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Chapter 150: External Aid Arrived

The system conducted the lucky draw swiftly, and the names of the three winners soon appeared.

Thanks to Ye Qiliang’s free publicity, the number of people that partic.i.p.ated in the lucky draw in the livestream broadcast room was much higher than before.

Out of nearly a million partic.i.p.ants, the system had selected three winners. The audience who were not selected promptly headed to the real-time comments section to complain about their poor luck.

In addition to their green-eyed grouses towards the winners of the lucky draw, they were more envious of the host’s family members, who could enjoy the host’s meals at any time.

Su Yayan packed everything up and saw the sourpuss comments as soon as she looked up. She looked away and smiled lightly. “Finally, I will select one more lucky viewer as the patient of the next livestream. The selected viewer will need to send me a recent photo, and I will selectively customize a suitable medicinal cuisine for them and gift it during the next livestream.”

Before that, Su Yayan had already learned from the system that the Observation function was not only limited to real-life situations but could also be applied online.

In other words, as long as the other party sent her a recent photo, Su Yayan would be able to see their physical condition through the photograph. Then, she could formulate a suitable medicinal cuisine recipe for them.

As soon as she brought up this proposal, the audience who did not win the lucky draw rioted again.

[Goodness, a customized medicinal cuisine! What kind of son of heaven must this be? Can the system familiarize itself with me? Please let me win!]

[I pray to Lord Buddha in the sky! This believer is willing to spend his life as a vegetarian in exchange for winning the lucky draw this time. I pray that the King of Europe will take care of me. Please let me win!!!]

[What’s going on upstairs? One moment, you are praying to Lord Buddha, and the next moment you are placing your hopes in the King of Europe. Aren’t you afraid that they’ll be at odds with each other? Unlike me, who is very specific, I solely wors.h.i.+p the leaderboard champion daddy and pray for the leaderboard champion daddy to bless me!]


In the real-time comments section, countless people prayed for luck. It was just like how unprepared students behaved before a major examination.

Su Yayan smiled faintly and quickly selected a lucky viewer.

She glanced at the other party’s ID, and the expression on her face was blank for a moment. She blinked her eyes twice and stared for a while to ensure that she did not get it wrong.

“Ahem, congratulations to this viewer with the ID [MyHubbyIsBalding]! Please send me your photo privately after the livestream session. During the next livestream, I will gift you a medicinal cuisine meal. This brings today’s livestream to a close. I will see you next time!”

After Su Yayan finished saying her piece, she ignored the screen flooded with exclamations and promptly turned off the livestream session.

It was the first time Ye Qiliang had ventured into this, and he was slow to react. When Su Yayan turned off the livestream, he woke up from his stupor and said in frustration, “Why did she leave? What do I do now? When she said, ‘see you next time’, is there any indication of when it would be? Is it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? No, I can’t wait that long…”

Peng Jiazhi knew that his professor was desperate and hurriedly said, “Professor, we can PM her.”


“PM means…”

Peng Jiazhi was about to give his professor a 101 on the workings of livestreaming when a message suddenly popped up in his messaging app.

[Brother, have you seen the announcement released by the research inst.i.tute? d.a.m.n, what kind of G.o.d is my favorite host? She even has connections with the research inst.i.tute! Are the ingredients used in the host’s livestream broadcast room so amazing? Even the research inst.i.tute personally stood up and spoke for her. Hahahaha, I laughed to death! The fallacious female host that touched porcelain on our host would be so p.i.s.sed!]


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