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Chapter 252 Surprise…!

“Are you afraid of the heights?” Danny asked.

Nancy furiously nodded her head in affirmation to show how afraid she was of the heights.

“Don’t worry, just close your eyes and rest your head on my chest and focus on my heartbeats. We will reach the gates of your Clan mansion soon.”

Danny increased his speed and started taking longer jumps to quickly pa.s.s one obstacle after another.

The mansion was in his sight and he was getting closer and closer to it.

The guards on the watchtower behind the mansion gate saw him rus.h.i.+ng in their direction. They suddenly became alert and shouted to the guards below to stop the unidentified person from approaching.

The guards at the gates immediately faced in the direction from where the person was coming from.

“Wait… That’s Lady Nancy. Don’t shoot.”

The guards heard the guy atop the watchtower shout Nancy’s name, so they also visibly dropped their guards.

“Hey, stop…!” A person who looked like the Captain of the guards shouted once he saw Danny dropping from the sky in the open s.p.a.ce before the gates of the Mansion with Lady Nancy of their clan hugging the boy for her dear life.

“No time, Lady Nancy is sick,” Danny shouted and jumped over the group of guards and the gates behind them.

“Oy, wait” The captain could shake his head after seeing the boy ignoring him and rus.h.i.+ng deeper inside the grounds of the Marell clan’s mansion.

He could only order his men to stay put and then run after Danny to catch up to him. He can’t live him out of his sight even if he is carrying a person of the Marells clan in his arms.

The boy didn’t stop no matter who shouted. He straightway ran towards the main hall where the elders of the Marell clan were currently having a routine meeting. Danny smiled at his luck. After sending a mental transmission to his puppets, Danny rushed inside the main hall while crus.h.i.+ng the closed gates with his legs.

“Third Elder, our merchants have to bear some losses since we can’t send them trade with the Seash.e.l.l island. They are our main importer of salt and whole grains, plus a small number of metal weapons we export to them.”

“We can’t do anything about that second elder, they are our enemies now. Don’t worry, our merchants would only have to bear losses in terms of wealth but Seash.e.l.l Island will have losses in terms of population when they stop trading with us.”

“What do you say sixth elder? What’s the status of our navy? Patriarch Marce has ordered to keep it ready all the time so as to pick up our soldiers the moment they are released on the island by those barbarians.”

“The s.h.i.+ps are ready but… there’s no news of our soldiers being released or even leaving the Seash.e.l.l island? We…” the sixth elder had only said till ‘we’ when suddenly they saw a boy breaking into the main hall by breaking the doors of the main hall and rus.h.i.+ng inside while carrying a person in his arms.

No one had the time to react when the boy suddenly threw the woman in her arms towards one of the elders.

“Here, catch your Missy.”

The sixth elder instinctively raised his arms to catch the person when spotted the face of Lady Nancy but his face soon contorted in pain when a dagger was plunged deep inside his chest the moment he caught the Lady.

“You…!” He fell backward with Nancy who managed to avoid her fall by somersaulting in the air again using the support of sixth elder’s body falling on the ground.

“Sixth el…Arghh!” A knife penetrated the head of the second elder before he could mourn for his blood brother.

“Surprise Motherf.u.c.kers!”

Danny shouted with the devil’s smile on his face. Nancy looked flushed and embarra.s.sed. She also told to shout those words but it felt too embarra.s.sing so she only mumbled simultaneously with Danny.

*Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring*

The sound of an enemy attack on the Marell’s clan mansion rang throughout the city. The soldiers from the barracks rushed in their direction to give timely support but they were being hara.s.sed by some elite warriors all of whom had the strength of a Ninth grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator.

The amount of reinforcement was also small because their main army had still not come back after being captured by the Seash.e.l.l island’s Lord.

The gates had already fallen into enemies’ hands. Some people had even started to riot and ama.s.sed the common public to block the roads and chant against the corrupt Marell clan.

Soon chaos spread all over the city but then a shout rang throughout the WhiteConch City which brought the small reinforcement of guards and the citizens to stop in their tracks.

“Marell’s clan has fallen down. Sixth, Second and Third elder of the Marells clan have been beheaded and the First elder has been captured. The rest of the elders who sided with Lady Nancy Marell, the true heir of the Marell clan has submitted to Danny Glover, the new ruler of the Whiteconch city. All soldiers throw your weapons down or you will be treated as an enemy and will be shown no mercy.”

Soon names of high-level captains and personas of the Whiteconch city echoed in the surrounding. they all have either been captured or killed or even submitted to the new ruler.

In just one hour, the whole Whiteconch city had suddenly changed hands between Marell clan to an unknown person who goes by the name of Danny.

Even the s.h.i.+ps have been stopped from leaving the dock and the ones far away were also somehow made to turn and brought back over to the port of the Whiteconch City.

Any caravan that reached near the city would find themselves surrounded and forcefully brought inside the closed city gates.

The sun had just started to set on the western horizon bringing a close to any small scale scuffle still going inside the small alleys or the streets of the city.


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