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Chapter 1100: 1100

Chapter 1100: The Remolded Great Tang Army!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The heavens resounded as more Arab cavalry who did not know the truth of the situation charged forward . Everyone came back to their senses and the fighting once more became cruel and callous .

“This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Ziyad muttered to himself from beneath the fluttering black war banner, completely dumbfounded by what he had seen . The Fearless Army had built up its reputation on vicious battlefields through the terrifying skill of its soldiers . Those powerful foes that had long ago been turned into departed souls served as proof of the Fearless Army’s power .

But now, the Fearless Army was being completely suppressed, and this was while they outnumbered their foe . No one had ever imagined that this could be possible .

Almost instinctively, Ziyad looked to Abu Muslim .

Abu Muslim was silent . His back was as straight as ever, but Ziyad could sense that the shock in his heart was no less than his own .

Abu Muslim turned to Governor Osman and said, “Osman, send your Beheader Army and Tiber Army!”


Osman immediately nodded . After working with Abu Muslim for so many years, he had developed a keen understanding of his old friend . The Arabs never worshiped individual courage, but placed utmost priority on defeating the enemy . These Tang top-cla.s.s armies were inconceivably powerful . In this situation, they could only rely on numbers to overcome their opponents .

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Osman turned his head to a deputy and ordered, “Pa.s.s on my order! Deploy the Beheader Army and Tiber Army!”


The deputy bowed and quickly left . A few moments later, dust billowed into the air as the two armies surged toward the front .

Once the Tiber Army and Beheader Army had been deployed, Abu Muslim fell quiet for a few moments, and then he turned his eyes to the Governor of War, Qutaybah .

Tap! A moment later, as Osman, Aybak, and Ziyad solemnly watched, Abu Muslim strode forward and began to walk toward Qutaybah .

“Lord Qutaybah, can I trouble you to deploy your Blood Beast Army and Death Army?”

To everyone’s surprise, Abu Muslim gave Qutaybah a respectful bow .

Everyone knew about Qutaybah’s relationship with Abu Muslim, and it certainly was no genial one . Not long ago, the two had even quarreled . No one had expected that Abu Muslim would actually bow to Qutaybah at a time like this . He was clearly indicating that he was conceding and submitting himself .

Even more surprising was Qutaybah’s att.i.tude .

“Very well!” Qutaybah said as he looked at the battlefield, his voice abnormally gentle . Unexpectedly, he did not use this opportunity to taunt Abu Muslim .

Behind him, Osman, Aybak, Ziyad, and everyone else were dumbstruck .


No matter how shocked they were, the Blood Beast Army and Death Army quickly went into motion and charged off into the battlefield .

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w.a.n.g Chong immediately noticed when the Beheader Army, Tiber Army, Blood Beast Army, and Death Army moved out, and issued his own order .

“Roaring Tiger Army, Divine Prison Army, Ultimate Martial Army, Xuanwu Army—all of you, get ready!”

“This subordinate will go!”

A string of replies came from behind him, and the earth rumbled as these armies began to head for the front .

The battle came far more quickly than expected . A few moments later, the third top-cla.s.s Arab army arrived on the battlefield . The Tiber Army was one of the best forces under Governor Osman’s command . Last time, their opponent had been the Mo Saber Unit, but their opponent would be different this time .


As the Tiber Army appeared, an army rapidly marched out from the first defense line .

Clangclangclang! Countless weapons clashed in the air, producing innumerable sparks . The third army w.a.n.g Chong had sent was the most offensively-oriented one, the Divine Prison Army . Sword Qi ran rampant and they immediately began to inflict serious and unexpected losses amongst the Tiber Army .

The Divine Prison Army had always had extremely fierce and swift attacks, but its weakness had been its insufficient defense . Thus, in yesterday’s battle, the Divine Prison Army had taken more losses than were to be expected . But now, the Divine Prison Army was bolstered by six halos that filled in this weakness .


Beneath the feet of the Tiber Army soldiers, their black halos rapidly spun and trembled, shining with a metallic l.u.s.ter . These spinning halos suddenly struck the ground, and boom! The firm rock of the Talas battlefield split apart like it was tofu, and a Tiber Army soldier flew through the air at a Divine Prison Army soldier like a leopard lunging at its prey .

