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Chapter 350: Land Of Iron

From Tsunade’s Perspective, the four Major Villages’ Jinchuriki were captured by Naito. Although they are currently being held at Konoha’s side and used as a negotiation condition for their favor, the Rain Village should have a big part of those benefits.

Naito only needs to go once and make it clear that he’s standing on the Rain’s side, not Konoha’s.

It can even be said that he doesn’t need to be part of any negotiation. His status alone is enough for the other Five Major Villages for not daring to not ignore his claims!


Land of Iron.

This five Kages’ peace talk is naturally impossible to be held in one of the Five Major Lands. If it got locked in Konoha, it would be natural to think that Sarutobi has the upper hand, the other four Kages would be under higher pressure, which they don’t want to deal with.

As for choosing the Iron Land over other big countries, it is because they’re not part of this war in the first place, and they don’t even have s.h.i.+n.o.bis, only samurais.

After a lengthy discussion, they came to agreement that the five Kages can only have two guards each to accompany them.

Of course, although they restricted it to two guards only, there’s no doubt that each Kage will choose the best s.h.i.+n.o.bis they had in the Village for that job. With Five Kages and these fifteen Elite s.h.i.+n.o.bis, they will have the top forces in the World. There’s no need to worry about security issues.

To make it simple, with such power and considering the odds, none of the Kages will pull out any dirty tricks.

Land of Iron.

The snow was falling profusely, turning all of the building white.

In the middle of the Village, there was a tall tower with several floors standing there. The buildings around it were forming a multi-layered wall surrounding that tower.

At this time, inside of the tower, the Samurais were patrolling, the Five Kages didn’t show up yet, and the general of the Iron land’s Three Wolves was waiting here for them.

In his young age, Mifune fought with Hanzo the Salamander but got defeated by the latter’s hands. Later Hanzo regretted letting him go in the Original.

“Counting the time, the Kages should be here at any second.”

Looking at the snow outside, Mufine muttered in his heart.

In the next moment, three figures finally appeared in the distance, it didn’t take him a while before they were already at the gates of the villages, which made all of the Samurais show a sense of alertness.

“They’re coming!”

With Mifune’s eyes flickering slightly, he thought about the ident.i.ty of these three.

Mifune rushed directly to the gates, then suddenly showed a stunned expression.


“The Leader and the two guards of the Rain Village.”

The leader stopped in front of Mifune then responded firmly.

The Land of Rain is located between the lands of the fire, earth, and wind. It can be said that its located in the center of the World.

Behind Tsunade, two people were standing. The first is Konan. Although she’s usually swamped, she never gave up on her training, and she’s now at the Kage-Level strength.

The other former Anbu commander of the Rain Village, which also at the same level as Konan.

Yahiko is relatively weak, so she didn’t consider taking him at all. As for Kus.h.i.+na, she wasn’t interested in going, and Naito naturally was lazy to convince her to go. And of course, even lazier to come as a guard.

“Rain Village?”

Mifune seemed stunned for a moment, then he said: “This is the Five Kages’ Peace Talk. The Rain Village didn’t get an invitation…”

Tsunade showed a small smile, and let go of her momentum, which made Mifune and some of his Samurais terrified for a moment.

“Do I need an invitation?”


Mifune seemed horrified. The Land of Iron is a neutral country, and they never partic.i.p.ated in the Wars.

Moreover, Mifune had a history with the previous leader of the Rain Village, and he has almost died by Hanzo’s hands. It was hard for him to deal with these surprising guests.

Mifune didn’t have any choice but to let Tsunade go in. The Land of Iron isn’t part of this in the first place, so he decided to let the Five Kages decide whether they want the Rain with them in the Peace Talk.

Although the Rain is far less than the Five Major Villages, having the G.o.d of s.h.i.+n.o.bis who is respected by all parties on their side will surely clear any confusion.

Tsunade looked back at her guards, then she smiled at Mifune and headed to the meeting hall.

On the side, Konan followed her calmly, while the former Anbu Commander followed her closely, then stepped into the site.

After he sent Tsunade and the others in, Mifune shook his head, then went back to his position, waiting for the arrival of the other Kages.

Immediately after Tsunade’s arrival, he saw the Third Tsuchikage with his two guards behind him walking all the way in the distance.

“Onoki-Sama, we should be the first to arrive.”

Seeing the Village in front of them, one of Onoki’s guards said.

Onoki smiled slightly, then snored: “Who knows.”

After a few breaths, The Third Tsuchikage Onoki and his guards came to the gate.

Seeing the hat on his head, Mifune, this time, didn’t have any kind of confusion and greeted him, nodding: “Onoki-Sama, please from this way.”

Onoki stopped for a moment and asked: “Are other Kages already here?”


“Then it looks like I’m the first.”


Mifune said with a strange look on his face.

Onoki, who was about to walk in, stopped again and looked at him, wondering what did he mean.

“What happened?”

“None of the other four Kages has arrived, but… Someone who didn’t have an invitation has shown up.”

“Who is that?!”

Onoki was a little stunned. He couldn’t think of anyone who has the courage to give the most influential people in the world trouble while they’re trying to have a peace talk.

“Who is this sc.u.m, why did you let them in?”

“Well… It’s the Leader of the Rain Village.”


Onoki got annoyed, the moment he heard these words, his face became dark.

Even Onoki’s two guards got stunned when they head this sentence.


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