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Chapter 189: Have They Made Up?

Su Yayan’s expression was slightly stiff, and she said awkwardly, “I’m just giving an example.”

Su Yuxuan breathed a sigh of relief, but there was still a slightly uncomfortable feeling in his heart. He complained in a low voice. “So you are also aware that this place is too far! You dared to come over with him stupidly to such a remote place. Aren’t you afraid that he will devour you?”

Su Yayan said in her heart, ‘Didn’t I just fall asleep and wake up here? How would I know that this place is so remote beforehand?’

However, she could not say this out loud. If she really wanted to say it, she did not doubt that her elder brother’s impression of Huo Chenhuan was a scheming lad, and he would declare a man-to-man showdown anytime.

“I’m fine, aren’t I?”

“He dares? See if Dad and I don’t beat his dog legs until they break!”

Su Yayan, “…” They really do not require your beating.

Su Yuxuan seemed to have realized this after roaring. His face turned dark, and he became more and more upset.

“Well, that’s what happened anyway. After that guy went to our house to report your whereabouts, dad and mom couldn’t sleep all night, and neither could I. They sent me over as soon as dawn came.”

Su Yuxuan did not say that his first reaction was to go out to sea to find his sister immediately when he received the news last night. Gu Shaoyang and the others objected to him for the same reason.

Suppressing his anger, he finally waited until sunrise and urged Gu Shaoyang and the others to bring him over.

On the way, he stabbed that dog of a man who abducted his baby sister with countless knives at the bottom of his heart.

“I was wrong, and I promise I will never make such a serious mistake again.”

Su Yuxuan snorted coldly. “Even if you want to commit it again, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to.”

Su Yayan knew it well. When she returned home this time, she was afraid that her parents would not let her out of their sight until she was married.

The two returned to the mainland by boat. Su Yayan’s cell phone finally got a signal, and she called home immediately.

Her mother answered the call. Surprisingly, she did not accuse Su Yayan of failing to return home last night. She just said, “Don’t do this next time,” without any fuss.

Compared with Su Yuxuan’s major outburst, it was so calm that Su Yayan suspected it was the calm before the storm.

However, Su Yayan did not know that before she called home, Su Yuxuan had already reported back in detail about what he had seen and heard on the island.

Cheng Xiuqin and the others were so calm only because they knew that nothing out of the ordinary had happened between the two of them. Otherwise, their murderous intent would be far more terrifying than Su Yuxuan’s reaction.

When Su Yayan came home, Cheng Xiuqin and the others just went out to pick up her Uncle Cheng. There was no one in the family around, so she was greatly relieved.

However, since her Uncle Cheng was here, it was time to nourish him and Aunt Qin and let them work hard so they could try to create a human, ahem…

Moreover, as the saying went — after you gained benefit from someone, you should return the favor to that person. She should prepare a hearty meal to cheer up the elders. Perhaps they would no longer blame her for what happened yesterday?

Su Yayan entered the kitchen with her little intentions at the back of her mind. Just after she connected to the Internet, she saw a few push notifications.

If it were any other time, she would rarely read the entertainment news from this kind of push notifications. As soon as she was about to swipe it away, she saw the photo at the top.

It was a promotional photo for a girl’s group, and a familiar figure stood in the center with a dazzling smile plastered on her face. Anyone who did not know her would think that her popularity was skyrocketing. She looked like she had a bright future ahead of her.

Su Yayan narrowed her eyes dangerously and sneered. “Has she made up with Huo Shaofeng?”


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