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A week had pa.s.sed since Draig had escaped and reclaimed his things, his intent was to return to the city where he had arrived and see if he could gather information on a smith that could forge him a true blade. However it was quite the journey as he recalled it had taken around two weeks for him to arrive at the capital by carriage thus it would take him some time before he arrived there by foot.

Casually strolling down the dirt road Draig seemed to be distracted though it was uncertain what could possibly trouble the Feratu with his freedom regained. Draig seemed to have come to a decision though as he stopped in the middle of the road and began stretching, it seemed odd and any that would have seen him would have thought the same.

‘It’ll be good to get the blood pumping after so long’ thought Draig as he tightened the strap of his Rapier and his satchel.

Draig suddenly sprinted off with an impressive display of speed for someone of his power as seen by the small trail of dust that was being kicked up as he sprinted, however it seemed the Feratu had indeed fallen out of practice as he felt it getting harder to breathe and sweat began trickling down his face.

‘d.a.m.n… me…’ thought Draig as he stopped and attempted to catch his breath.

It truly seemed that Draig would have to make an effort of training his body, he had been more of a mage type in his previous world due to the origins of his cla.s.s but now he didn’t have a choice but to attempt reaching peak physical performance or he would surely die in the future. The reason being that as far as he knew Deva didn’t have any type of magic to them which left him with a sword that he hadn’t forged yet and a sword that couldn’t cut.

Slowly his breathing calmed down and Draig gained a bit of determination in his gaze as he sprinted again but this time he held no intention of stopping, he was Feratu. Though it may mean nothing in this world it still meant something to Draig, thus Draig ran. He ran until he felt as if his muscles were burning but still he didn’t stop until a whole day had pa.s.sed and then he laid on the ground swallowing huge gulps of air as he felt the burning sensation and exhaustion in his muscles slowly subside.

He didn’t know how much longer it would take him to reach the City where the Kori clan resided but he was certain he had taken a great chunk out of his journey but still he was only taking a short break.

‘I should be able to reach the Kori clan in at most two more days, then I’ll be able to gather the information I need’ thought Draig as he thought about the numerous swords sitting in his containment runes, to him it was only a fair trade that he break the History of the Imperial family.

The swords were clearly made of rare materials some of which he was certain were only accessible through robbing Grave Swords, this was the reason the Emperor had told him and even the Man’s own sword was a Grave sword robbed from a deceased Deva. Draig stood up and continued his journey hoping that nothing would happen during this time.

In the palace though it seemed Akio was still thinking of something to use against Draig, in the throne room a major difference could be seen and that was the numerous thrones circling the room. It appeared the the Heirs had settled for jointly ruling the nation for the time being which was completely at odds with efficiently running a country.

“Why don’t we attempt making amends” suggested Garu his monkey like appearance something of humor if not for the seriousness of the situation.

“What would you suggest we do to make amends for locking him up, he is already aware that it was only because of Father’s declaration for him to succeed the throne that we had him imprisoned in the first place.” spoke Akio venomously.

“Indeed that is the case brother but everyone can be bought, it would just take the right kind of currency” stated Hideki as he began stroking his chin.

The other Children of the Emperor were also deep in thought when suddenly the door to the throne room was burst open to reveal their children standing before them with hardened looks.

“Children what are you doing here” questioned a woman off to the side with short hair sitting on one of the lower thrones.

“Kanna let them speak first, I am sure that they have a good reason for interrupting this important meeting” stated Akio as he felt a smirk start coming to his lips seeing these children of the Imperial family.

“We are ready to forge our swords, the last of us have finally channeled our Inner energy” stated an older girl around her late teens.

“Excellent work Megu, you may go to the treasury and select your ores” congratulated Akio with the rest of the Heirs nodding and speaking their own praises.

Soon the a.s.sembled militia of children left the room to do as suggested, however this also gave him another idea and it seemed that Hideki and the rest were following his train of thought.

“It seems that you are all thinking along the same lines as I am on how to rid ourselves of the problem at hand” started Akio causing his siblings to turn to him with some hesitant looks in their eyes.

“He may be powerful but can he really stand against the combined might of so many Deva?” asked Akio which was a fair point as their children numbered in the dozens.

“I am afraid Akio may be on to something this time despite his past mistakes” stated Hideki casting a side long glance towards his older brother who grit his teeth at being called out. It seemed that there was an internal power struggle even though they had agreed to rule together.

“We will wait until one of our men inside the Deva Academy report his arrival, until then we will have them train ruthlessly until they are unmatched” continued Hideki getting a round of cheers from the crowd seeming to have stolen the spotlight from Akio who didn’t take kindly to it.

‘Very well little brother, I was wondering who my rivals would be thought it seems you are the first snake to poke it’s head from the gra.s.s’ thought Akio silently as he began his next bit of planning.

It would appear that the Old law of banis.h.i.+ng the other heirs was in place for good reason but only time would tell who really was fit to rule…..


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