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Chapter 363: Send them to h.e.l.l

Translator: Lonelytree

Li Min countered coldly, “You’re the one who can’t act. Not me.”

Then Li Min’s mind drifted back to the summer when she was 16.

“Liu Liu, why were you talking with that kind of person?”

“Haven’t you heard about the nasty rumors between her and the boy from school…”

“Liu Liu, you are too kind!”

“She does look like the kind of girl who would do something like that. Her face is as evil as her heart. Haha!”

Why am I wasting time with Yang Liu? She has proven that she is not on my side anyway. Back then, when she was misunderstood by everyone, all Yang Liu said was, “I don’t even know her. Do whatever you want with her, don’t come to bother me.”

Li Min gripped her fists. So who gave Yang Liu the right to lord over me now?!

“Speaking of, Li Min, why is your face so red?”

Li Min felt her mind fading away and suddenly she fell. “Li Min? Help! Li Min has fainted!”

In the age of information, news spread very quickly. Mo Li looked at the news on her phone. How did these people not get in trouble after writing things like these?

“Trouble at the set of Legend of Jinying. Jin Chuan has been seen to drop Li Min off at the hospital. It is suspected that Li Min is pregnant with his child.” Kang Zhi read the headlines out loud as if not seeing Jin Chuan who was also inside the room.

Jin Chuan’s face was dark. He hissed. “What nonsense!”

Mo Li looked at Jin Chuan with a sigh. When Li Min fainted yesterday, Jin Chuan volunteered to send her to the hospital. Their picture was taken and the story somehow became like this.

Yang Liu sighed and told Jin Chuan, “If you don’t make a statement soon, this will never go away. When your manager sees this news, he’ll be on your a.s.s. Listen to me, you better contact your PR team to suppress this news.”

Kang Zhi scrolled down his phone and gasped, “Wait, there’s more!” It was like the man couldn’t wait for the world to burn.

“An account called Ruo Feng has just exposed the fact that Li Min has undergone plastic surgery. They have attached Li Min’s high school picture!”

Everyone took out their phone. The topic mentioned by Kang Zhi was gaining traction at an alarming rate.

“But her expressions look so lively!”

“Modern technology is very advanced. Even if she has touched her face, we wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“She has touched her face, what about her body?”

“There’s something called lipo.”

“But why would Jin Chuan fall for a woman like this?”

“Our Sister Min wouldn’t have eyes for an unknown model like Jin Chuan!”

The fans of the two stars got into a heated argument. Everyone was confused.

Li Min, who was in the hospital, was trembling as she held her phone. Why is it that those who betray me and mock me are always so lucky?

“Sister Min, you better rest. Tomorrow afternoon, the director has arranged for wire harness shoots between Mo Li and Yang Li.” It was Li Min’s manager who looked after her at the hospital. “Of course, they won’t be able to do much. They are not better actors than you, Sister Min. In the future, when you have their resources, your star will s.h.i.+ne brighter than theirs.”

Li Min forced herself to sit up. “Arrange for me to return to set now!” Even if she had to die, she would die on set. Li Min changed into her costume and hurried towards the set.

“I’m surprised that Mo Li is such a good actor! Plus she is very pretty. I never notice it before, but she’s even prettier than Yang Liu and Li Min.”

“Yang Liu is not so bad. At least she’s better than that Li Min who needs to rely on CEO Han to get into the cast.”

“You’re not wrong, I don’t even get why she’s the main lead.”

“Well, people have connections…”

The girl quickly tugged on the other girl’s clothes because she saw Li Min walking over.

“Miss, Miss Li, why are you here?”

“That’s right. You should be at the hospital! If you don’t feel so well, you need to tell us, we’ll help you request a holiday from the director.”

“Miss Li, health is more important.”

Li Min looked at the 2 girls and revealed a very gentle smile. “Thank you for your concern. I’m very well.”

In fact, I cannot be any better. Li Min’s expression darkened when she pa.s.sed the 2 girls.. As long as those people are still around, I’ll never be able to shake my past. Therefore, I need to make sure that I send them to h.e.l.l!


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