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As long you get to the top, you will get the attention of the Hokage.

It doesn’t matter if you get there first, anyone will feel honored to get his attention

In the third sub-field, Naito was the first one.

The moment Naito got qualified Kus.h.i.+na give up her own game and went to the crowd to watch the upcoming fights.

The third sub-field get very noisy.

It got all the attention of the other sub-field too.

First sub-field.

Minato was gonna enter his fourth fight, he was very surprised.

“It seems that somebody has already been qualified, he’s actually faster than me.”

After a moment, he smiled unconcerned.

it doesn’t matter who’s the faster because it doesn’t affect the overall ranking.

He will not give up the first place to anyone.

Minato thought about that with confidence.

At the other sub-field.

The top student still wasn’t determined, Sarutobi was waiting with excitement.

“it seems we have a genius this year.”

“Maybe he even surpa.s.sed you Orochimaru.”

In the eye of the Sandaime, he even surpa.s.sed one of most talented s.h.i.+n.o.bis in the village.

In the Ninja school, the most talented student of all times was Orochimaru until Minato appeared!

With this is the case, the Name of Namikaze Minato was Known by all the high-level elites.

Knowing it was Minato, made him smile happily.

He was confident, it was no one but Minato.

However, Orochimaru came behind his back and whispered.

“nah nah… it’s not necessary him.”

“What, actually it’s obvious, it seems the age affected your judgment Orochi.”

Then he snorted while he’s laughing.

Orochimaru was too lazy to react to this provocation, but he shrugged, and lightly said:” I didn’t mean that.”

“What do you mean?”

“See for yourself!”

Then he looked at the gate.

Sarutobi looked with confidence.

Then the two of them looked surprised.

They saw the first winner walking through the gate.

It’s a silver-haired little kid.

It’s not Minato, it was Naito!

“It’s Impossible, there’s someone faster then Minato!”

He almost stood up from excitement.

The first winner… … is not Minato?!

Orochimaru said with an evil look: “What’s the impossible….”

“I thought there is no one more talented then Minato.”

Tsunade comes from the behind and said: “He’s the one who challenged Uchiha Samui to a duel.”

“Yes, it’s him.” Orochimaru nodded.

With all the attention focused on Naito, Jiraya revealed an unhappy expression.

“Even if he came here first, he cannot win against Minato, his talent is even bigger than your’s Orochimaru!”

“Ha ha ha…”

Orochimaru heard him, then he exposed an evil smile and said: ” He got a special Kekkei Genkai, with an unbroken will, I can see it, he will be stronger than Minato in the future.”

Suddenly he made everyone doubt their selves.

Although most of them didn’t believe that he can beat Minato, that kind of talent can’t be defeated, but from his confident words, they knew Naito can’t be underestimated!

Sarutobi took a moment to ponder.

Of course, he heard about Naito’s duel.

In the face of certain death, Naito challenged Samui to a life or death duel after three months, but however you look at it, it’s a closed end.

But to think about it, Naito’s decision is the best choice!

That child is not a simple one huh.

If Naito is really this talented, then it will be a waste to get destroyed by the hand of the Uchiha.

If this is the case, he needed to see his next performance!

With Sarutobi looking forward to watching the matches, Naito finally came to the middle of the field and quietly stopped waiting for the others.

He was looking at the gate to examine the qualified students.

The main field compared to the sub is a lot bigger.

The main field is located in an examination room wish is a lot similar to the one he fought Izumi in.

At the very top, he saw the Hokage sitting quietly.

And next to him there were three familiar people to Naito.

Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya too!

The future three Sannin, he didn’t expect to see them there.

But they seem younger than the original story, and the three are wearing formal uniforms.

seeing these three Naito displaced for a moment.

From his place, Sarutobi stared at Naito, but of course, Naito looked back.

Sometimes, from the eyes of the person, you can know a lot of things.

Too calm, but in this calm, there’s a burning will, an excited heart, his eyes were showing his confidence.

“He looks good.”

Sarutobi slightly said that after he looked at him for a moment.

Getting the first place then have those confident eyes in front of the most elite people in the village.

This is the mentality of a qualified Ninja.

Although Naito is an outsider.

His loyalty doesn’t need to be questioned, in the eyes of Sarutobi, there’s no difference between Naito and the other kids.

In his opinion, before he awakened his bloodline Naito presence was concealed, but now he began to bloom like a lotus it that catches every eye.

After a moment, finally the second winner was determined, this time without a doubt it was Minato!

Walking through the gate, Minato had a cool look.

Jiraya who looked not concerned a while ago, once again got excited.

“Look, he got the same look on his face! even if Naito’s good it’s impossible for him to beat Minato.”

“Oh, then let’s wait and see.”

Orochimaru with an evil smile on his face quietly leaned back on the wall.


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