see Chen Xiuqi’s car slowly driving out of the villa’s gate.

A bright idea suddenly dawned upon her. She quickly raised her hand and waved at the rearview mirror of the car. It didn’t matter if Chen Xiuqi saw it or not; it was good enough as long as she did it!

In fact, early this morning when she was sending Chen Xiuqi to work, she had suddenly remembered a novel she had read. In the story, the female lead had done this same thing, which firmly tugged at the male lead’s heartstrings, thus leaving the male lead a favorable impression of her.

Therefore, she hoped that she will be able to curry Chen Xiuqi’s favor by doing this.

Heeheehee… she applauded at how quick-witted she was.

Inside the car, chauffeur Zhong Shu saw Su Yaya standing by the window and waving goodbye at Chen Xiuqi from the rearview mirror. He didn’t know what was wrong with himself today since he usually wasn’t a talkative person, but he wanted to tell Chen Xiuqi about this. The chauffer spoke up and said, “President Chen, young Lady Su is waving goodbye at you from upstairs.”

Chen Xiuqi had been looking at the doc.u.ments, but his fingers stopped flipping through the files when he heard Zhong Shu’s words. He didn’t even have to look to know that Su Yaya, this silly girl, was probably standing in front of the French window as she reluctantly looked at the departing car. He already had a smile on his face since he left the villa, but the smile deepened while he thought of her.

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