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Chapter 71: Did KY Touch Porcelain?

t.i.tle translator’s note: KY is online slang for someone tactless who lacks understanding and consideration for others.

Su Yayan quickly removed the shrimp veins of the large bowl of crayfish and started to stir-fry a series of ingredients. Her newly upgraded knife skills made the task effortless and swift.

Compared with their initial discomfort, the audience has gradually adapted to the taste of chili. Many people had started to drool even before the preparation of the main ingredients.

The viewers who had activated the livestream taste simulator had tried to eat the boiled fish next to them while keeping their eyes glued to the crayfish in Su Yayan’s hand. You could say that they were eating from the bowl but salivating after the pot.

It was not difficult to prepare crayfish and Kung Pao Chicken. After frying the side ingredients, the next step was to put the main ingredients in and stir-fry, before finally adding spices and water for the sauce to thicken.

As long as you control the heat well, you would not end up with a dark-looking dish.

Although many people were slightly unnerved by the grisly-looking claws of the crayfish initially, they could not control their hands and mouths when they saw Su Yayan take it out of the pot.

[This crayfish really doesn’t taste earthy at all! It is sweet and deliciously chewy. Coupled with the spicy taste, it is exceptionally mouthwatering!]

[Yes, yes! There is a lot of difference between having shrimp veins and no shrimp veins. The one I ate before was bitter and tough. Also, it didn’t have this spicy taste. Although it was edible, the taste is as different as day and night when compared to this. It was such a waste of ingredients!]

[Ahh– It tastes delicious! But the more I eat, the hungrier I get. My stomach is growling several times. I seriously suspect that the host did this deliberately!]

[Sob… I regret it. It is not welfare at all. I can’t bear to just smell without getting a taste. Now that I have eaten the host’s dishes, how can I be contented eating plain tasting meals?]

Although the livestream taste simulator of the livestream broadcast room could simulate the taste of food for people to savor, it was only a virtual experience and not the real thing. It was impossible to fill their stomachs from this experience.

The thought of going back to their plain meals after having virtually tasted such delicious food was simply depressing. Many people felt drained of the light in their lives, and they had nothing left to look forward to.

Huo Chenhuan glanced at the wailing onscreen audience, and he experienced an unprecedented joy in his heart.

No matter how much they cried or begged, these dishes were all made for him, and no one could get their hands on them.

If he did not want to expose himself, he would not even let Su Yayan activate the livestream taste simulator. Hmph!

Huo Chenhuan felt triumphant yet resigned, but that feeling changed when he saw a few words floating on the screen. His expression instantly darkened.

[What a shameless rubbish host! She copied the marketing hype of our Fuping dada!]

[What a shameless b*tch, do you think that our Fuping dada has no fans? The copycat ought to die on the spot!]

[Our Fuping dada has just been invited to partic.i.p.ate in the variety show, and some people already can’t wait to take advantage of it and copy her to gain popularity. The rubbish host is shameless!]

At that time, Su Yayan had just put the last dish in the pot, and she saw these messages as soon as she looked up. Her expression clouded over, but there was also a faint realization that came with it.

She turned the dishes in the pot casually and chuckled sardonically. “Are you touching porcelain[1]?”

These words instantly triggered the criticizing fans who came to find faults. Real-time comments flooded the screen after Su Yayan spoke.

[Touched porcelain? Our Fuping dada is the queen of the food section. Is this small transparent host with only a few hundred thousand fans worthy of touching porcelain?]

[That’s right. The shameless host has copied others and still wants to counterattack?]


There was the sound of food being taken out from the pot, followed by an enticing aroma. Everyone who got a whiff of the smell could not resist drooling over it.

“Since you said I copied her, dare I ask, what was it that I copied?”

[1] A situation where someone is ready to fall at the slightest touch to claim compensation from whoever comes close or helps.


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