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Chapter 132: Let Me Take You to A Good Show

Huo Chenhuan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the barking. Similarly, Su Yayan also felt taken aback.

The one who had the biggest reaction was Dun Dun, who was deep in sorrow after being forced to become the third wheel.

It stood up hurriedly and fixed its dark eyes on its owner on the other side of the screen. Its injured expression seemed to be asking her, ‘I have only been away from home for a few days, and you already have another dog?!’

Huo Chenhuan also shared the same doubts. “You have… you have another dog?”

Initially, Su Yayan did not react either. Then she recalled that before she left home, her mother had asked her dad to request a few hounds from his friend. If Huo Qihan and his wife dared to come over, they would let the dogs bite them. Was it possible…

“It’s not me… It’s my mother. She asked my dad to borrow some dogs from his friend in the morning.”

“He borrowed some dogs?”

“Yes.” Su Yayan opened the curtains of her room as she was talking and saw two familiar figures lurking at the door of her house. Her eyes lit up immediately. “Wait, let me take you to a good show.”

When Su Yayan came downstairs, Cheng Xiuqin was standing at the gate with a frosty expression on her face. She lifted her chin slightly, and her eyes were full of disgust when she looked at the two uninvited guests as if she had seen some repulsively filthy trash.

Beside her, Mr. Su was holding two dogs in each hand, and four hounds that were half the height of a person barred the door imposingly. Their commanding presence was matched by their ferocious barks, which was a terrifying sight.

Su Yayan wanted to get closer to watch the excitement, but she was pulled away.

“Grandpa? Why are you here?”

Grandpa Cheng snorted coldly. “Where can I be if not here? The two stupid things outside ran towards our house in such an anxious manner. Were they not coming for me? If I were to go out just like that, they would only get their way.”

Su Yayan understood instantly. “So, my mom wants you to watch the show from here?”

Grandpa Cheng thumped his walking stick on the ground and made a harrumphing sound, looking highly displeased.

Su Yayan could not help bursting out in laughter. Her mother had asked her grandfather to stay in the house so that Huo Qihan and his wife could not see him. Besides, she was also concerned that they would come to blows, and he might accidentally injure his old bones.

Nonetheless, the old man was not a pa.s.sive person, and after he heard about what happened between Su Yayan and Huo Shaofeng, his heart was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger that he had to vent out!

Compared with sitting in the house and watching television, he looked forward to leading out the four dogs to bite the two uninvited guests.

Huo Qihan did not expect that they would face such an awkward welcome one day. Before they came, they had even relished in the consolation that generous and honest people as Cheng Xiuqin and her husband would never leave their guests outside their doorstep.

However, they forgot that although they could bully honest people, their reactions would be far more terrifying than ordinary folks if they were cornered.

Huo Qihan looked at the four restless dogs apprehensively but did not want this trip to be in vain and shot meaningful looks at his wife.

Mrs. Huo was afraid of dogs by nature and felt her knees weakening when facing the four dogs.

Unfortunately, her husband was reluctant to go back, so she gritted her teeth and shouted, “Xiuqin, I…”

“Don’t,” Cheng Xiuqin interrupted her impatiently before she could finish her words. “I am not close with you, so you should call me Mrs. Su, lest people overhear our conversation and think that the Su family is trying to cozy up to the Huo family and identify as ‘relatives’ with you.”

Mrs. Huo’s face paled, knowing that Cheng Xiuqin was planning to sever ties with them completely. From now on, they would only be “relatives” in name but strangers in reality!


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