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Chapter 334 – Vengeance

“As you know, Lin An and I used to be a couple. Unbeknownst to me, he has taken unsightly pictures of me when we were together. Somehow he managed to get the news that I have recently received a large paycheck for this job. He came to my room that day to threaten me to give him the money or he would release my pictures online.

“I was arguing with the horrible man when Jin Xuan accidentally made that sound. The boy was discovered by Lin An. The man was already in a terrible temper and spotting Jin Xuan only made it worse. I could see that he would seriously harm this boy…”

Jin Xuan cowered as if thinking back to that moment.

“So you killed Lin An to protect Jin Xuan?” Xiao Rui asked.

Jiang Zhi chuckled sadly. “If only things are that simple… I quickly urged Jin Xuan to go but Lin An refused to let him go. I got into a physical altercation with Lin An. He had his hands around my neck. I really thought I was going to die. Then suddenly the pressure loosened. Lin An collapsed to the ground with a b.l.o.o.d.y wound on his head. I looked up and saw Jin Xuan holding broken gla.s.s. I knew the boy only wanted to save me so… I cleaned up the room and stuffed Lin An into the snowchipper. I believed the machine would settle the rest, who knew Qian Yao and Zhu Wen would get involved.”

“So where is the broken gla.s.s now?”

“I cleaned it up and tossed it into the ocean with the balloon.”

“Miss Jiang is a good person… Lin An is a bad person…” Jin Xuan squatted at the corner, hugging his head.

“If you have reported this to the police, you would have been spared, why didn’t you? Why set up all these complicated contraptions?” Mo Li didn’t understand the way of thinking of these people.

“Going to the police… I did think about it.” Jiang Zhi looked at Jin Xuan. “But he is still a child. He didn’t know anything. Plus he did help me solve a huge problem that is Lin An. I can’t let him take the fall because of me.” Jiang Zhi had fully surrendered. After all, she had lived a long life already. Furthermore, she was indeed guilty in this case. She took a deep breath.

Zhu Wen suddenly laughed. “What use is the police anyway if they can’t uphold justice?” Zhu Wen looked completely different from her usual sunny self. Her eyes were filled with coldness and viciousness.

“If I’m not mistaken, this is not Miss Zhu Wen’s original face.” Mo Li studied Zhu Wen. Even though the woman’s face looked flawless, Mo Li could tell something was wrong through Zhu Wen’s micro-expressions. “Perhaps I should say the ident.i.ty of Zhu Wen is not even original. These are the pills we’ve found in your tent. I’ve seen you take them before. Initially I thought they were just vitamins. But now I realize they are scar recovery medicine and estrogen.”

Zhu Wen looked at Mo Li. “Why did Ye Zi deserve this? She didn’t do anything but she was bullied by these people. She committed suicide because Qian Yao drugged her and had a rich man come to rape Ye Zi. The b.i.t.c.h even took a video of it. And that Chu Guang, how can he mistreat her like that?” Zhu Wen gnashed her teeth like she would tear Chu Guang into pieces.

“He knew that Ye Zi was framed but he didn’t come to defend her. He even sided with Qian Yao and used Ye Zi as a tool for him to build his image. He claimed that he was Ye Zi’s boyfriend but he never did anything to help her.”

The final straw was Qian Yao’s rise to popularity. Everyone praised her for her beauty and intellect. She was even named the Innocent Angel of the Internet. However, Zhu Wen knew that the woman was a venomous snake. Qian Yao was willing to sell her friend and her own body to climb to the top.

Zhu Wen had always been bullied due to his femininity. Only Ye Zi was willing to be his friend. Ye Zi gave him the start in his career to be her personal make-up artist. Ye Zi and Zhu Wen had this bond that went deeper than most realized.

Just as Mo Li said, after Zhu Wen found out about Ye Zi’s death, he flew overseas to escape from this land of sad memories. However, when he was overseas, someone told him the truth behind his friend’s death. When he was abroad, he took the s.e.x change operation and returned to the country as Zhu Wen. Her goal was to take revenge on people who had hurt Ye Zi.

Just like that a mysterious Miss Zhu Wen surfaced in the entertainment industry. Step by step, she slowly climbed her way to the top.. She started to gain people’s attention with her amazing make-up skill and then she became a model and finally a host.


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