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Chapter 32 Flowing Waves Foundation Technique

The Demon beast meat was distributed equally between the members including the ones which stayed in the village. After having dinner everyone went to sleep.

But before Jack and others could go to sleep, Alex called for an emergency family meeting. Alex saw everyone sitting in a circle around him waiting for him to talk. Without wasting any time he started talking.

“Everyone I had called this meeting because I wanted to make an announcement more like I want to share something with you. As everyone knows that I had a fortuitous encounter some time ago that is this Crescent bow.”

Alex summons the Bow in his hands for everyone to look.

“From the day I got this bow, I always thought that the only magical thing about it was its ability to be absorbed in my body. But then I found out accidently about it having one more function. When inside my body this bow can absorb all the Qi from the Demon Beast core. Even from the incomplete core.”

Before he started talking about the bow, everyone was guessing in their mind about the reason for this meeting but listening that it was related to this magical Bow, everyone faces seemed solemn and started to listen with 100% concentration.

“But it didn’t do anything else other than absorbing the Qi. It took me time but I figured that a treasure like this can’t be so simple. For this reason I started to gather incomplete Demon Beast Core and let it absorb. After it ate more than thousands of incomplete Demon Beast Core, it finally gave a reaction. You know what it did?” Alex asked.

“WHAT?” this was some over the top reaction but Alex continued anyway.

“Who would have thought that it was an inheritance treasure? After it absorbed enough Qi, it gave me a test, though I can’t tell you what it was or how it happened, but if I could complete that test than it will give me something in return and if I could not than it will seal itself again and I would never be able to use it again.”

“What! Then what happened? Did you pa.s.s the test or did you not? Say it quickly!” Hank was overly excited after he listened to this. Something like this happening was too legendary. It was not only him but everyone looked at him like they were listening to a fairy tale.

“Fortunately I was able to pa.s.s it by a margin and got rewarded. This is what I wanted to talk to you about. I got a graded Cultivation technique. Not Low grade or Medium grade but Peak Grade Black ranked Cultivation technique. This is what I obtained 3 days ago. I wanted to tell you about it at that time but then these things happened and we all got very busy so I waited till today to share it with my family.”

There was a moment of silence; everyone held their breath in their lungs after Alex had finished talking.

“Pea..peak grade Cultivati..on technique. Alex is… it really a peak grade cultivation technique. You are not joking right” Meg asked as her voice quivered. She couldn’t believe her own ears. Everyone sitting here was the same. If what Alex had said was really true then it would change everything. The Crescent Bow which could vanish inside the body was already very magical but hearing that it was an inheritance treasure which could reward things like Cultivation Techniques had made their little mind blow. The reward was not low grade but Peak grade black ranked cultivation technique.

“Yes, what I said is true. Even I can’t believe it till now. But it’s all real.” Alex then stood up to bring some Demon beast skins and a quill to write the cultivation technique on it. After he finished writing, he gave it to the ladies so that they can read it first.

Meg and Julie were so excited that their hands were trembling. The first thing that they read was the name of the cultivation technique, it was>.The more they read about it, the more excited their expression became.

What was the meaning of Peak Grade cultivation technique, it’s a technique that can increase the cultivation speed by at least 5 times, not only this the user will also gain more strength than before.

For example, Jordan Family is in possession of a low grade cultivation technique. Gareth Jordan who was now 20 years old by cultivating his family technique became a 6th grade body tempering realm cultivator. This is the difference between cultivating different grades of cultivation technique.

Just having the cultivation technique does not mean that you can cultivate it immediately. First you have to comprehend it, and then you have to follow its instruction to the point. Making mistake here can be very deadly. Without a teacher, cultivating any new technique takes a long time.

But the cultivation technique which Alex had given his family has some extra notes already written to make it easier for them to understand it.

Everyone was so involved that they forgot to sleep. They wanted to cultivate it immediately just like when had found the Martial Art Skill


From the next day on wards, the family members started to use the > . They would first cultivate in it, then they would complete their training exercise routine and after that they would practice in Roaring Tiger Fist. As for the mercenary group members, they had already been able to follow their training program by themselves.

The results were shown very quickly. The youngest one that was Anna broke through 2nd Grade of Body Tempering Realm in 8 days. And after another 15 days she broke through 3rd grade of Body Tempering Realm again. She was better able to make use of peak grade black ranked cultivation technique than the others.

Tom and Hank took 13 and 15 Days respectively to reach 3rd grade of body tempering Realm and were soon going to break through in another month. Theo and Joe took around 1 month to reach 5th grade of Body Tempering Realm.

Meg and Julie needed 1 month and few days to break through the next grade that is 6th grade of Body Tempering Realm. Donald and Jack needed 45 days to successfully become 7th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivator.

It had already been two months since they started to cultivate in Graded Cultivation Technique. They were not the only ones who became stronger. Some of the members of the The Raging Sun who had reached some kind of bottleneck were also able to succeed in upgrading a grade in Body Tempering Realm.

Like Hugo, he was one of the three 5th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivators, he was 7 to 8 years older than Donald and Jack. He was able to pa.s.s his bottleneck after following the training exercises.

13 young cultivators of 1st grade were also successful in breaking through to 2nd grade after which they were made regular members of the The Raging Sun. Whereas some kids were able to awaken the Qi in their body ahead of expected time after doing regular exercises and eating Demon Beast meat that were hunted by the members of the Raging Sun every day.

7th grade of Body tempering realm and above cultivators would be given some important position by the City lords or by any n.o.ble in their family.

Alex would also cultivate in his Unnamed Technique in these days. After failing for the next half month, Alex was finally able complete one cycle. And in another month he was able reach 4th grade of Body Tempering Realm.

Soon he was going to reach the peak of that grade and then break through again. His cultivation grade might have just moved one step ahead but his strength has grown by leaps and bounds. His strength, speed, defense, endurance and 5 senses could already be compared with a 7th or 8th grade of Body Tempering Realm cultivator.


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