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Chapter 136 Part 2

I should not have called this person. Little brother, this time, you made a wrong decision. But he would not have told me to call Hyunjae Sung if he knew that my fear resistance skill level decreased. I should have told him.

“How did Yoohyun Han come here?”

“You probably have not heard the news, but the Hayeon Guild leader went to conquer a dungeon. The fire was merely a gas explosion since someone seemed to have escaped after forgetting to close a gas valve.”

“Your tongue seems to be light as a feather.”

While Hyunjae Sung was still smiling, I had to wonder where the end of his patience was since he was not a guy used to holding back. However, I could not answer any of the questions. I could not tell him Taewon Song’s skill, and I would be crazy to tell him Yoohyun’s. It was the same for the magic stone in my chest.

Hyunjae Sung spoke as he stared at me after a short silence.

“It can’t be helped.”

My knees bent not out of my own accord. My breath hitched, and everything turned white.

When my shaking vision somehow cleared, I could see my hands on the floor. The sound of my breathing seemed too far away to be mine.

“Yoojin Han.”

Hyunjae Sung lowered his body with one knee on the ground. He tousled my head like a dog and made me lift my head. Our eyes met while I was still reeling, and his gaze that pretended to be gentle instilled a deep fear in me.

“Yoojin, you should be telling me the truth.”

His sweet whisper came like an absolute command. The ends of my fingers clawed the floor.

“Why were you wounded on the chest?”

“The magic stone…”

The magic stone of Diarma. My head cleared a bit once I remembered it. Diarma and the Queen of the Mermen. I remembered what happened at that time.

A cursed poisonous dragon large enough to swallow a star and the ruler of waters.

d.a.m.n it, I had gone through almost anything despite being an F cla.s.s. I would not bend to this. While I had lost the benefits of the fear resistance skill, I still had my experiences under my belt.

“My opponent is only an S cla.s.s.”

I clenched my teeth. I tried to escape from the chains choking me, but it was not easy. In fiction, people would somehow break free by sheer will, but reality was bleak.

“Stop resisting and speak.”

Then you would be released. It was a tempting offer.

I could not do anything about the cla.s.s difference and therefore had no way out. My stats were F cla.s.s and there was a huge gap between Hyunjae Sung and me, and I had no mental resistance items.

F cla.s.s was useless. Therefore, only an even higher cla.s.s could win against a higher cla.s.s.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

I used magic through breath-taking pressure. The mental skill of the Diarma was not directed at him. I could not use it, and it would not be effective unless he accepted it due to cla.s.s differences. The skill was addressed to me.

I took only some parts of the skill effects and refreshed my memory of when Diarma and the Queen faced each other and their immense presence.

An S cla.s.s? That was a pond in front of an ocean.

The ocean attacked the pond and me and swept us away.


d.a.m.n, I had to be crazy. I should have chosen Diarma before he became a dragon. I stopped breathing for a moment. I slid down on the ground and looked up at Hyunjae Sung with tears streaking down my face. He looked actually surprised now.

“You’re only an S cla.s.s. You don’t deserve to see this.”

Why are you smiling? Hyunjae Sung picked me up again, and I felt absolutely battered inside. I wanted my pet. Hey, your daddy is dying right now.



It really came. I gently took the baby bird floating in front of me in my hands. The soft and warm touch calmed my racing heartbeat.

“So, it does have a teleport skill.”

“Stop looking at someone else’s pet.”

-Peep. Peep!

“Hey, thank you for coming to me, but it’s too dangerous for you to be out like this.”

It would be difficult for me if the little guy appeared during a battle. I should educate him so he would not teleport so easily, but I had no idea how to do it.

The car arrived as I fed the little guy magic stones. The driver immediately came out and opened the back door. I wanted to fall asleep the moment I sat but I glared at Hyunjae Sung, who sat next to me instead.

“If you have a conscience, please get off.”

“We will be immediately returning to the guild.”

Hyunjae Sung ignored my words and spoke to the driver. Wait, that guild would not mean Haeyeon?

“Shouldn’t you be taking me back? Do you want me to take a cab?”

“I can’t leave you like this. I’ll protect you for the foreseeable future.”

“You’re the most dangerous person I know!”


“Thank you for overestimating an S cla.s.s.”

“Please let me out anywhere near a lane.”

I did not know whether I could walk, but I would return home if I needed to crawl. Or if someone would just let me make a phone call to Haeyeon.

“I’m unwell, but I just need to stay at home. Do you have the right to be worried about me?”

“I’ll erase a debt.”

“Two. Let’s bury the hatchet about Noah.”

“You ask too much for a lowly S cla.s.s.”

Hyunjae Sung’s face creased into a sad face, and I did not care, two debts had to be paid. He seemed to know his crimes as he accepted the deal soon enough.

The car, fortunately, turned to the raising area. Noah was waiting anxiously at the parking lot.

“Mr. Yoojin!”

Noah rushed towards me and held my arm. He then glared at Hyunjae Sung.

“Why does he look worse than before?”

“He did too much as he always does. Let him rest.”

Did he know whose fault it was? Hyunjae Sung looked at my chest before getting back in the car.

“I’m curious avout what you are going to say to your little brother.”

“Hey, what? Are you going to tell him?!”

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d disappeared into the car without a reply. What excuse should I make? I was thinking of getting fake skin to hide the wound as I still had a few days before Yoohyun came out.

* * *

“Are you alright?”

My little brother appeared as soon as I washed up after arriving at home. Irin had become tangible from the tattoo and sat perched on my shoulder to look alternatively at Yoohyun and me.

Well, little brother, you seemed to have used a gate stone.


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