The Tiber Army did not have the best offensive or defensive capabilities amongst the Arab armies, but its soldiers could explosively increase their strength and speed for a few short moments, something that not even the Fearless Army could do .

More than half of the five thousand Mo Saber soldiers that had been killed in the previous battle had been slain by the sudden attacks of the Tiber Army soldiers . The explosive power of the Tiber Army soldiers was so great that when they struck, they shattered the armor of the Mo Saber soldiers into bits and pieces .

This time, however, when this Tiber Army soldier tried to explode forward and tear apart this Divine Prison Army soldier, a stream of Sword Qi suddenly through the air .

A moment later, the Tiber Army soldier’s head flew high into the air . Even at the moment of his death, he had no idea what had happened . His face was still frozen in the same expression as when he had lunged forward .

Bolstered by the power of the six additional war halos, the Divine Prison Army soldiers could strike with unfathomable speed . Not even the explosive speed of the Tiber Army soldiers could compare .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the incredible speeds the Divine Prison Army soldiers were moving, the long and thin swords in their hands became the most terrifying weapons in the world . Blood gushed into the air as six Tiber Army soldiers were beheaded, and the Divine Prison Army continued to rack up kills .


As the Divine Prison Army engaged in a full-out offensive, a Tiber Army soldier drew back, the muscles on his body tensing like a beast preparing to lunge . When a Divine Prison Army soldier had all his attention placed on another foe, the Tiber Army soldier lunged forward, slashing out with his scimitar at the Divine Prison Army soldier’s back . This slash bolstered by the Tiber Army soldier’s explosive strength was enough to sunder steel .

But just as the scimitar was about to land, one of the six halos around the Divine Prison Army soldier suddenly expanded to protect the soldier . As the scimitar clanged against the halo, there was a low roar in the air . If one looked carefully, one could see the image of the dragon-headed turtle that was the Xuanwu on the soldier’s back .

At this sight, Dalun Ruozan, Duwu Sili, Huoshu Huicang, Abu Muslim, and Aybak all trembled . This was the Xuanwu Halo that only the Xuanwu Army could have possessed, but it had inexplicably appeared on this Divine Prison Army soldier .

Boom! The illusion of the Xuanwu shattered together with the Xuanwu Halo . The Tiber Army soldier’s tremendous strike shattered the Divine Prison Army soldier’s armor and sent him flying backward .

But this Divine Prison Army soldier only flew some twenty to thirty feet before stopping himself . Spitting out some blood, he turned and viciously glared at the Tiber Army soldier who had ambushed him .


Sharp Sword Qi immediately exploded forward to attack the Tiber Army soldier . A few seconds later, with a miserable scream, the Tiber Army soldier’s head went flying into the air, while his body was pockmarked with holes of various sizes .

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This battle had developed in a way that the Arabs could have never imagined . No one knew what had happened, but all of them could clearly see that the strength of the Divine Martial Army, Dragon Stallion Army, and Divine Prison Army had greatly increased .

In the rear, Abu Muslim, Osman, and the others all had extremely nasty grimaces .

“For Arabia!”

Deafening roars shook the battlefield as more and more of the Arabs’ top-cla.s.s armies arrived on the battlefield . Not long after the Tiber Army had arrived, the Beheader Army arrived to a.s.sist it .

“Xuanwu Army, move out!” w.a.n.g Chong ordered as soon as he saw the Beheader Army .

The Xuanwu Army and Beheader Army could now be considered mortal enemies . In yesterday’s battle, the Beheader Army had suffered heavy casualties, but the Xuanwu Army had come off even worse . Right now, the Xuanwu Army had far fewer soldiers than the Beheader Army, but w.a.n.g Chong still chose to send out the Xuanwu Army without the slightest hesitation .


The most defensively formidable Xuanwu Army marched onto the battlefield .

Six halos appeared on the Xuanwu Army, causing its strength to swell, and the two thousand remaining soldiers of the Xuanwu Army impacted with the Beheader Army like a storm .


“For the Great Tang!”

“Exterminate these infidels!”

The two armies each gave their own roars as they madly attacked their foes . Scimitars and swords gleamed as they clashed, the noises of their impacts ringing out over the battlefield .

Boomboomboom! The halos were the first to clash, the shockwaves of energy causing dust to sweep outward .

But a few moments later, an enormous boom announced the contest’s outcome . The halos of the Beheader Army soldiers began to shatter, one by one .

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