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Chapter 1004: Stay Kind in Order to Be Happy With Mobai

Although he never regretted what he did, the reason why he didn’t want to talk about this was because it wouldn’t be beneficial to Shen Qingdai. He was also worried that the Shen Family might be in danger of being eradicated.

Therefore, he hoped to evoke the softness in her heart by saying that the truth would harm her so that she would let him go.

“It seems like you’re not going to tell me?” Feng Tianlan asked as she looked at him coldly.

Shen Bokang replied with a deep “uh-huh.” He then said, “I won’t tell you even if you kill me. There truly won’t be any good that comes from you knowing about this matter. I am doing this for you.”


Feng Tianlan knew he wanted to use the family excuse to get out of this. She wouldn’t be confused by him. She then turned toward Yuan Fangfei. “How much do you know about this?” she asked.

“I don’t know anything.” Yuan Fangfei looked straight into Feng Tianlan’s eyes. “Dai’er, your aunt had doted you for so long. All of this had nothing to do with me. Let me go quickly. I will guarantee that Ya’er will never bother you again.”

Feng Tianlan glanced at her. After realizing that Fangfei didn’t know anything, she didn’t plan to speak to her any further. Tianlan then spoke in a deep voice, saying, “Let’s go.”

“Dai’er, let your aunt go because of the fact that I have cared for you for so long. Ya’er didn’t plan to do what she did, either. She really had no choice. You can’t be so ungrateful.”

Yuan Fangfei’s words had no effect on Feng Tianlan. She even felt like laughing. In their eyes, she only managed to have Mobai by her side just because she was tortured to death by them, which resulted in her being reborn in a good body.

Therefore, they thought that she shouldn’t blame them for what happened. This was because everything she had right now was given to her by them. She shouldn’t hate them but thank them instead.

After thinking about their hilarious line of thinking, Feng Tianlan couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile. These people never learned to reflect on themselves. Why should she hold back?

“Lan’er.” After leaving the dungeon, the somber aura that was surrounding her dissipated under the sunlight.

Feng Tianlan squinted her eyes while reaching out her white, tender hands toward the sun that was s.h.i.+ning with boundless radiance. “These hands never had any blood on them in my previous life. However, now they are so full of blood that they have turned black. Even I, myself, feel afraid at times.”

She was afraid that she would lose her original self and become a ruthless killer due to her thirst for revenge. She was afraid because the thrill of murdering someone for vengeance was addictive.

How was a ruthless killer worthy of being happy? She really wanted to grab hold of the happiness she had right now. She really wanted to do so!

Si Mobai hugged her from behind. He then raised his hands and interlocked his fingers with hers. “I have been stained with blood ever since I was little,” he said.

“Let’s let Lady Jiang’s family go. Let all those from the Jiang Family who weren’t bad go as well.” Feng Tianlan held Si Mobai’s hand tightly after feeling the warmth in his palm. She must retain her original self. She mustn’t get infatuated by hatred.

She must stay kind in order to be happy with Mobai.

Si Mobai replied with a soft, “Uh-huh. All right.”

Perhaps, after having Lan’er by his side, his hands would need to have less blood on them for their happiness to last longer.

He suddenly realized that after having Lan’er by his side, he was actually afraid of the word karma. Therefore, it was better for him to have less blood on his hands.

However, although he should let some people go, he shouldn’t let them get off easily. He must at least take away any chance they have to change their fate and keep them small for the rest of their lives.

“Let’s head to the West Palace. It’s time to pay Shen Yunya a visit.” Feng Tianlan put her hands down and then looked at the sun with a nicely curved smile on her face.


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