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It seemed as if the Emperor had been holding back the floodgates, it had only been a week since the Emperor explained his new postion as Flower protector and at least a dozen challenges had been made.

‘How will I get any training done with all these mortals lining up’ thought Draig with an angry scowl which seemed to be working now as he began losing his baby fat.

By this point it had nearly been a year and Draig figured his body was close to entering the early stages of p.u.b.erty again which would explain his recent growth spurts. His anger had also been a problem finding himself frustrated about everything.

“Draig another suitor has arrived” called Akio with a kind smile.

‘And another ant crawling out of the dirt’ growled Draig as he turned around with a menacing look.

‘Seems like the kid is gonna crack at this rate’ thought Akio as he followed behind his would be Emperor.

Draig walked himself into the Throne room where an older youth was waitng and upon seeing the Feratu couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s a kid, I thought you said it would be difficult” jeered the youth but it was already too late Draig’s ire had been drawn to this person.

“Let’s make things more interesting from now on” spoke Draig his grit showing more profoundly now with the breaking of his voice.

“His voice is even cracking” laughed the youth loudly.

“Death battle” stated Draig causing the laughter to immediately stop as it seemed the youth wasn’t expecting that kind of change.

“D-death battle, but you’ll die” stuttered the youth in shock but Draig just smirked.

“You will never even touch me” stated Draig

“Now are you going or staying, because from now on there is only one way to challenge me and that is if you are willing to die” chuckled Draig as he watched the youth step forward.

“Good then let us begin” laughed Draig as a talisman flew out forming a barrier that the youth crashed into despite him watching previous fights he was still unprepared for it which showed his inadequacy.

“My turn” smiled Draig as the barrier disappeared and Draig abused his returning physical prowess to break the youth’s bones easily causing those watching to wince in disgust.

“He surrenders” called the youth’s attendant.

“There is no surrender anymore, Death battle means only one way to lose and one way to win” chuckled Draig as the Emperor watched, it seems he may have handled this situation the wrong way.

Soon a sickening crunch was heard and the youths nexk was twisted to face backwards.

“There now you can take him” smiled Draig having thouroughly beat this youth to death with the poor young man being unable to put up a fight.

“Alright next” called Draig causing the would be suitors behind the servant to look uncertain.

“Come on, I’m just a kid right. You aren’t scared of a child right, the would be husband of the Imperial family shouldn’t be scared of anything let alone a mere child.” taunted Draig angrily as he tossed a talisman onto the corpse of the youth who had died by his hands before the body erupted into flames before becoming ash.

Seeing this reaffirmed that going to challenge the Feratu would be a terrible idea, death without even a body to bury. That was a bit more than they had signed up for but the child before them had seemed fine up until this most recent match.

‘He is just getting frustrated with how d.a.m.n many of you there are, what is this some kind of market’ thought the Emperor rubbing his head.

However Draig wasn’t satiated with the current situation, he wanted to send a message to these people. A clear message but it didn’t seem any of them had the courage to come up after his previous display so he figured more taunting would help.

“Are there any Deva out there, you know tough, courageous, and a true warrior” called out Draig which seemed to have done a bit of the job.

“Move aside, you heard him. He wants someone worthy of the Princesses, you spineless basards don’t stand a chance” called out a delinquent lookng youth around the age of sixteen.

‘I was delinquent before you could walk’ snorted Draig as he thought this youth was a bit lacking in that category.

“Same rules apply to you” stated Draig causing the youth to smirk.

“I wouldn’t call for anything less” started the youth but found Draig crouched below him before his leg rocketed up knocking him into the air.

‘Time for the Cla.s.sic’ thought Draig as he launched himself into the air above the youth and began spinning viciously though it lacked the crimson of it’s namesake Draig still called out the name of his attack.

“Crimson Raid” crowed Draig landing the kick  launching the youth into the ground but Draig had managed to remain airborne by leaping off of the body and began doing a somersault in the air which had began to grow more rapid in it’s flips until he came soaring to the ground like a demented buzzsaw before his leg suddenly shot out and delivered an even more devastating kick right on the Delinquent youth’s spine.

The snap followed by the horrifying scream was enough to thouroughly rattle to spirit of any watching but the putrid smell that followed the attack allowed them to know that the worse had indeed happened and the lad had been crippled.

“I will give you a freebie” chuckled Draig not seeing the harm in his actions which seemed to be the final straw as people began filing out of the room while spreading the horrors they had witnessed inside.

The Emperor wanted to say something but the Feratu’s method had proved very effective.

“Alright it seems that they won’t be returning for some time, has your energy stabilized yet” asked the Emperor.

“I’m not sure” answered Draig calming down slightly after having released his anger.

“We will test it some other time, it has been a long day after all and there was so much action I fear my old heart can’t take it” chuckled the Emperor as he turned in for the day.

‘Too much action my a.s.s, your in the leaque of the Old monster himself. You can’t fool me’ thought Draig as he felt a yawn escape his lips.

“I should get some sleep as well” muttered Draig before heading off to his own room.


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