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Chapter 302: The Plan

Even Jiang Li felt that everything was too coincidental, but it was indeed G.o.d’s fault. For a moment, she was speechless.

Why did she have to run into such a terrible thing every time?

This time, it was indeed a little troublesome. Even though the director had asked the other guests to post pictures showing that they had received w.a.n.g Zi’s foot powder, the fans did not buy it.

That was because in those photos, Jiang Li had just come out of the shower in her pajamas. Her pajamas were normal. However, the netizens could always think out of the box.

A lot of w.a.n.g Zi’s fans, as well as w.a.n.g Zi and Ning Ke’er’s fans, came to Jiang Li’s Weibo to comment and insult her, saying that Jiang Li had seduced their idol.

They were saying that Jiang Li was unscrupulous, seduced people, and shameless… There were many comments.

Then, they used all sorts of subtle ‘observations’ to describe Jiang Li’s facial expression as shy and w.a.n.g Zi’s unnatural expression as awkward.

In the end, someone who claimed to be a member of the program team revealed the Chat Records.

It was said that Jiang Li liked to stick to w.a.n.g Zi from the start of the recording, deliberately ostracizing Ning Ke’er, and she also liked to act like a big shot. She appeared around the start of the program with Best Actor Zhou.

Therefore, many fans thought that their gentle and handsome brother was kind enough to give them foot powder, while Jiang Li was narcissistic and thought that w.a.n.g Zi was trying to express his love. In the end, w.a.n.g Zi was in a difficult position..

Jiang Li was speechless when she saw the ‘truth’ that these fans were talking about.

w.a.n.g Zi covered his face and looked like he had nothing to live for.

“I didn’t expect things to suddenly turn out like this… Jiang Li, I’m really sorry.”

No matter what, this matter was because of her. Jiang Li was shot even though she was lying down.

Although they had already posted a clarification weibo, the effect was very small.

Some irrational fans ran to the program team’s official Weibo to scold them, saying that the program team deliberately used the term ‘Ning w.a.n.g’ to stir up the popularity, but they even invited people like Jiang Li over!

“This matter was indeed our oversight. We thought that it would be fine if there were security guards outside and there were no cameras inside. We didn’t expect to be used by someone with ill intentions.”

The director was also a little apologetic.

Everyone knew that this was a mistake. The main reason was that the fans were not rational. The director wanted Jiang Li to make a statement. This matter would be over in two days. After the program was recorded, he wanted Jiang Li to be edited properly. He wanted Jiang Li’s character to be more perfect. After that, he wanted to cut more scenes of w.a.n.g Zi and Ning Ke’er.

This seemed to be the best solution.

However, Jiang Li did not intend to let the person who framed her off so easily! Some rumors and gossips would disappear with the wind over a long period of time, but the internet had memories. As long as one searched for Jiang Li’s name, all the rumors about her in the past would appear again.

Although it was said to be a solution, it was actually just a lie to deceive herself and the public.

“Director, I will solve this matter. You just need to cooperate with me.”

Jiang Li said indifferently. Although the director did not know what Jiang Li could do, he was naturally happy that there was a better solution.

“Okay, if you need my help, just say it!”

“Me, me too! w.a.n.g Zi raised his hand. This matter came because of him, so he had no reason to do nothing.

Jiang Li nodded. There were only Jiang Li, w.a.n.g Zi, the director, and a public relations person in charge of the program team.

Jiang Li explained her plan to them.

After saying that, the director’s expression was a little unnatural. He asked, “Is this really going to work? Are you sure that the person who took this photo is from our team?”

“Of course, we have to give it a try. It won’t affect anything anyway.”

Jiang Li had already made up her mind to do it this way. The public relations person felt that it would work, so the director agreed.

w.a.n.g Zi’s expression was a little unnatural, and the tips of his ears were a little red. The moment his eyes met Jiang Li’s, he quickly looked away.

In the morning, the director told everyone to finish their breakfast and start filming. Ning Ke’er, w.a.n.g Zi, and Jiang Li sat together for breakfast. Best Actor Zhou, the host, and the director sat at the same table.

At the dining table, Jiang Li and w.a.n.g Zi exchanged glances. Jiang Li deliberately made an excuse to leave, then made a phone call to w.a.n.g Zi.

w.a.n.g Zi’s phone was placed on the table. Ning Keer, who was sitting next to the caller, could clearly see the caller’s name.

The moment she saw it, Ning Ke’er’s expression changed.

w.a.n.g Zi, on the other hand, picked up his phone in a panic. He seemed to be a little guilty. He told Ning Ke’er’s about it and a smile appeared on his face when he answered the phone.

If she could not see anything, then Ning Ke’er was really an idiot. Ning Ke’er’s face was cold. She had even scratched a mark on the wooden table.

Ning Ke’er’s waved her a.s.sistant over and whispered something into her ear. Then she laughed and held the morning tea. Her mood seemed to have improved again.


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