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“Finally you come.” w.a.n.g Yu languidly spoke.

At this point, Ye Xiu didn’t realize yet about Su Zhang Li and his nephew condition, he just saw his sister in law was in shock while hugging Ye Qing’s body.

Before he could approach the pair of mother and son, all the elite soldiers and Golden Arrow Archer had surrounded him. This situation almost reminded him like what had happened to him years ago in Mountain Sui Sword Sect.

He glared at them all. “Tell me what you want and leave them at once!” Ye Xiu roared.

Upon hearing his anger, w.a.n.g Yu only chuckled menacingly. “You are not in the position to talk about term with me, Ye Xiu.” He taunted.

Ye Xiu was in the state of near to go ballistic. His sword pierced swiftly those people who surrounded him, only menace that’s flashing in his eyes while he killed all of them who blocked his way.

It didn’t take much time before he reached Su Zhang Li and Ye Qing spot. He crouched in front of Su Zhang Li while his eyes were skimming his surrounding, still on his guard. Just in case if they decided to attack him now.

As w.a.n.g Yu retreated a few steps away from them with smirked on his lips, he was waiting how Ye Xiu reaction when he knew his dearest nephew had gone.

“Zhang Li, bring Ye Qing and go from this place.” Ye Xiu talked softly to his brother’s wife.

However, Su Zhang Li just stared at him without make any moved. She was blinking her eyes dreamily, still hugging Ye Qing’s body.

Realizing there was something wrong with Su Zhang Li’s reaction, Ye Xiu grew alert. “Zhang Li, let me see Ye Qing.” He tried to pry opened her fingers from her son’s body. But, she buried him deeper in her embraced.

“You will hurt Ye Qing if you hug him like that.” Even though that’s what he said, but bad premonition had crept inside his mind. “Let me see him.” Now Ye Xiu’s voice trembled.

The next second, Su Zhang Li raised her head slowly and her gaze fell on Ye Xiu’s face. Slowly she opened her mouth, tried to make a sound and said something to him. However, nothing could be heard as her lips quivered.


Out of frustration because she couldn’t voice out her mind, Su Zhang Li screamed instead.

She screamed and screamed as though in that way she was able to ease the pain in her heart, as though in that way she could call her son back to live.

With Su Zhang Li’s scream, Ye Xiu dashed toward w.a.n.g Yu. His vein on his hand bulging due to the immense fury that he tried to suppressed.

w.a.n.g Yu didn’t budge when he saw Ye Xiu stormed toward him, because halfway Leader Mo cut his attack and took Ye Xiu head on. Leaving w.a.n.g Yu at the side as a spectator who enjoyed the show, he liked it so much with what he saw now.

Ye Xiu viciously attacked Leader Mo, not long after that both of them entangled in ferocious battle.

Leader Mo could keep up with Ye Xiu’s speed, however Ye Xiu swordsmanship was way higher than him that make him no longer could stand on his ground.

The moment Leader Mo made a reckless moved, Ye Xiu slashed his sword at him. Fortunately, w.a.n.g Yu stepped forward and pulled Leader Mo back to his side and at the same time he pulled out his sword to fend of Ye Xiu’s attack.

The three of them backed away at the same time to a.n.a.lyze the situation.

Nevertheless, when Ye Xiu skimmed around him, he caught a glimpse of hundreds bodies laid death on the ground that he overlooked before.

Now when he paid more attention into it, he couldn’t find a single soul.

There wasn’t any movement from those children that gave him indication that they were still alive.

“You killed them!!!” Ye Xiu bellowed.

w.a.n.g Yu laughed heartily when he heard Ye Xiu lost his temper and gave a signal to the remaining Golden Arrow Archer to shoot him.

The next moment, dozens arrow flung on the sky and cascaded like rain. Ye Xiu darted to Su Zhang Li’s side to protect her from the arrows.

When all of the arrows attack was over, w.a.n.g Yu attacked Ye Xiu personally.

w.a.n.g Yu forced him to step away from the woman and her son.

Leader Mo who looked both of them fighting became agitated and grabbed Su Zhang Li’s hair.

“Enough! You just wasted time!” Leader Mo rebuked w.a.n.g Yu as he put his sword at the woman’s neck. “Come with us willingly or I will kill her!”

w.a.n.g Yu managed to kick Ye Xiu’s chest because he stopped abruptly when he saw Su Zhang Li predicament and Leader Mo threatening words.

w.a.n.g Yu who was overpowered by his anger had intention to stab him. However, Leader Mo shouted at him again. “You need him alive!”

Agitatedly, he changed his sword direction and kicked him instead. When Ye Xiu fell to the ground, he stepped on his chest and pointed the tip of his sword to Ye Xiu eyes. “You will dead once I am done with you!” w.a.n.g Yu smirked in satisfied.

Su Zhang Li looked at her brother in low with blank expression, the incisions on her neck re-open the previous wound, but as though she couldn’t feel the pain, she remained silent.

Ye Qing body has become cold as the bruises on his neck turned visible. Su Zhang Li looked at her son sleeping face and Ye Xiu’s angry and worry expression because this man threatened Ye Xiu with her life.

Su Zhang Li beautiful eyes gradually turned focus as a tear trickled down on her pale cheeks and she said softly.

Ye Xiu barely heard it, but he could definitely read her lips.

“Tell Ye Bai, I am sorry…” Su Zhang Li said softly before she forcefully yanked her hair and moved her head to go against the sword on her neck. Blood spurted from the deep wound that created from it as her body slumped forward soullessly.


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