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Since I translate this while listening to Hatsune Miku’s song, sometimes, I write Miko as Miku…

Chapter 24
Goblin Stampede

Translated by Yuriko Aya

Miko and Yuuna continued their wait and see the goblin stampede situation. But there was no single sign that indicate the goblins will move.

“They aren’t moving, there is sign of hobgoblin too.”

“Well, master, I have question but?”


“Do master have appraisal skill?”

“Ah, now you mention it, I haven’t talk about my skill composition right? Language understanding, card sealing, and appraisal values are max.”

Miko said it like there was nothing, but Yuua was blank in amazement for few seconds.

“…Really, master is out of norm. Normally, to have those skill with max value is impossible. Then, could you tell me about the status of goblins over there with your appraisal skill?”

Miko activated her appraisal skill and looked at the goblins. The goblins which she saw over there were just level one or two, not really different with the goblin they defeated before.

“I will thrust some disturbance. Master please crush every confused goblin.”

When Miko gave nod, Yuna dashed out. Rushed to the nearest flock of 5 goblins, cut two if them and rushed to the next target. Miko defeat all of Yuuna’s left over with single hit. When half of the stampede were defeated, a goblin with big build  got out from the hut. Miko immediately use her appraisal on it.

NAME    Hobgoblin
LEVEL    15
AT        91
DF        86
MA        30
MD        19
SP        87
IN        88
HP        220/220
MP        180/180

St.u.r.diness (8/20)
Pulse wave (5/15)

“Yuuna-chan!! hobgoblin appeared!! Pull back at once!!”

With Miko’s word, Yuuna quickly responded and returned to Miko’s side. When hobgoblin moved, the other goblins also followed, there were about ten of them.

“The, hobgoblin appeared, what should we do? Status-wise, I won’t loose though.”

“Then how about like before? I will attract surrounding goblin and master focused to hobgobli-, guh!?”

Before she could finish what she want to said, something invisible hit Yuuna and send her flying. Yuuna was blown about 5 meters.

“! Yuuna-chan are you fine?”

Miko rushed to Yuuna but Yuuna lost her conscious. When Miko looked at hobgoblin, it was sticked out one of its hand and gave  a vulgar smile.

“… I’m sorry, Yuuna-chan. It’s because my carelessness. I’m sorry.”

“Gisha sha sha sha.”

“What you have done to Yuuna… I won’t forgive you. Yuuna-chan, I’ll borrow your dagger for a while…”

Miko kept Yuuna sleep as is and took the two dagger that Yuuna have.

“Then, I understand that you are attacking Yuuna in order to protect yourself. But that doesn’t mean I will forgive you.”

Miko, held two dagger, stand in front of the goblins.

“Hence, I will annihilate you all.”


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