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Chapter 87: Ill.u.s.trator Of AK Magazine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Miao Hu won the champions.h.i.+p and returned to school, the people who previously looked down on her all came to her side and were exceptionally attentive to her.

“Hu Miao, I didn’t expect you to really win the champions.h.i.+p this time! I thought the champion was Jiang Man! It’s really surprising that you can draw so well!”

“I already felt that Jiang Man’s character wasn’t good. She was just a little white flower, and there were actually so many people supporting her! I really don’t know what they were thinking! How is she like our Hu Miao? Not only is her drawing good, but her character is also good!”

A student beside her immediately nodded.

“Yeah, Hu Miao’s drawing is so good. She’s really bringing glory to our cla.s.s! In the past, Jiang Man’s cla.s.s was the one who won the first prize in the drawing compet.i.tion. Now, our cla.s.s has finally gained some glory. Hu Miao, you’re really the lucky star of our cla.s.s!”

The student who used to treat Hu Miao as air saw her come back with a trophy. Thus, she stood beside Hu Miao, wanting to attract her attention.

One by one, they stepped on Jiang Man.

When Hu Miao heard their words, she said, “Actually, I still have to thank my Senior Sister. After all, Senior Sister taught me how to draw. If it weren’t for her, I might not even have won the prize, let alone this champion.”

The female cla.s.smate beside her heard her being so modest and also smiled.

“I’ve heard about it! When you won the award, you already talked about your Senior Sister! Your Senior Sister is a third-year high school student from Jiang Man’s cla.s.s, Jiang Li, right? It’s funny to say that. Their cla.s.s trampled your Senior Sister into the mud just to raise Jiang Man’s status! Now, it seems that even you as her disciple can compare to Jiang Man. Your Senior Sister’s drawing skills must be able to push her to the ground and beat her up, right?”

Hu Miao nodded at her. “Senior Sister’s drawing skills definitely won’t be weaker than mine!”

As for Jiang Man, after she returned to cla.s.s, there would be people casting doubtful glances at her from time to time. There were even some who spoke in a bad tone.

However, most of the people placed their focus on Jiang Li’s side and flattered her.

After all, the matter of Jiang Li being Hu Miao’s drawing teacher had spread like wildfire. Everyone knew what they needed to know.

However, Jiang Li had never been kind to these fence-sitters, and her expression was indifferent.

When the crowd saw Jiang Li like this, they snorted coldly and returned to their seats.

“Jiang Li, please come out for a while.”

There was a person from the school’s art team at the door who was calling Jiang Li.

Only then did Jiang Li put down her pen and leisurely walk to the door.

In the end, she saw Hu Miao standing at the door just like her.

The students in the cla.s.s p.r.i.c.ked up their ears, wanting to hear from the corner of the wall.

Then, they saw the head of the art group bow to the two of them and speak unusually seriously.

“Our art group has encountered some difficulties recently and would like to invite the two of you to come to our art group to guide us. May I ask if it’s okay?”

She sounded exceptionally cautious when she spoke.

She thought that Hu Miao had obtained the champion of provincial painting compet.i.tion, she definitely would not put these art group members in her eyes.

Needless to say, Jiang Li was Hu Miao’s senior…

However, unexpectedly…

Jiang Li nodded readily. “Sure.”

The eyes of the art group leader lit up with hope. When Hu Miao saw Jiang Li nod, she also said, “I’ll follow my Senior Sister.”

For the next period of time, Jiang Li and Hu Miao were in the art group to guide the members of the art team in their drawing.

Jiang Li was in charge of the oral teaching while Hu Miao was in charge of the drawing demonstration.

Soon, the art team’s drawing skills improved by a few levels.

After hearing about Jiang Li and Hu Miao’s reputation, the person in charge of AK Magazine came to the school and found the two of them in the art group.

“I want to invite the two of you to be the ill.u.s.trators of AK Magazine. What do you think?”

AK Magazine was famous. To draw for AK meant that they could be famous.

Just look at Jiang Man’s Fox.

When the people next to them heard this, they were immediately filled with envy for the two of them.

Jiang Li Thought for a while.

Although she had put down the oil painting and stopped creating, she could still create meticulous paintings… Anyway, she liked to draw, and the form of the drawing was not important.

Thus, she nodded.


The person in charge of AK Magazine was immediately filled with smiles.

In the cla.s.sroom, some students remembered AK magazine and another famous person, Fox, and immediately pushed Jiang Man.

“Jiang Man, go and greet him! Isn’t that the person in charge of AK Magazine? You should know him, after all, your name is so famous!”

After the first student stood up, more people signaled to Jiang Man.

Jiang Man’s face was a little stiff.

“h.e.l.lo… h.e.l.lo.”

When Jiang Man stepped forward, she was a little nervous, afraid that she would be exposed.


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